News & Rumors Round-Up: Turning Point 2010 poster, Foley explains WWE plug, Tara’s injury, Angle to be a father plus much more!

TNA Turning Point 2010

TNA Turning Point 2010

– TNA Wrestling have released the cover poster for Turning Point 2010, the first Pay-Per View after Bound For Glory. Turning Point is set to take place Sunday, November 7th and the poster features Jeff Hardy prominently, take from that what you will.

– TNA Wrestling has announced that Bound For Glory, scheduled for Sunday, October 10, will be available in high-definition via DIRECTV’s satellite system.
– TNA Knockout Tara suffered a nasty elbow injury over the weekend that resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Tara was scheduled to wrestle Angelina Love at Saturday night’s TNA live event from Rahway, New Jersey, but the match had to be pulled from the show after Tara was injured during a pre-match warm-up.

After news spread that Tara had been hospitalized, TNA President Dixie Carter confirmed on Twitter that Tara suffered a “burst bursa sack” in her elbow.

Tara posted some pictures on Twitter of the incident and they are absolutely disgusting. You can click here to view them. You’ve been warned!! Tara’s elbow is so swollen that it looks like there’s a tennis ball in her elbow.

– Mick Foley had the following to say regarding WWE plugging his book Monday night..

“I guess you could call it the plug heard ’round the world. I actually almost missed it when Michael Cole first said my name, and didn’t really catch on until the King followed up on the Cole mention of the new book. Certainly, it was surreal; I don’t think there has ever been an instance of someone on an opposing show getting a shoutout from WWE. I guess there are alot of people speculating as to what Vince’s motives might be. I’m leaning toward the idea that Vince sometimes does things just to be nice, and that the winds must have been blowing in a favorable direction on Monday morning. I think Vince deep down genuinely likes me and respects me and was just trying to do what felt right to him.”

– According to PWTorch, Hernandez has not been on hand for TNA events in recent months because he is on loan to the Mexican based AAA promotion due to a talent exchange. Management has lost faith in pushing him as a singles star because his ring work has not progressed at the rate they feel it should.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

3 Responses to News & Rumors Round-Up: Turning Point 2010 poster, Foley explains WWE plug, Tara’s injury, Angle to be a father plus much more!

  1. vantheman77 says:

    Interesting…..a Hardy title win? I mean it would be the biggest shock as he’s the one everyone picks as least likely to win given his current trial.

  2. Mr. Eric Eric says:

    Hernandez’ weaknesses, unfortunately, are exposed as a singles wrestler. Ideally, they would’ve reunited LAX. Oh well…

    Perhaps, they’ll put him in a tag team with one of the AAA guys.

    • The Charismatic Enigma says:

      That’s bull, Hernandez is great in the ring, they should have put the title on him instead of Rob Terry. Hernandez could have defended it down in Mexico at AAA aswell, would have been cool.

      God i hope this means Jeffro is getting the title!

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