TNA Xplosion – Friday 24/09/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 24/09/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Broadcast Friday 24/09/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

Welcome readers to the red-headed step child of TNA programming that is TNA Xplosion!!! This week, we are in for a treat with two solid matches. Tag-Team action with Ink Inc. facing wrestling’s odd couple – Orlando Jordan and Eric Young and what should be a solid technical display from Desmond Wolfe and Stevie Richards in the main event.

But first a quick look inside the mail-bag to see what you – my unfortunate readers have for me this week!:

  • Ryan in Manchester Writes: Did we ever find out who kidnapped Samoa Joe? They made such a big deal out of it, he returned and then they made absolutely no mention of it whatsoever!
  • Well Ryan, your right they never got round to revealing who the kidnapper was but i’m a pretty bright chap and happened to peice enough together to figure out who it was. It was the same guy who drove the hummer in WCW in the summer of ’99, the same guy behind “GTV” in the WWF and the same guy who played Kane’s doppelganger in May of 2006 – yet another angle lost in the Land of Unsolved Angles. Though on a serious note, perhaps “THEY” did it and all will be revealed at 10.10.10?
  • Phil in Belfast Writes: What’s the deal with the video’s on iMPACT! that keep showing parties and ends with “Shore – coming 10/7”


    These appear to be hype videos for a new tag-team that are set to be based on the wildly popular characters of Jersey Shore on MTV. Recently signed TNA talents Rob Eckos and Becky Bayless, worked under the names of “Robby G” and “Cookie”  in Dark Matches before iMPACT! and are believed to be the new “Shore” tag-team based on characters Mike “The Situation” and Snookie. As for the 10/7 this is the live iMPACT! show where they are expected to debut.

TNA Xplosion Intro kicks us off as JB and Taz welcome us to the show and run down what’s in store over the next hour.

We join the lovely Christy Hemme in the back for an interview with EV2.0’s Stevie Richards. Christy points out that Stevie and Desmond Wolfe have never crossed paths in a match before. Stevie states that that’s exactly why he wants to face him now. Stevie reminds us of the epic battle between Des and Kurt last year and points out how Des is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. Stevie said Desmond is exactly the kind of competition he needs to challenge himself.

In case we missed it, TNA Rewind takes a look back at the Kurt Angle v Jeff Hardy showdown from last week’s impact. We kick off with an absolutely superb hype video for the match followed by highlights of their no time limit match that resulted in a double pin and both men advancing to the Bound For Glory Main Event.

We cut to commercial break.

When we come back we take a look for what feel’s like the millionth time at Jesse Neal’s “Impact! Player of the Week” segment from TNA ReACTION.

We cut to Orlando Jordan’s lair in the back where he keeps his mannequin (still upside down wearing that feather boa). Eric Young is excited about their win last week and the prospects of another now, says their probably in PWI already lol! Orlando seems to be warming to the idea of tagging with EY, or at least using him for his own gain. OJ thinks “Orlando Jordan – Tag-Team Champion” has a nice ring to it. EY agrees. OJ tells him to go it ready, EY runs off excited as Orlando  declares him an idiot.

We take a look back at the Joe/Jarrett/Sting/Nash situation in an absolutely superb video package. I find Nash’s comments on Hogan being the ultimate “worker” very interesting. How he says the best worker isn’t necessarily the guy who’s best in the ring but rather who makes the most money and no-one makes more than Hulk. Interesting how he states that Dixie thinks she’s driving the car but Hulk and EB are really running the place.

I have really believed since Sting started this whole “deception” thing that in the end he will be seen as the saviour rather than the antagonist, looks like their gearing up for a Hogan/Bischoff heel turn and an attempted take over of TNA, but maybe that’s what they want us to think. The comments on Joe’s suspension and how Hogan would have issued the ultimatum of teaming with JJ to get the money he would have lost etc. is interesting, that coupled with Nash’s twitter comments as well now as The Pope’s would seem to lead me to believe all of it is a work, TNA seem to be trying to blur the line between reality and storyline and are feeding the dirtsheets, its working and is very good and keeping people guessing.

Maybe this “reality” thing is where their going with some of this. Is interesting that the video hype for “Shore” is stating a 10/7 debut the same night that Dixie has said we will notice some changes to TNA, could this be the direction their going in?

Anyway we cut to commercial break

We are back and it’s time to take a look back at RVD’s comments from last week’s Impact! – which was basically a load of sport’s cliché’s along with an announcement of his return at this week’s impact.

It’s time for our first matchup as Jordan and Young take on Ink Inc.

Match 1: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan (w/ Lollipop and no shame!) vs. Ink Inc.

  • EY appears to have drawn tattoo’s (including an oversized anchor!) on himself in honor of Ink Inc. – gets a chuckle from me anyway.
  • Ink Inc. need a shot at the belts, Ink Inc. v MCMG would be decent bout imo
  • Moore and EY start off
  • Trade armlocks
  • Moore whips EY to the corner who doe’s the Ric Flair flip, shoulder to the gut of Moore, slides under and back into the ring and hits an arm drag! – V.Nice!
  • Shoulder block from Moore
  • Leg Lariat,
  • Cover for a two count
  • EY giving high fives to Moore and ref Slick Johnson
  • OJ tags himself in
  • Kicks to Moore in the corner, followed by a very very wrong move that I refuse to describe.
  • My eyesight returns following pouring bleach into them to briefly avoid OJ’s antics, just in time to see a great take down from Moore
  • Some gyrations of his own from Shannon followed by a jumping leg drop,
  • Tags in Jesse, nice double team hiptoss on OJ
  • OJ reversal, some kicks to the gut of Jesse
  • Cross body from Jesse for a two count
  • Dropkick and another cover by again only a two
  • EY proceeds to draw more tattoos on himself with Sharpie pens before proceeding to the crowd, where he begins handing out pens for the fans to draw on him – this is hilarious!
  • In the ring, an armbar from OJ on Jessse, EY slaps the turnbuckle getting the crowd to clap for Jesse
  • Sunset flip from Jesse but again only a two count
  • OJ back in control with some rights to the head of Jesse
  • EY looking for a tag, OJ begins dragging over Jesse for a double team, but EY runs across the ring to the other apron, to stand beside Moore and get a chant going for Jesse!
  • OJ is furious with Eric
  • Jesse powers out and gets the hot tag to Moore
  • Clotheslines and a leg lariat from the prince of punk
  • To the top and a MOONSAULT from Moore for a two count!
  • Moore going for a knee lift but OJ reverses and gets a pin of his own and get’s his feet up on the ropes for leverage!
  • 1…..2…EY interrupts the count to inform Slick Johnson that OJ has his feet on the ropes!!
  • OJ is furious and ready to take out EY, but Moore from behind with a roll-up 1….2…3!! Ink Inc. win it
  • Winners: Ink Inc.
  • EY shows off his Tattoos to Moore post-match

Match 2: Desmond Wolfe vs. Stevie Richards

  • Good to see Wolfe back, these matches would have been taped at the set of three tapings after No Surrender, so I’m guessing the “personal issue” that keep London Brawling off the card at No Surrender was with Magnus and not Des given his appearance here on Xplosion.
  • No Chelsea tonight, who we are informed by Taz is at the Spa – he saw her there this morning, sounds like Taz was getting his nails done again.
  • Stevie’s entrance video still shows “Dr. Stevie is IN” you’d think they’d have updated that by now, c’mon guys get the act together. They didn’t even have to design a new one just throw up the EV2 entrance video.
  • LOL! In an unintended moment of comedy, Des throws his shirt to So Cal Val who misses and catches the shirt in the face!
  • Stevie offers a handshake, Des spits on the hand much to the delight of the crowd.
  • Wait a minute where the hell is the blue lighting? They’ve got the Impact! Lights on for this one – weird. I actually kinda like the blue tinted Xplosion lighting, gives the show a different feeling and does a good job of hiding the crowds complete indifference towards the match-ups! *Zing*
  • The crowd are well into this match-up though, must say we’ve actually had two good episodes in a row, some solid match-ups on the cards, really enjoying it.
  • I’m guessing this match was either originally taped for impact and cut from the show or Des and Stevie don’t like working with the blue tinted lights, though pretty sure Desmond wrestled in the blue lighting with London Brawling a few weeks ago as part of the Number 1 contender’s tournament.
  • Stevie works the arm of Desmond.
  • Ordered to break the hammerlock by the ref, but Desmond counters with an elbow to the face.
  • Huge hiptoss by Stevie, tries a cover but just a 1.
  • Drop toe hold from Desmond, side headlock applied, Stevie counters into a hammerlock – this in the word’s of the immortal Tony Schiavonie is “Catch as Catch Can wrestling”…’s also arguably the “greatest night in the history of our sport”  but I’ll not go there.
  • What age is Stevie? He seems to have been around for ages but is in awesome shape. Anyone who knows drop me an email at
  • Sunset flip from Stevie, Des with a punch to the head to stop it though.
  • Des lifts Stevie to the top rope, attempts the tower of London but Stevie won’t budge.
  • Des to the top aswell now, looks like a superplex coming up
  • WOW!! An audible chop from Stevie, who then proceeds to bite  Des and throws him off the top rope.
  • Follows up with a series of clotheslines
  • Sidewalk slam, the crowd are really behind Stevie here.
  • Taz want’s to know where this much talked about “Record Book” is, good question.
  • Stevie in control here, hits the 10 punches on top.
  • E…..C……W!
  • OUCH! No water in the pool, Des moves as Stevie eats the turnbuckle
  • Running uppercut from Desmond.
  • Tower of London coming up…..London calling, you better answer it Stevie!!
  • Bang!! Desmond hits the TOL and gets the three count!
  • Winner: Desmond Wolfe

That’s all we got, until next week folks, I’m outta here.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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