The latest on TNA/AAA Negotiations: A New Stable?, World X Cup 2011?

Zorro : TNA Bound?

Zorro : TNA Bound?

Many outlets are  reporting that Jeff Jarrett met with AAA officials in Mexico this past week to talk about doing more talent exchanges. TNA has offered Zorro a contract and he is expected to be in a new stable with Abyss. Dixie Carter apparently saw tapes of the former Mexican National Heavyweight Champion and was really impressed. Zorro is expected to start with the promotion at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view on October 10th.

TNA is also interested in bringing in Jack Evans and Extreme Tiger. Jarrett is looking at bringing in more high-flying luchadores to TNA. AAA is looking to bring in The Motor City Machine Guns.

The reasoning behind this is that TNA are apparently laying the groundwork for a 2011 World X Cup next summer. Of course this is subject to change based on budgetary reasons and how negotiations pan out between NJPW and AAA. Some names mentioned include Jack Evans, Extreme Tiger and Aero Star. There is no word on using AAA cruiserweight talent outside of the World’s X Cup.

Ray’s Take:

This is very good news. From the looks of things TNA are laying the ground work for rebuilding their X-Division, which with talent losses and the elevations of the likes of AJ Styles to the Main Event scene has been thin on the ground of late. The idea of bringing back the World X Cup is also a very cool concept that will showcase the high-risk, high-flying style that the X Division has been known for.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

2 Responses to The latest on TNA/AAA Negotiations: A New Stable?, World X Cup 2011?

  1. vantheman77 says:

    I’m glad to see TNA trying to rebuild the X Division as well as pursuing young talent like Zorro.

    • Mr. Eric Eric says:

      Dude he’s like 35yrs old! But nonetheless one of my favourite wrestlers. Can’t help but think though that there is only 2 hours a week of TV time (3 hours if you count Reaction) how is TNA going to fit all these new people into the programming and what good are they going to do for the overall building of the company?

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