TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 18/09/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 18/09/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“One More Time“

Saturday 18/09/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 16/09/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

– Welcome once again unfortunate readers to the weekly iMPACT! report. With last week’s pre-emption, iMPACT! is back and raring to go, tonight sees the fall out of No Surrender and finally the Main Event for Bound For Glory 2010 will be set.

– A great video package opens the show featuring Reaction-style comments from Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, with candid sports-like post-match footage after their PPV classic two Sundays ago at No Surrender.

-Hardy and Angle are both in the ring right now, and here comes Eric Bischoff to join them, with the extremely hot Ms. Tessmacher. We get highlights of Anderson beating Dinero, along with Angle vs Hardy. Bischoff congratulates Mr. Anderson. And for his opponent, that’s why he called both guys to the ring. Both Hardy and Angle had an intense, hard fought match, the likes of which he’s never seen. It’s an honor to be in the ring with both guys. The problem on their hands is that because they weren’t able to determine a winner, but Eric has a solution, one he thinks we’re going to like. We’re going to crown a new World Champion at Bound for Glory, when Anderson faces Angle and Hardy in a 3 Way match. Bischoff’s music plays him out. But here comes Dixie Carter.

She has something she wants to say. She spoke to Hardy and Angle after the match at No Surrender. She was so proud of them on that night, as they gave it everything they had and never stopped. She knows they weren’t happy about the outcome though. Tonight, Dixie is going to overturn Eric’s decision. Instead of a 3 Way, why don’t Hardy and Angle settle things tonight in a No Time Limit match, and this time there will be a winner, and that winner will face Anderson at BFG. Hardy and Angle hug.

-Dinero says he needs to talk to Eric, and that this is BS. He runs into Sting and Nash and shakes their hands. He walks off as we head to commercial.

-Dreamer is at a gas station, and a camera man apparently followed him, seriously TNA have to follow their own talent to gas stations for interviews now? He asks Dreamer where EV2 goes from here. Dreamer says maybe they go home.

Match 1: Kevin Nash (w/ Sting) vs Samoa Joe (w/ Jeff Jarrett)

Knee by Nash, and he starts reigning down on Joe with blows. Joe ducks a clothesline and nails a jumping kick. Clothesline by Joe. Elbow in the corner, and the SSC Enzuigiri follows. Joe stomping Kev now. Nash pulls Joe to the outside and throws Joe headfirst onto the apron. Joe starts to fight back with elbows. Joe goes to throw Nash into the steps but Sting stops him. Joe attacks Sting. Nash goes after Joe and Jarrett attacks Nash. Joe with right hands to Sting while Nash works down Jeff. This one’s going to a double count out.

Winner: No Contest – Double Countout

They continue to brawl around ringside as the bell frantically rings. Security tries to break it up but are doing a pretty poor job. This brawl is starting to overstay its welcome. Jeff dives off the apron at Sting.

-We see Lacey in the back wearing a towel. Madison and Tara show up. They tell her to put some clothes on because they have a title match. Lacey tells Madison she hasn’t made her decision as to tagging with her or with Velvet and Angelina yet, Madison and Tara berate Lacey and bully her into tagging with Madison tonight.

-Later tonight, Angle vs Hardy, and up next is Jay Lethal vs Doug Williams for the X-Division title.

-Nash and Sting are in the back. Nash says it’s a war and Jeff and Joe won’t even make it to 10.10.10 – Sting said he told Kev he was gonna take the gloves off. Now it’s starting to get fun.

Match 2: Jay Lethal vs Douglas Williams(C) – TNA X-Division Championship

We get a recap of Lethal pinning Williams on Xplosion. Lethal goes straight on the attack, and both guys trade blows. Scoop slam by Williams, and he drops a knee. Pin but only one. Williams catches a boot and botches throwing Lethal’s legs in the ropes. Lethal with a weak kick. Gutwrench by Williams. Pin but only two. Camel Clutch is now applied. Williams lets go and continues the attack. Right hands by Lethal, but Williams comes back with a european uppercut. Abdominal stretch applied by Williams now. Lethal fights out but runs into a back elbow. Suplex by Williams. Pin but only two. Lethal starts fighting back, but Williams gets a drop toe hold and locks in a bow and arrow submission. Knee drop to the back of Lethal follows. Chaos Theory countered with elbows. Lethal elevates Williams to the apron. Williams goes to the top and dives at Lethal, but Lethal catches him with a nice dropkick on the way down. Back handspring elbow countered into a Chaos Theory attempt, but Lethal counters that into the Lethal Combination! 1…2…2.9654! Lethal heads up to the top, presumably for the elbow drop. He goes for it all but misses. Williams goes to the second rope. Revolution DDT countered. Lethal Injection!! 1…2…3!!

Winner: Jay Lethal

Lethal celebrates with the belt as the confetti reigns down. Lethal makes his way into the crowd as the celebration continues. Lethal really has become the new people’s champion. Love the title change, been wanting the title off Williams for a while now tbh, lets get the X Division back to the high-risk daredevil style that made it.

-Abyss is in the back, dragging someone across the floor.

-Angle says Jeff Hardy went the distance with him and proved to him that he’s a great wrestler. Angle dislocated his ribs, but he’s ready to go tonight. Hardy’s good, but he’s not a champion. Angle’s a champion, and he’s going to BFG to win the title.

Match 3: Lacey Von Erich and Madison Rayne (w/ Tara) vs Taylor Wilde and Hamada(C) – TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Championship

And in case you forgot, yes, the Knockout’s Tag Titles are still active. Lacey and Taylor start things off. Taylor works down the arm. Multiple pin variations by Taylor end in near falls. Headlock by Lacey is countered into one by Taylor. Lacey drives Taylor into the corner. Hamada gets the tag and dives in for a sunset flip, but only two on the pin. Madison gets the tag. Madison with a boot to the side of the head of Hamada. Lacey gets the tag and does a back handspring elbow drop. And another, but it misses. Boot to the midsection by Hamada. Slam follows, and Hamada goes to the top. Moonsault connects. Pin but Lacey kicked out. Taylor nails a crossbody off the top, but only gets two on the pin. Headlock by Taylor, and Lacey pushes her off. Madison grabs Taylor by the hair, yanking her down. Tag to Madison and she goes on the attack. Submission applied by Madison, facebuster, and then a clothesline follows. Lacey’s now in and they nail Taylor with a double suplex. Pin but only two. Sleeper locked in by Lacey. Taylor counters out with a jawbreaker. Hamada’s in and nails Lacey with multiple boots. Headbutt, and here comes Taylor. She knocks Madison off the apron. Fireman’s carry/spinning neckbreaker combo by the champs, and this one’s over.

Winners: Taylor Wilde and Hamada

Great match, very impressed. Post-Match Madison is really pissed and is yelling at Lacey. She blames Lacey for the loss and calls her stupid. Lacey shoves Madison down!! Yes! Tara nails Lacey from behind with the helmet. And here comes the Beautiful People. Madison and Tara bail out. Velvet hugs Lacey as we head to commercial.

-Up next, we’ll hear from EV2. So don’t miss it. Or else.

-Hardy talks about the rematch he has with Angle tonight and whatnot.

-And here comes Tommy Dreamer. He says that EV2 is not here, and he asks Fortune to come to the ring. And here they come, excluding Doug Williams. Dreamer thanks them for coming out. Honestly, Dreamer is sick of seeing his friends get hurt, he’s calling a truce, this is over. When he first came to TNA, he tried to make a difference, and what he wanted to show them was that TNA is so damn special, and he has a personal history with each of them, and he’s seen his company go away. Fortune is the future of the company. And if they can one day look at Dreamer in his shoes, this is his last chance. This is the house that AJ built, but he’s just looking for a place to call a home. Storm, never in this business has there been a guy who went from a tag team and had so much success as he did with AMW, and then went to more of being great with Beer Money. Storm has more talent in his finger than a guy who came to the ring with a beer and cane in Sandman. Kaz, a lot of people may not know, Dreamer got him his first job in the WWE. And here was a man who left because he wasn’t happy, and what was bad for WWE worked out great for TNA. And he remembers that little kid who went to Boston shows when he was a little kid, and think of how far he’s come. This company is the world to Kaz. Big man, Matt Morgan, he remembers when he was a bouncer at a night club. Morgan was humble, and when he was in WWE, they thought he could be the next Undertaker or Kane. But Morgan came to TNA and proved that the next time a big goofy kid walks in, they’ll call him the next Matt Morgan. Bobby, his tryout with the WWE was against Dreamer himself, and at the point where he offered Roode a contract with the WWE, and he turned it down to stay in TNA. Because he believed in this place, and he wanted to help build this place. And he knows Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect were Roode’s favorite wrestlers, and Dreamer knows they’d both say he’s got it. If they ever told Dreamer as a kid he’d be standing in the same ring as Ric Flair, the one thing he would say is “Thank you”. He’s seen Flair walk down the isle, and he knows he doesn’t get what hardcore wrestling is, and he did it every single night 300 days a year, because if there was ever a hardcore wrestler, it is Flair. And Flair always said he was the dirties player in the business. Dreamer says he is the business, and the day Flair decides to stop walking down the isle will be the saddest day in this business. And AJ Styles. Loud “AJ Styles” chant. AJ did something at the PPV that no one has ever made Dreamer say, and he didn’t make him say it because of injury or cheating, but because he was better than him. AJ helped elevate Dreamer’s game and everyone else’s game out there, and AJ is the best in ring performer today. And that night Dreamer had to go to the hospital, and if the opportunity stood, he’d do the same damn thing to AJ. The one thing Dreamer wanted to do was shake AJ’s hand, because AJ was better than Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer extends his hand, and Styles grabs the mic. AJ appreciates everything Dreamer’s said, and it takes a big man to come out here and say that stuff. If there’s one thing that can be said about Dreamer, he’s all heart. Tommy took a wrestling company and turned it into a revolution. There was a revolution started like no other. He never asked for respect, but he always seemed to get it. So Dreamer has AJ’s respect, and he will shake his hand. AJ and Dreamer shake hands and hug. AJ says one last thing. In Dreamer’s 20 years of wrestling, how many other wrestlers made Dreamer say I Quit? One, and that’s AJ. AJ doesn’t need his praise, and he doesn’t need him. AJ attacks Dreamer and yells at Fortune to help him out. WOW this is a truly class segment, i just love Fourtune.

Fortune beats down Dreamer, and Kendrick runs in to help Dreamer out. Fortune kicks his ass though. AJ throws Kendrick out of the ring. He then continues to wail on Dreamer. Kendrick comes back into the ring, but Roode picks him up and hits him. Storm picks up Dreamer, and Styles nails Tommy with a right hand. AJ said Dreamer’s got his truce. It’s over when he says it’s over. Fortune leaves. Kendrick gets back up and grabs a mic. He asks if any of Fortune are brave enough to fight him now. They thrive off of intimidation, well Kendrick is too good for that. He has no fear. They are low reptilians, and Kendrick is a descendant of God. He asks them which one of them are brave enough to fight him now. We’re heading to commercial.

-We’re back, and Kendrick is fighting Morgan in the ring. Discuss clothesline by Morgan, and I guess this is a real match.

Match 4: Brian Kendrick vs Matt Morgan

Boot by Morgan. Morgan now starts reigning down with blows on Kendrick. Vintage corner elbows. Clothesline connects, and a fallaway slam follows. Pin but Morgan breaks it up before the three. Morgan throws Kendrick, and he sort of just stumbles into the corner. Morgan poses to the ground, and turns right into a jumping high kick. Pin 1…2..3! YES! Kendrick did it, he beat the big man!! That was awesome and totally unexpected, reminds me of Rey Mysterio Jr. beating Kevin Nash back in 1999.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

Post match Morgan throws a fit in the ring. Morgan said that didn’t count because he wasn’t ready. He said he’s in a $7,500 Armani suit. He tore off his shirt, with buttons flying everywhere. He said that doesn’t count and he wants it stricken from the record book. He called him back to the ring, fuming and yelling. Tenay said it’s in the record book. LOL! Morgan’s reaction has been hilarious, great stuff.

-Ms. Tessmacher and Pope are in the back. Dinero wants to speak to Bischoff. Tessmacher says he’s busy. Dinero is pissed and clears the table in anger. Tessmacher asks if this is all really necessary. The Pope said it was his bad and asked her to pencil in Pope for a 10:45. She said he’d be gone by then. He said he wasn’t talking about Bischoff, he was talking about her. She suggestively said, “Maybe I can squeeze you in.” One of the writers is so proud of himself right now.

-Up next, we’re gonna hear from RVD.

– Backstage Abyss held his nail board Janice. He said behind every good woman is a good man. He had someone tied up in chains and another strapped down to a bed. He said you can’t have Janice without Bob (named after Dixie Carter’s father, Bob?). He branded the man who was chained to the bed. The man screamed in agony. “That was sick, man,” said Taz. Random, a bit too over the top imo thought i was watching WWE.

-Tenay and Taz talk about how Abyss is crazy and whatnot. We’re gonna hear from RVD via telephone. Rob says he’s training to come back and whatnot. Nobody knows how to take care of RVD better than RVD. He’s not happy about being stripped of the world title and he had some momentum going there, but he understands why TNA had to do what they did. Rob says he feels pretty good and will be back in the iMPACT! Zone next week. Nothing’s going to stop him from being there.

-And here comes Generation Me, anyone else think they are like the young Hardy’s? Jeremy asks if we just saw that. Did we see what happened to RVD? If you get injured and can’t defend the title within 30 days, the belt gets relinquished. Unfortunately, after what happened to Alex Shelley, he’s not going to be able to come around for a very long time. People have to realize that Generation Me represent the me generation, it’s all about them. It took the MCMG’s about 5 years to finally just barely win the tag titles. Generation Me is not here to pay any dues, they know what they want, they want what they want, and they always get what they want. And what they want, is for Chris Sabin to come to the ring and hand them their tag team titles. And here comes Sabin.

He goes straight on the attack. He starts wailing on Max, but the numbers game is too much. Generation Me beat down Sabin in the ring. Double hangman’s DDT to Sabin. Max holds up the tag team title and throws it at Sabin. Generation Me walk off.

-Up next, Hardy vs Angle.

– We get the hype video again for SHORE. Coming 10/7 – seems they will be making their debut on the live iMPACT! then.

-We get a video hyping up the main event for tonight.

Match 5: Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle – Winner faces Mr. Anderson at Bound for Glory for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Don’t forget, if Angle loses, he retires. So yeah. Tie up to start, and Angle pushes Hardy into the corner. Another tie up, and Hardy works down the arm. Angle rolls through for an arm bar of his own. Hardy breaks free. Another tie up, and Angle locks in a headlock. Hardy pushes him off but gets shoulder blocked. Headlock takeover by Angle follows. Hardy gets back up to his feet and pushes Angle into the corner. Kicks by Hardy to the ribs of Angle. Hardy throws Angle into the ringpost, and then hits him with a baseball slide. Back in the ring as Hardy continues working down Angle. Sitout suplex facebuster by Hardy. Pin but only two. Hardy with a chinlock, and he reigns down blows on the ribs. Angle fights out, Angle avoids Hardy and Hardy goes flying to the outside. Plancha by Angle! Mr. Anderson shows up on the stage and joins the announce team as we head to commercial.

We’re back, and Hardy and Angle both take each other down. Clotheslines by Angle. Backdrop follows. Boots by Hardy in the corner, but he runs into a belly to belly suplex. Pin but only two. Angle Slam countered into a Twist of Fate. Pin but only two. Hardy goes to the top, Angle avoids him and nails a moonsault! Pin but only two. Straps are down and the Ankle Lock is applied. Angle’s bleeding, and Hardy has nowhere to go. Hardy gets up and does something weird. Hardy pushes out. Wheelbarrow kick. Hardy goes up to the top. Swanton connects. 1…2…2.94534!! Hardy goes for the Whisper in the Wind, but hits the ref instead. Angle Slam connects. Another ref is out, but Hardy kicks out at two. Angle Slam again! 1…2…2.84534!! Right hands by Angle in the corner. Dead air….no commentary from Tenay or Taz.

Submission applied by Angle. And Tenay is back saying this is the continuation of the Hardy/Angle main event. I know the match ran over into ReAction in the states so i’m guessing the dead air was their way of referencing out the reference to ReAction. Seemless enough, was wondering how they would do this and hoping they weren’t just gonna end iMPACT! leaving everything up in the air for UK fans.

Hardy fights out, but runs into a knee lift. Chinlock applied by Angle, and I’m going back between this and Always Sunny, so I’m bound to miss some shit. Hardy with forearm shots. Hardyac Arrest. Pin but only two. Hardy clotheslines Angle over the top. Hardy drives Angle into the side of the ring. He then throws Angle into the steps. Back in the ring as Angle gets a german. And another. Trifecta. But he’s not done. Fourth connects. Fifth to end it! Pin but only two. Angle heads to the top. Frog Splash misses! Twist of Fate countered weakly into the Ankle Lock. The other ref revives as Angle locks in the leg bar. Hardy locks one in of his own. Both guys shouldes hit the mat and BOTH REFERREES START COUNTING WTF??? 3 COUNTS! It appears both men got pinned simultaneously. Are you serious, damn it TNA, i love these matches but COME ON!!!

Winner: No Contest  – Double Pin

-“Sleazy E” walks out and Bischoff and Dixie talk at ringside. Bsichoff held up his hand to Dixie and she nodded, almost looked like they were saying 5 more minutes…but there’s clearly not enough time for that unless Bravo is going to overrun.

Bischoff entered the ring and said those two put on such an impressive effort, they both deserve to be in the match at Bound for Glory! He said they have nothing more to prove, so he’s booking it back to a three-way match. Dixie looked surprised by Bischoff’s announcement and shook her head. Dixie was then shown walking to the back as the two referees explained themselves to Hardy and Angle. Angle and Hardy had a quick respectful embrace.

And with that we’re done. Damn fine show in my opinion and i guess Angle v Anderson wasn’t big enough PPV wise for Bound For Glory, Hardy is such a massive name with a big following, including his name in the main event will help buys from casual viewers. All in All i’m looking forward to it. BTW there’s a TON of interesting happenings on this weeks episode of Re-Action, make sure you check it out.


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