The Good,The Bad,The TNA



By David Bunning

Welcome to my first blog on TNA UK. Hope you all enjoy.

My name is Dave, I’m 24 years old and live in the UK. I have been a fan of wrestling since as far back as i can remember. Started off loving guys like Hulk and Randy Savage then it was guys like The Rock and Austin. Now I’m Mr TNA. I have been watching TNA for a few years now and have enjoyed watching the company change and grow. This is now my time to let you in my mind so you can see how i view TNA.

The Big Story of the Month

The first thing I’m going to touch on is the TNA and bravo deal being in a bit of a mess.

BSKYB have bought The Living Group who have the rights to iMPACT. The issue has come about with Sky wanting to close down Bravo due to it being very similar to other channels already on Sky. I think this is utter crap and can only hope that TNA can find a new home for iMPACT. Extreme Sport channel would be the best home as they show the PPV’s and Explosion. We’ve just got to keep our fingers crossed that the UK don’t lose the highest rating wrestling show in the UK.

TNA Annoying Moments

Now I have some beef with TNA I want to get off my chest and it’s with regards to Rob Vam Dam. Now I’m pretty sure people will be wondering how I can have beef with “The Whole F’n Show” but it’s more to do with how TNA have booked this injury angle with him.

My main gripe with it is to have beaten him to a bloody pulp and then have him vacate the title due to the injury caused by Abyss. Yet he’s making an appearance on iMPACT apparently back at 100% yet a new champion has yet to be crowned. I feel TNA should have kept him till at least we had the new champion. Then you straight away have a feud. RVD coming back wanting the title he never lost.

While I’m still ranting about TNA what’s going on with Nash and Sting? Their feud with Jarrett and Joe is a Total bore fest. I know TNA get moaned at for the pace of their storylines and being too quick but this one needs to pick up the pace.

Clearly the crowd at the iMPACT zone were bored with their match on Thursday.

Please TNA get to the point.

Well Done

I feel a big well done is needed for Jay Lethal on winning the X-division title. It was a surprise to see the title match on iMPACT and even more so to see TNA rewarding him with a push after his mini feud with Ric flair.

Next Big Thing in TNA.

This part of my blog was going to be about TNA’s newest tag team ‘London Brawling’ but after being pulled from ‘No Surrender’ for whatever reason I’ve decided to do it on their replacement; ‘Gen Me’. Now when these two guys first came to TNA I thought they had a good match with the guns yet turned out to be so bland. I even thought it was going to get worse when they were on reaction saying how they don’t do drugs and they do the show and go home. Yet ‘No Surrender’ comes along and suddenly they change into these two egotistical guys I can like. Not a Bland Hardy Boys rip off that they seemed to be. I predict great things for these guys and kind of hope for a best of 5 with the MCMG because I feel they could even top the best of 5 with Beer Money.

Next Heavyweight Champion in TNA.

Who do I think will be the next Heavyweight Champion? I would love to say Mr Anderson because I feel since coming to TNA he has upped his game and doesn’t seem to be botching moves like he was in WWE. I also feel that his work on the mic and his baby face turn was good…really good.

Yet I don’t see it happening, with the stipulation of Kurt retiring if he loses. They don’t want to lose the best wrestler in the world today.

So as it goes I see Kurt leaving BFG as the champion which is a good move for TNA but I don’t know how long he will hold it for.

Bound For Glory and Beyond

I’m looking forward to BFG. It will hopefully answer a few questions we have with current storylines and we shall also see a new champion crowned. I’m going to put it out there and say Kurt Angle will be champion as stated earlier I would love Mr. Anderson to win but I just can’t see it.

The main highlight for BFG for me will hopefully be finding out who “they” are. I feel that maybe even TNA are not sure who “they” are. This storyline is either going to be great or a very big anti-climax. Only time will tell.

I hope you have enjoyed this and remember these are my views on TNA. I hope that in future blogs to have interviews with TNA stars so stay tuned and please give feedback.


About David Bunning
Hi I'm Dave and this is my blog The Good, The Bad The TNA. I love wrestling and all things TNA. I hope you enjoy this site and keep coming back!

3 Responses to The Good,The Bad,The TNA

  1. The Ambassador says:

    Totally agree with the whole RVD return thing. Surely he was stripped of the title due to being unable to defend in near future, yet they bring him back BEFORE they crown a new one??

  2. The Hardy Support says:

    That’s true, but realistically your gonna go after the guy that almost ended your career before the title, so it matters little. RVD v Abyss at BFG will be immense, would be great it RVD “Janiced” Abyss too – i reckon Chris Park’s is mad enough to take it.

    Then RVD vs. the new champ (hopefully Jeff!) for the title at Turning Point to look forward to!

  3. RVD Vs Abyss sounds good guess they need RVD as BFG is the biggest PPV for TNA.
    Then i think at Turning Point it will RVD vs Kurt for the title. As much as i want it to be Mr Anderson i dont think it will happen

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