TNA Xplosion – Friday 17/09/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 17/09/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Broadcast Friday 17/09/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

Welcome to another edition of the Xplosion report, tonight an All Knockouts Special Edition featuring Sarita vs Daffney and a continuation of the hostilities between Madison Rayne and TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love.

But first to the mail-bag for questions, comments and opinions from you my unfortunate readers!____________________________________________________________________________________________

  • From DMansell via Twitter: What are Team 3D’s current status with TNA?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Team 3D has agreed to work TNA shows on September 23rd, 24th and 25th in the Northeast. The team reportedly has not re-signed with TNA as yet but are expected to any time now. It’s believed that the Ray vs. Devon feud that stopped before Hardcore Justice will resume. Personally i’d love to see theme back, i think they still have a lot to offer but the money is in them as an illustrious tag-team, neither could hold their own as singles wrestlers so i sincerely hope the rumours of the continuation of the split storyline leading up to HardCORE Justice resuming are untrue.

  • @Mikeyitstrue via Twitter: I’ve asked the guys at tna if they will ever hold a ppv over here – I’m sceptical. What’s your opinion? Mikey

Mikey, i would LOVE to see a TNA PPV or even an iMPACT! broadcast over here, they can be guaranteed a big crowd at the likes of Wembley Arena and a hot one at that. We are starved for Pro Wrestling here and as such we have a great appetite for it when they do tour here every so often so the fans tend to be loud and appreciative, i think that would reflect well on PPV and make the show that bit more exciting.

However, that being said there are a numer of obstacles in the way, the first and most obvious being expense. It’s already costing a fortune flying over the talent, sets and rings not to mention added expense of televsion crews and equipment. Now sure they could up the ticket prices (like their not expensive enough already!) to cover this but theres still the issue of work visas for a number of the crew, i’m pretty sure from discussions in the past i’ve had that there are issues around the crews working on UK soil without visas, and as such they would need to hire contracters from the UK to cover, so that being said unless theres support from Bravo or Extreme Sports, TNA will have a hard time broadcasting from the UK. Add to that the time difference between here and TNA’s home market in the U.S. a PPV over here is pretty inconceivable at this time, however a TV Taping (not live) is not necessarily out of the question.

Like to be featured in the Mail-Bag for Xplosion or iMPACT! reports? Shoot me an email at or tweet me @tnaukwrestling with your questions, comments, observations etc.


We are in the fast lane heading directly to Bound For Glory and JB and Taz welcome us for the latest edition of the hottest hour of pro wrestling on TV today – supposedly. Tonight we have an all TNA Knockouts Edition of Xplosion as TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love will take on arch enemy Madison Rayne and the Princess of “Zombie-hot” Daffney faces Sarita plus we’ll have the usual TNA Rewind segments.

Trivia Question: The First TNA Knockouts Champion was crowned at Bound For Glory back in 2007, but who was it and who did she defeat to win it? – Answer at the end of the report.

Will be interesting to see just what they’re going to cover in the TNA Rewind segments this week considering iMPACT’s pre-emption last week.

We head to the back where Christy Hemme is with Knockouts Champ Angelina Love for her thoughts ahead of tonight’s match-up with with Madison Rayne. Angelina Love says she won the title because it’s what real wrestlers do, they don’t run away scared like Madison does every time Angelina hits the ring. Angelina tells her bodyguard Tara to go home and retire and take Madison with her. Angelina can’t wait to get her hands on the mini-me monster that her and Velvet so accidently created – nice line, I’m loving Angelina’s promos as of late.

TNA Rewind looks back at the Bound For Glory Kick-off show interview with Dixie Carter last week. Thought it was interesting when she mentioned the supposed top talent they chased two years ago who recently contacted stating he was available and Dixie turned them down. Not sure who she could be referring to, Chris Jericho perhaps? Was he out of contract with WWE two years ago or was it further back than that? We all certainly know his contract status at the moment.

Commercial Break

Impact! Player of the Week segment looking at the rise and rise of the Motor City Machine Guns. Love those Impact player of the week segments on ReAction they are simply awesome and really expand on the characters, looking forward to the second part of Jesse Neal’s story on next week’s impact, kid has a truly unbelievable story.

We move seemlesly into yet another Impact! Player of the Week segment featuring Generation Me. Looks like their just going to fill the first half-hour of the show with old segments from impact and Re-Action that we’ve seen a thousand times and yes like an idiot I’m going to sit here and watch them all!

What doe’s everyone think of Generation Me as heels? I know it was a last minute thing but I think it could work. Yes they have a babyface look but it could be cool if they play it off as these kids trying to make and name for themselves but the likes of Motor City don’t take them as serious heels only for GenMe to shock them and world by getting ever more violent. Plus I think although GenMe are great in the ring, they have been bland outside of it, I think making them Heel will at least make people care one way or another about their characters whether liking or hating them.

Impact! Player of the week looks at Part 1 of the Jesse Neal story.

Commercial Break

We come back and join Christy Hemme who’s with Sarita. Sarita is handing out beat downs tonight apparently and Daffney better bring the crazy!

Cool we get the Spin Cycle on Xplosion!! This week featuring Earl Hebner, TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett, BFG Main Eventer Mr. Anderson and the voice of TNA Mike Tenay. Have included the video footage below for your viewing pleasure, you can send your thanks on the back of a £50 note….cheers!

Time for our first match-up.

Match 1: Sarita vs. Daffney

  • Did Taz really just call Sarita “spicy hot” and yell “arriba” at the top of his voice…..someone needs to attend diversity classes again!
  • Daff rules.
  • Sarita’s ring gear seem’s to be glow in the dark, with the TNA lighting on Xplosion she is literally glowing!!
  • Nice cartwheel reversal by Daff and big chop sending Sarita to the ground
  • Taz’s strategy against Daffney is to get behind her and  “control her from behind” and also gave the tip of avoiding looking at her face…….
  • Can you imagine if Taz was still working for the WWE? Seriously Bryan Danielson was fired for using a tie in a segment, Taz would be out the door mid-broadcast. Thank god no-one at TNA seems to bother watching this show.
  • Boston crab from Daffney, love that move, Sarita out of it though, attempts a pin but only a two count.
  • JB and Taz discuss the fact that Sarita no longer has a tag-partner in Taylor Wilde, Taz thinks she dosen’t need a partner, I think we just don’t need Sarita full stop!
  • Daffney breaking out the submission holds tonight! Putting on a clinic.
  • Tosses Sarita to the ground by the hair and hits the Steiner Recliner/Camel Clutch
  • Sarita out, throws Daffney into the turnbuckles
  • Nice running dropkick from Sarita, she…proceeds….to…dance over Daffney, who rolls her up for a 1….2….no!
  • Cradle pin attempt from Sarita, ref Andrew Thomas just stands there looking confused…..
  • Daffney chokes Sarita, HEADBUTT! Wow that looked like contact.
  • Knees to the gut of Sarita, pin attempt but only a two count.
  • Another boston crab from Daffney, Sarita struggling to get to the ropes, looks like she’s gonna tap…..Ref bump!!
  • Sarita just threw Thomas to the ground inadvertedly colliding with Daffney and breaking the hold. Thomas is ok but for some reason dosen’t see fit to DQ Sarita.
  • Roll-Up from Sarita, 1…2…3!!!
  • Nice finish, was hoping for a Daffney win though, looks like TNA still has plans for Sarita then.
  • Winner: Sarita

Beautiful People music has hit and Angelina Love is on the way to the ring. She’s in street clothes and not wrestling gear, so have we got a match or what? Angelina asks for a mic, WOW are we seriously getting an in-ring promo on Xplosion? Cool! Yes I’m easily pleased, but so would you sitting through Xplosion every week.

Angelina calls out Madison, says she is sick and tired of her running away and she’s not done with her. Madison also comes out  to the BP music. Angelina attacks her in the aisle, throws her into the guard rail and proceeds to beat the snot out of her around the ring. OUCH!! Vicious collision with the ring steps after Madison whips Angelina into them….i still haven’t heard the bell, have we started or not. Andrew Thomas has zero authority here, they’ve really made him look like a doofus here tonight. Madison throws Angelina into the ring and we have the bell, looks like the match is official on now.

Match 2: Non-Title Match – TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

  • Madison covers Angelina but only gets a two count.
  • Mounts Angelina and proceeds with a series of rights.
  • Madison pulling the hair of Angelina, god please Madison love shut up! Her screamy voice is soooo annoying, I guess that’s the point of her character but you know what I mean.
  • Madison with the “between the legs, head smash deal”….hey I don’t know what the hell she calls it, if you know what it’s called, please drop me a mail at and you’ll get kudos in the mailbag section of next week’s report.
  • Taz channels Michael Cole calling it “Vintage” Madison Rayne
  • Pin attempt, again only two.
  • Madison to the top rope
  • Angelina moves and theres no water in the pool!! Madison hits the mat.
  • Clotheslines from Angelina, and she hits the Botox Injection.
  • Stick a fork in it, this one is done!
  • Winner: Angelina Love

Post-Match Velvet joins Angelina on the ramp as they celebrate and mock Madison, and with that we’re outta here for this week.

Must say, when I heard “All Knockouts Edition” I wasn’t expecting much from this show, but to be honest it was one of the most entertaining Xplosion’s in weeks.

The Good: Angelina Love v Madison Rayne. These two had a decent match, didn’t go too long and had an interesting back and forth story with a great, clean finish.

The Bad: Sarita’s interviews…nuff said

The Ugly: Taz’s repeated borderline racist/sexist comments, is he trying to get fired?

Trivia Answer: Gail Kim was the first ever TNA Knockouts Champion, defeating Roxxi Laveaux in the finals of a ten knockout gauntlet match at Bound For Glory 2007.

Until next week guys, Cya round!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

2 Responses to TNA Xplosion – Friday 17/09/2010

  1. kev2050 says:

    Nice report, i thought this weeks Xplosion was decent aswell despite being all knockouts. I also haven’t been watching Re-Action so those segments were all new to me, so felt good watching new stuff instead of usual highlights of impact

  2. D-Money says:

    Where in the hell is Rob Terry, used to be on Xplosion all the time, have TNA let him go?

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