TNA Xplosion – Friday 01/10/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 01/10/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Broadcast Friday 01/10/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

Welcome humanoids for another edition of  the red-headed step child of TNA programming that is TNA Xplosion!!! This week, we are in for a treat with two solid matches. First up the ever-weirder Orlando Jordan takes on a member of TNA UK’s Official “Where are they now?” list – SUICIDE! And in our main event Eric Young goes up against former TNA Global/TV Champion “The Freak” Rob Terry.

Apologies, no mail bag this week, had to throw this report together late this morning, having one of those weeks guys! Mailbag will return next week, if you mailed or tweeted me, fear not it should be in next weeks edition.

We open with the kick-ass Xplosion intro, our hosts this evening are JB and Taz. JB informs us we’re on the path to Bound For Gloryand tonight we are in for the hottest hour of pro wrestling around. We run down the card for tonight and then head to the back to join the lovely Christy Hemme who is with Mr. Charisma himself Rob Terry.

Big Rob reminds us that the last time he and EY met was in his home town of Cardiff and Terry defeated him for the TV title….he actually called it the TV title, i swear that belt has more name changes than title changes it’s hard to keep up. Even though there’s no championship at stake, this match apparently means everything to him because he needs to get back into championship contendership and that’s exactly what he plans on doing starting tonight!

TNA REWIND takes a look back at last week’s ReAction with a look at the Angle/Hardy/Anderson situation as well as comments from EV2 and Fourtune. I wish we got ReAction here in the UK its probably the best thing in TNA right now.

Commercial Break

We come back with the iMPACT! Player of the Week taking a look at he career of Shannon Moore.

Christy Hemme is in the caged area in the back where i assume Suicide lives as he always seems to hang out back there. Christy says it’s been a long time since he’s been on Xplosion, she want’s to know where he has been, so do we!!! Cool, they’ve dubbed over Kiyoshi with Kazarians old scary Suicide voice! Sweet. Unfortunately it’s kinda not in sync with Suicide’s lip movements so it looks like one of those really badly dubbed kung fu movies. Suicide advises us that we need not worry where he has been but rather focus on where Suicide is going (he’ll be working the merchandise stand at House Shows with DW by January – you heard it here first lol!) . Suicide let’s Orlando Jordan know his mindgames only work on the weak, tonights Suicide plans on showing OJ that the Dark Saviour is among the strong! Kick Ass promo – two thumbs up!

TNA Spin Cycle: JB, Mick Foley, SoCal Val, Lacey Von Erich & Jimmy Hart discuss their favourite Tag-Teams, twitter and more. Must admit i love the Spin Cycle, but we can view it on Youtube, surely they could throw in an extra match on Xplosion instead of filler like this?


We’re back at the Announce Booth and JB and Taz give a shout out to the international viewers and thank everyone for following on facebook, twitter etc. and encourages everyone to get in touch and interact. This is what sets TNA apart from WWE, they appreciate the fanbase and don’t take them for granted – don’t think i’ve ever seen a promotion who encourages interaction between fans and talent more than TNA.

Following his borderline Racist remarks regarding Sarita and his borderline Sexist remark about Daffney in the last two weeks, Taz hits three in a row with a moderately Homophobic reference about Orlando Jordan – i swear this guy’s trying to get himself fired.

Match 1: Orlando Jordan vs. Suicide

  • OJ’s theme music is pretty cool, pity about his outfit though!
  • Love Suicide, but its sad to see the character basically being kept on screen as a jobber to shift the new Jakks Action Figures.
  • Taz debates whether Suicide is a man or a woman….
  • And then remarks that this surely isn’t the first time Jordan has hooked up with a man with a mask on….
  • A buzzer goes off at TNA HQ in Nashville and Taz’s HR file gets ever larger!
  • Anyway on with the match
  • Did Taz just utter the word “Gimp”…Jesus Christ this guy is trying to get fired i’m telling ya, how in the hell does this go out in International Syndication without going through some sort of edit check?
  • Shoulder block from Suicide
  • Clothesline in the corner followed by a suplex
  • Suicide with the cover for a one count
  • Taz want’s to start a new division for OJ called the Triple X-Division!
  • Suicide to the top, but no water in the pull as OJ moves out of the way
  • Kicks from OJ
  • OJ with a dance move that i never ever want to see again!
  • Attempts a suplex but Suicide riggles out and hits a leg lariat
  • OJ bails to the outside
  • Suicide in an NFL style stance
  • Suicide takes off and dropkicks OJ off the apron – kick ass!
  • Suicide now out on the apron waiting for OJ to get back up
  • HOLY MOLY a somersault dive off the apron and onto Jordan on the outside, WOW! Very impressed with Suicide tonight, wasn’t impressed with Kiyoshi’s portrayal of the character of late but that all changes tonight my friends
  • Suicide gives the Suicide symbol to the camera and i mark out
  • Xplosion logo and we’re back and both men are in the ring
  • Kick from OJ
  • Lays in some boots to the downed Suicide
  • Criss cross and it ends with OJ hitting a spinebuster on Suicide
  • OJ in no rush to cover him it seems, looking around at the crowd
  • OJ proceeds to lie on top of Suicide and i throw sand in my eyes!! make it stop! make it stop!
  • Only a two Count though
  • Elbow drop
  • Side headlock from OJ
  • Suicide keeps the arm up at the last minute and begins to hulk up
  • Tries to power out but fails as OJ re-applies the hold
  • Suicide hulks up again, elbows his way out and off the ropes kicks OJ to the mat
  • Suicide in control here
  • Whips OJ and hits him with a series of clotheslines
  • Slams OJ and motioning for the top rope
  • Diving headbutt
  • 1….2…..OH!!! Very Close but no cigar!
  • Dropkicks OJ into the corner
  • WOW! Suicide with some really inventive offense tonight
  • Drags him into the middle and covers, 1….2…no!
  • Suicide going for a fame-asser style maneuver but reversed by Orlando into a…..KISS?? WTF!!
  • And a roll up….1….2…3!!!
  • Winner: Orlando Jordan
  • Kick ass match, lame ass ending.

Match 2: Eric Young vs. “The Freak” Rob Terry

  • Wouldn’t be Xplosion without gold ol’ EY!
  • SoCal Val is billing Rob as being from Swansea, Wales – wasn’t he from Cardiff? Rob, do you even remember where you live?
  • Rob Terry to the top rope showing off the physique, EY copies him on the other side, funny stuff
  • The ref informs Eric it’s a singles match, not a tag-team bout
  • EY panders to the crowd with his double bicep pose! Gotta love EY he’s the king of just-too-muchery!
  • EY doing laps of the ring, Rob Terry getting frustrated here.
  • EY promises just one more, and begins his bodybuilding poses
  • Ok start the damn match, PLEASE!!
  • EY tries to get Terry to pose but Terry pushes him off, Big Rob just wants to get on with the fight.
  • EY quickly tries to powerslam Big Rob and fails miserably at even lifting him off the ground
  • Big Rob with Big Clubs to the back of EY!
  • Went for the press slam but EY with a quick jab to the eye of Rob Terry – cool!
  • EY apologises saying he didn’t mean to do that.
  • The ref berates EY for the eye poke
  • The Ref (Brian Stiffler – a recent grad from the Team 3D academy) begs EY to put him down which he eventually does
  • That was awesome and totally unexpected!
  • Sneak roll-up from Eric! 1…!
  • Begs off Rob Terry only to sneak attempt a crucifix pin but he can’t take Rob down
  • Rob does it for him powering him down back first
  • Rob proceeds to whip EY off the posts
  • Then hits a huge back body drop
  • Cover but only a two count
  • Shoulder clutch of doom from Big Rob
  • Crowd chanting for Eric, isn’t he supposed to be the heel?
  • Chin breaker gets Eric out
  • Attempts to irish whip Terry, but Big Rob isn’t budging
  • Instead he whips EY who crashes over the post and to the outside!!
  • Does this knock EY back into sense finally ending this “Crazy EY” angle??
  • Rob to the outside, picks up EY and throws him back into the ring
  • Whips him again and Eric looks like he’s going to do the Flair over the top maneauver but instead sits with his legs in the air, not sure if this is a botched move or an attempt at comedy?
  • Judging by Taz’s laughter that was a botched move, Rob comes over but eats a boot from EY
  • Clothesline followed by another pose from Eric
  • Attempts a cross body, but he’s caught by Big Rob
  • Fallaway slam!
  • Cover and a two count
  • Places EY on the top rope
  • EY rakes the eyes and pushes him off the top!
  • Cover 1…..2…!! Damnit that would have been an awesome finish
  • EY argues with the Ref
  • Terry stalks behind him as he poses for the crowd…look out Eric HE’S BEHIND YOU!!
  • Running powerslam, splat, win!
  • Winner: Rob Terry
  • Post-Match Rob Terry helps EY up and gives a handshake and they begin posing together – i’m such a sucker for a face ending.

With that we’re done for this week folks, another solid Xplosion show this week, that’s three in a row, let’s hope they keep this up. Until next time, thanks for reading!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

2 Responses to TNA Xplosion – Friday 01/10/2010

  1. The Ambassador says:

    Great report, very enjoyable read. Agree that Xplosion was much improved this week, EY is hilarious as ever, think their going too far with Orlando Jordan’s gimmick though, YUK!

  2. Bill says:

    I quite like Xplosion, reminds me of the old jobber squash shows like WWF Metal and ITV WCW Worldwide that we used to get, its refreshing just to have matches without a ton of run ins etc.
    Getting pretty tired of EY as a nutjob though, was funny the first couple of weeks, getting a bit old now.

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