The Good, The Bad, The TNA

The Good, The Bad, The TNA

By David Bunning

Welcome to my second blog on all things TNA. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.

Got anything you would like to see or know my thoughts on then please get in touch and it will be in the next blog.

Also next week my blog might be a day or so late as I’m getting married on Saturday! I’ll do my best to get it on the site as soon as I can….

The Big Story of the Month

Who are “They”? This is one of the big questions on the lips of TNA fans at the moment! Now being weeks away from BFG where this question will be answered I feel its time for me to put my views across on this.

Many people have been in the frame for this. At first I thought it was going to be a Paul Heymen led ECW invasion but Paul Heymen didn’t sign with TNA and EV2 came in with Tommy Dreamer instead. Then Ric Flair said it was Fortune but Abyss said it wasn’t.

So who are “They”?

I think it could now be a group of ex-WWE wrestlers. This could lead to a 3 way at Turning Point between EV2, Fortune and this group.

The other idea I had is a NOW-Style reunion but the Hulkster being out injured with his back has put that idea a little further back in my mind, but that would explain why Sting and Kevin Nash have been acting strange and why Sting went back to the Wolf Pac face paint.

This weeks Impact has only put more thoughts into my head!! I believe that Eric Bischoff has something to do with “They” and I’ve come to this conclusion because of that little clip after Pope Vs Joe match where Pope is talking to Kevin Nash and Sting. Clearly they know who “They” are.

Feel free to comment at the bottom with your views.

TNA Annoying Moments

Not to take anything away from Amazing Red but the guy hasn’t been seen on TV in months and then suddenly they have him winning the X-division title on a house show. One week after Jay Lethal has won it. I was hoping TNA were getting over quick changes and letting a wrestler actually hold the belt and defend it.

That’s one thing I hear from wrestling fans; how they hate how quick a title can change hands. I’m not asking for a year long title rein but 3-6 months would be nice.

**I’ve woken up to see that Jay Lethal has won the title back at another house show**

Wrestler of the Week

My wrestler of the week is the self proclaimed Asshole Mr. Anderson.

I have chosen Mr. Anderson because the guy has just impressed me so much these past few weeks. His promos have been of a high quality and his ring work has been top notch. I really do hope TNA reward him with the gold at BFG.

Hulk Hogan.

I hope that Hulk is recovering well in hospital and that it’s not too long before his back troubles are sorted and he’s back on our screens.

Before The Glory

Good to see TNA going live and sticking to a Thursday night. It should be a good show and the $100,000 Battle Royal will be good.

I reckon TNA will use this to debut someone new. I won’t mention their name in case people don’t know yet who they have signed but I reckon there could be two new people signed.

Bound For Glory

I’m really getting excited for BFG, I’m just gutted I will be away for it and will miss it.

This is shaping up to be the PPV of the year and just can’t wait to see where it leaves us as we head to Turning Point. Which if things are to be believed, things in TNA are going to change for ever.

The 3-way title match should be off the charts. The 3 guys are at the top of their game and will go all out. Good booking by TNA. I’m ‘calling it’ now that Kurt Angle Wins.

Abyss Vs RVD Should be a cracking match. I’m expecting this to be a bloody brawl and I’m going to give the win to Abyss and then we find out who they are.

Ev2 Vs Fortune in a Lethal Lockdown match. If I’m honest I’m not expecting this to be a “classic” I’m giving the win to Fortune.

EV2 Vs Fortune

On one side you have the war torn Ex ECW guys, the other side contains the hottest and best prospects in TNA led by a wrestling god.

Where do I see this storyline going?… not far if I’m honest, just because I don’t believe the EV2 guys are drawing like TNA might of hoped for. Yeah HardCore Justice was a good PPV and it was good the guys got another payday but that’s it now. I want to see the X division tearing it up on TV and PPV. Its 2010 not 1999 and TNA need to realise ECW is dead and wrestling has moved on. But for now I have to accept it and try to enjoy it and it has had its moments where I have found myself enjoying what they are doing. I enjoyed Dreamers promo where he went around the group one by one and put them over. I even enjoyed the beat down. I just can’t seem to find the link between EV2 and Brian Kendrick.  Fingers crossed at BFG they have a match to end it all. I’m calling it now for a Fortune win in the lethal lockdown match……

That’s it from me this week. I hope you enjoyed the blog and hope you’re looking forward to next weeks. Like I said at the tope, it’ll be a day or two late due to my wedding.

Hopefully I shall leave you next week with a good send off before my honeymoon.



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