TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 25/09/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 25/09/2010

By Steven Coney

“They say…..only the strong will survive”

Saturday 25/09/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 23/09/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We kick off the broadcast with replays of last week’s iMPACT and the views of Eric Bischoff who says he isn’t afraid to upset Dixie Carter with his decisions.

Match 1 – Rob Terry vs. Abyss

The opening bout sees ‘The Freak’ take on ‘The Monster’ We go backstage and see RVD, the man who Abyss hospitalized, trying to get into the arena. Abyss brings Janice with him and Tenay reflects on Abyss’ new weapon; Bob. The two big men traded blows to begin with, Terry showed off impressive athleticism with a spin kick but Abyss responded with a running clothesline into the corner but Terry replied with a power slam to get a near fall. Tenay informs us that RVD is causing all sort of mayhem backstage as Abyss gets a two count with a sidewalk slam followed by another close call after a choke slam. We go split screen and see the backstage area where RVD and Jeff Hardy are walking towards the iMPACT zone, as we go back to the arena, Abyss dismantles one of the steel guardrails and assaults Terry with it and subsequently gets disqualified. As Abyss continues the attack, we get a glimpse of RVD who comes through the crowd with a chair but before he can confront Abyss, ‘The Monster’ is forced backstage by security.

Winner by DQ: Rob Terry (This was a nothing match really. Terry’s push seems to have come to an abrupt end and he still looks awkward in the ring. Abyss continues his rampage in TNA with an assault on a fellow superstar. It does its job though, which is to re-introduce ‘The Whole F’n Show’ Rob Van Dam.)

RVD gingerly climbs into the ring and thanks the fans for their support and says he’s here to show he’s not finished. He goes on to call out Eric Bischoff to the ring. We come back from the commercial break with both RVD and Bischoff in the ring. RVD questions the decision to strip him of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He congratulations the three men who will compete for the title at Bound For Glory and says he will get the first shot at the new champion. RVD continues to say that he hates being seen as vulnerable and will be able to return to the squared circle at Bound for Glory on 10.10.10. He demands a match with Abyss which he is duly granted by Bischoff.

Before Bischoff can get out of the ring, The Pope D’Angelo Dinero’s music hits and he calmly walks to the ring. Pope tells Bischoff he’s full of crap and that he’s accomplished so much in the past few weeks in TNA. He questions why RVD is getting the first title shot and why Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle are getting a title shot at Bound For Glory when they haven’t won their semi-final matches. The Pope starts to get heated and brand Bischoff a conman. Bischoff doesn’t like what he hears and demands to take it to the back as both men leave the ring. We go backstage and see earlier footage from the Beautiful People’s dressing room where Lacey von Erich storms out because of the way former friend Madison Rayne and Tara have treated her.

We come back from another break where The Pope and Bischoff are still arguing backstage, Pope says he wants to be included in the title match at Bound For Glory but Bischoff says The Pope must beat Samoa Joe tonight on iMPACT and then he might consider it.

Match 2 – Jeremy Buck (w/ Max Buck) vs. Chris Sabin

The numbers game came in to play straight away but referee Brian Hebner sent Max Buck to the back after tripping Sabin over. We now have a singles match and Jeremy Buck takes control and hits a good-looking neckbreaker. The two men end up on the apron as Sabin fails with a suplex to the outside and Buck again hits a neck breaker, this time onto the ring apron. Buck hits a reverse jawbreaker and then exclaims “This is our time!” Sabin reverses an attempted tornado DDT and hits a kick of his own followed by a quick roll-up for the win. Shortly after the bell, Max Buck comes down to attack Sabin and Generation Me beat down on the lone Motor City Machine Gun member. The Bucks raise Sabin onto the top rope and hit the same falling DDT that they delivered to Sabin’s partner, Alex Shelley. The Bucks leave Sabin in a heap and take his Tag Team Title belt with them.

Winner: Chris Sabin (I like what they’re doing with Generation Me. They’re really good in the ring and needed that bit of edge to give them a bit of legitimacy with the fans. I can see Gen Me and the Guns putting on some really terrific wrestling matches. If anything, I think Generation Me could do with a really good heel manager to help with their promos.)

Match 3 – TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships – Taylor Wilde & Hamada © vs. Velvet Sky & Lacey von Erich

Lacey begins the match like she did last week on iMPACT against Taylor Wilde and Wilde dominates the early goings but Lacey comes back with a hip toss which forces Wilde to tag out and Hamada receives a hip toss of her own. Velvet Sky enters the ring and gets on the end of a big boot from Hamada followed by a big body slam. Velvet manages to evade a moonsault and then she and Taylor exchange near falls. Hamada and Wilde get on the front foot with a double suplex and Hamada gets a two count on Lacey with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Hamada and Velvet Sky collide and end up outside of the ring. As referee Andrew Thomas sees to the two women on the outside, Madison Rayne gets into the ring and hits Lacey with the motorbike helmet. Taylor Wilde takes full advantage of the situation and hits a spinning kick for the victory.

Winners and still TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions – Taylor Wilde & Hamada (Lacey is extremely sloppy in the ring. Velvet isn’t much better and this wasn’t a great match. It served its purpose  by escalating the Beautiful People/Madison Rayne & Tara feud  but does anybody know why these titles actually exist?)

We go straight to a video of backstage where we see Tommy Dreamer along with the other members of EV2.0.

We’re back to the iMPACT zone and TNA President Dixie Carter has joined Taz and Don West to announce the big news. She says that at the special live ‘Before the Glory’ iMPACT on the 7th October, the main event will be a battle royal involving all the men on the Bound For Glory card. The winner will get a prize of $100,000.

Match 4 – Samoa Joe vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Just before the bell, Joe runs over to Pope and hits him with several right hands followed by a jumping heel kick. Joe backs Pope into a corner and launches him across the ring. ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ then hits Dinero with an elbow to the face followed by a huge kick. The Pope can’t seem to build any offense as Joe utilizes his power advantage. Pope finally gets in business with an inverted atomic drop but Joe again regains the  advantage with a power slam for a two count. The Pope removed his knee pads  but he then gets distracted as ‘The King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett goes to the ring to support his friend, Samoa Joe.  With Double J waiting on the outside, Kevin Nash and Sting blindsided him. With Dinero distracted by the outside shenanigans, Joe manages to lock in a rear naked choke and Pope gets choked out.

Winner by submission: Samoa Joe. (This makes sense at least. Pope is obviously going to turn heel and this will involve him losing a few matches to get him more annoyed with his situation. Joe has been underused recently and credible wins like these will enhance his character and hopefully after this storyline has finished, he can go back to being a brilliant singles wrestler who puts on brilliant matches.

Jarrett, Joe, Sting and Nash all continue to brawl on the outside like last week. We cut to backstage where Christy Hemme is with EV2.0. Tommy Dreamer tells her that they’ve just left Dixie Carter’s office and that at Bound For Glory it will be a lethal lockdown match. But tonight, to determine who will have the advantage going into that match, Sabu will take on AJ Styles in a ladder match.

We again return from a break and see Bound For Glory main eventer, Mr. Anderson. He makes his way to the ring, after his usual introduction, and grabs a mic. He asks Kurt Angle to join him in the ring and  the Olympic Gold medallist obliges. Anderson says that what they have in common is that they came in to wrestling to get the job done, not to get involved in backstage politics. He goes on to say that Angle is the best in the business today but on 10.10.10 he plans to be three seconds better. Angle reminds him that if he loses at Bound For Glory then he will retire from professional wrestling. He adds that  he respects Anderson as a person and as a wrestler but at Bound For Glory he will win because without wrestling, he has nothing. The men shake hands and Angle leaves Anderson in the ring dreaming of becoming the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage and we see Fortune in their locker room. Flair is giving a pep talk and says at Bound For Glory, EV2.0 will be gone forever and the best wrestlers in the business will left.  A new hype video of ‘Jersey Shore’ appears on the screen and we’re told he’ll be here in two weeks. We then go backstage again and see Kevin Nash, Sting and The Pope. The three men agree to join forces and say they need to get to Eric Bischoff’s personal assistant; Miss Tessmacher.

Match 5 – Ladder Match – Sabu  vs. AJ Styles

The winner of this match will give his team a one man advantage at Bound For Glory. The match starts with quite a quick pace but soon spills to the outside where Ric Flair and Matt Morgan are watching their  fellow Fortune member. Sabu attempts to bring the ladder into the ring but Styles doesn’t allow it. Styles takes a baseball slide into the ladder and then gets thrown into the guardrail as Sabu re-enters the ring. Sabu sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring but then decides to throw it at Styles. Tenay and Taz tell us that this a dream match that will decide who has a big advantage going into the Lethal Lockdown match at Bound For Glory. With Styles beginning to take control, Mick Foley comes down to the ring to  give the Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal Sabu some support. As soon as we return from the break, Styles is met in the face by a steel chair which Sabu then uses to hit a  flying cross body on Styles which sends them both out of the ring. Foley then gets attacked by Matt Morgan as he is distracted by Flair and Tommy Dreamer and Kazarian begin to brawl on the entrance ramp as all members of Fortune and EV2.0  start to fight on the outside. Sabu gets close to winning the match but is stopped in his tracks by Robert Roode who then gets hit with a gore. James Storm hits the last call on Rhino as Styles and Sabu get to their feet. They both climb the ladder  and Sabu chucks Styles off the ladder only to be attacked by Storm who then smashes a beer bottle over his head. Storm then picks Styles up and pushes him up the ladder who gains the victory for Fortune. Storm and Styles celebrate as we see the bodies around the ring .

Winner: AJ Styles (I don’t see why Sabu didn’t win this one. Have EV2.0 even won a match yet? They just seem to get easily beaten by Fortune in every match, whether it be singles or as a tag match. I can’t see EV2.0 winning at Bound For Glory so seeing as EV2.0 are shown as being so weak, Fortune’s victory is stripped of credibility and this feud just seems a bit lifeless. I hope this changes before Bound For Glory.)

We switch to backstage where Jeff Hardy is talking to RVD. Hardy says that he will win the  World Title at Bound For Glory and that he can have the first shot. RVD tells Hardy he has it in the bag and leaves the room. Just after he leaves, Hardy gets ambushed by a crazed Abyss who says he’ll end up in the same place as ‘his little buddy’. He then screams 10.10.10 as we go to a break. We come back and see Abyss carrying Hardy to the ring. Abyss grabs a mic and says that at Bound For Glory he and ‘his girl’ Janice will slaughter him. He then says he spoke to Janice backstage and she doesn’t want to wait for Bound For Glory. RVD comes to the ring but gets easily overpowered and Abyss starts to beat down on him with the help of a steel chair. He leaves the ring to get Janice and prepares to use the sick weapon when Ink Inc hit the ring for the save. Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore hit missile dropkicks as Abyss flees the ring. Abyss again shouts 10.10.10 and tells us that Dixie Carter needs to get ready to be unemployed.


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