TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 02/10/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 02/10/2010

By Steven Coney

“Eliminating the Monster”

Saturday 02/10/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 30/09/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We begin the broadcast with a video reviewing the Abyss and RVD feud. backstage as we see Kurt Angle talking to somebody on the phone. As the conversation continues we understand that he talking to Hulk Hogan. Angle says he will take care of business tonight and tells him to get better. We go to the ring and Angle’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. He tells Hogan to get better soon and says the iMPACT zone misses him and thanks him for having confidence in him. He goes on to talk about Bound For Glory and says it’s his time to shine. Angle says he won’t let Hogan down tonight and then talks about the destruction Abyss has caused in TNA recently. Angle says he will cut the cancer out of TNA and the cancer is Abyss. Tonight we will see Kurt Angle and Abyss in a cage match! As soon as Angle says that, Abyss’ music hits and he makes his way through the crowd but before he can get to the ring, Angle meets him and the two start to brawl backstage. Abyss hits Angle with a ladder before the Olympic Gold Medallist counters with a chair shot to ‘The Monster’ and continues the beat down until Abyss hits a low blow.  Angle hits one of his own before the two men are separated are separated by security and backstage guys such as Al Snow, D’Lo Brown and Simon Diamond.

Match 1 –  Lumberjack Match – Beer Money vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rhino

With it being a lumberjack match, Beer Money entered the iMPACT zone with the rest of Fortune (Kazarian, Doug Williams, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan and Ric Flair.) Rhino and Dreamer came out closely followed by the rest of EV2.0 (Raven, Stevie Richards, Sabu, Brian Kendrick, Mick Foley.) Rhino and Dreamer took control early on and after a big back body drop, Rhino set up for a gore but Robert Roode was lever enough to escape the ring to escape the onrushing ‘War Machine’. Back in the ring and Beer Money start to mount some offense. They begin to trap Rhino in their corner with frequent tags followed by a near fall after a double suplex. James Storm then throws Rhino to the outside where he receives a beat down from Williams and Kazarian until EV2.0 come to the rescue and get him back in the ring. Rhino starts to fight back and hits a belly-to-belly suplex which allows him to tag in Dreamer. He hit’s a neckbreaker to Storm and then gets him in a crossface after reversing a super kick. Rhino and Roode end up on the outside and both factions start to brawl. With the referee’s back turned, AJ Styles spits what I presume is beer in the eye of Dreamer and Storm hit’s a double knee backbreaker but Dreamer somehow kicks out. Kendrick who is in some sort of martial arts attire is described as a ‘Jedi Knight’ by Taz. Storm who is distracted by the outside turns his back and Dreamer hit’s the Dreamer Driver to pick up the win for EV2.0.

Winners by pinfall: Tommy Dreamer and Rhino (Was a decent enough tag team match and finally EV2.0 get a victory. It’s starting to get a bit painful to watch now though, none of the EV”.0 guys are great in the ring and all we seem to get is a brawl every week on iMPACT! Whatever happens at Bound For Glory, I hope that’s the end for EV2.0 in TNA.)

Shortly after the end of the match, Mick Foley grabs a mic and calls Ric Flair to the ring. He says they need to sort their differences out once and for all. He demands EV2.0 to let Flair come to the ring and after we get back from a commercial break, we see Flair and Foley standing in the ring. Flair demands to know what Foley wants to talk about and calls him an asshole. Foley says they should concentrate on 10.7.10 which is next week’s live iMPACT! He says he has spoken to Dixie Carter and asked for a match against the Nature Boy which needs to be seen on live television. Flair responds by grabbing Foley’s new book off somebody in the crowd and stamping on it before kicking it out of the ring. Foley said until Flair called him out and lit a fire under him he was losing interest in wrestling. He says he needs Flair to bring out the best in him. Both men then make themselves bleed by punching themselves. Flair says he’ll have all of his family there, next week to witness the end of Foley. Foley goes on to say that since Flair joined TNA he has become the Nature Boy of old. Foley says he hasn’t walked alone in a long time and he’s had trouble standing up. Foley then challenges Flair to a Last Man Standing Match. Flair agrees to the match and then says if he loses, he will kiss Mick Foley’s ass.

Mr Anderson and Eric Bischoff are seen talking backstage and Anderson questions why Angle receives a phone call from Hulk Hogan yet he receives nothing. Bischoff tells him not to worry and that he has full faith in Anderson to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory.

We see footage of the Motor City Machine Guns backstage, the first time we’ve seen them since Generation Me attacked Alex Shelley at No Surrender.

Match 2 – Generation Me vs. Ink Inc

Jeremy Buck and Shannon Moore begin the match and Moore begins with some offence including a couple of arm drags and an inverted atomic drop. Max Buck enters the ring and receives the same treatment followed by a neat double team move between Moore and Jesse Neal. Max Buck goers for a moonsault on Neal but he moves out of the way and Max then rolls out of the ring with an apparent knee injury. Whilst the referee’s back is turned he gets back in the ring and attacks Neal. Gen Me continue their strangle hold on the match and Max Buck hit’s a big dropkick. A failed attempt at a double team move from Gen Me allows Shannon Moore to enter the ring and he hit’s a cross body followed by a dropkick on Jeremy Buck. He then hit’s a double hurricanrana on both members of Generation Me which gets him a 2 count. Jeremy Buck then distracts the referee which allows Max to hit a big low blow on Shannon Moore, he rolls him up to get the pinfall. After the match, Gen Me get back in the ring and blind side Jesse Neal who is attending to his tag team partner. The attack is cut short however when the Motor City Machine Guns make the save and take back their Tag Team Title belt back.

Winners by pinfall: Generation Me (Match could have been given a bit more time but it was still a good match. I still don’t think Gen Me can be taken as a truly heel team until they get a manager, something is lacking from them but they do look promising.)

Backstage we see the Guns and they tell Gen Me that they don’t have the hearts of champions and at Bound For Glory they will get revenge on them.

Match 3 – Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

Before we can start the match, the Pope’s music hits and he walks over to the broadcast table closely followed by Kevin Nash and Sting. Joe begins the match in typical Samoa Joe style. Relentless strikes to Anderson in the corner are followed by “Joe’s gonna kill you!” chants which have been too infrequent lately. Joe again backs Anderson into the corner but the ‘Asshole’ reverses with some strikes of his own. Joe turns the tables again and Anderson slumps into the corner, Joe hits his patented face wash and gets a near fall. Anderson builds some offense with a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick. But Joe again slows down the man from Green Bay and locks in a sleeper hold. Anderson gets out of it with a jawbreaker counter. Joe goes to hit a clothesline but Anderson blocks it and hit’s the mic check to get the victory.

Winner by pinfall: Mr. Anderson (Not a bad match at all. Joe always puts on a show and dominated most of the match but it would be silly to have Anderson lose so close to Bound For Glory.)

Nash goes down to the ring and tries to persuade Samoa Joe to join him, Sting and the Pope to no avail. After the break we see the three men standing in the ring and Nash has a mic. He says that bad things happen to bad people, then insinuates that’s why Hulk Hogan is currently lying in a hospital bed. He says that Sting has been telling everybody for the past seven months what has been going on. The Pope then speaks and says Bischoff is a liar, a cheat and a conman and can’t believe that he is still trying to pull the wool over his eyes. Sting then says it’s all about him and Hogan, going back to WCW. Sting says everybody wants to know who’s wearing the white hats and who’s wearing the black hats. The Icon then says that they should add to their proposed Bound For Glory match. He says that they will have Pope and then he challenges Hogan to join up with Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe to face them at Bound For Glory. Eric Bischoff then comes out and says it’s just a fact of life that Sting and Nash are coming to the end of their careers. He says it goes back 15 years  to WCW where he tried to persuade Sting to work with some of the younger guys but he wouldn’t. He adds that Nash is the same and he’s all about himself and he has never changed. He says that the person he’s most disappointed about is the Pope and that he’s given him chances which he hasn’t taken. He calls the three men cowards for calling out a man in a hospital bed but says that Hogan will answer their challenge next week live on iMPACT!

Back from a break and we see brief highlights of the two TNA X Division title changes at the live events last week. Then we go backstage where we see Madison Rayne and Tara talking to Miss Tessmacher. Velvet Sky, Angelina Love and Lacey von Erich then enter the room. Tessmacher then asks for the papers to allow Tara back in the ring. The two groups start arguing about who trusts who and Tessmacher says there will be a 4-way match at Bound For Glory. It will be Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Match 4 – TNA TV Championship Match – AJ Styles vs. Brian Kendrick

Ric Flair follows just after AJ Styles and joins Matt Morgan at ringside. Kendrick is still in his Jedi Knight attire. Styles dominates the early stages of the match before Kendrick gets a two count after a dropkick. Styles hit’s a back suplex which grounds Kendrick and Matt Morgan gives him some help from the outside but Styles only gets a two count. Continuous stomps by Styles just seem to invigorate Kendrick as he comes back with two dropkicks and then hit’s a jumping, swinging DDT. Kendrick goes to the top and hit’s a cross body on Matt Morgan. With Kendrick still on the outside, Styles goes for a suicide dive but Kendrick manages to get his boot up and Styles is left lying in the ring. Kendrick climbs the turnbuckle again but as Flair distracted Earl Hebner, Morgan pushed Kendrick which allowed Styles to grab him and hit the Styles Clash to regain the title.

Winner by pinfall : AJ Styles (Still not sure about Kendrick. Interesting character but doesn‘t really deserve to face the likes of Styles. Wasn‘t a bad match at all though and Kendrick did a decent enough job. Still not sure why he is in EV2.0 though.)

We see Abyss backstage with Janice. He says that he wants to finish the job he started on RVD and that at Bound For Glory they should make it a Monster’s Ball Match. He says he will shred RVD like a head of lettuce. We then see a preview of next week’s live iMPACT; Before The Glory.

Match 5 – Cage Match – Kurt Angle vs. Abyss

Angle continues where he started earlier on and rushes Abyss at the bell and beats down on him in the corner. When Abyss gets up, Angle flings him head first into the cage. Abyss turns the tide with a huge tackle. Angle reverses an attempted running elbow and hit’s a diving shoulder block off the turnbuckle. Abyss meets the cage once again as Angle throws him into it two more times. Angle then looks down and finds Janice, he picks it up and after teasing to use it, throws it out of the cage. Abyss looks distraught and Angle continues his attack before Abyss hit’s a big boot. Abyss then hits Angle with some of his own medicine as he throws him into the cage twice which subsequently busts Angle wide open. Angle looks to be losing a lot of blood and Abyss tries for a slam but Angle manages to escape and takes away the legs of ‘The Monster’. He climbs to the top rope and hit’s a frog splash but only gets a near fall. Abyss recovers and goes for a choke slam but Angle rolls through and locks in the ankle lock on Abyss. Abyss kicks him off and then hit’s the choke slam but only gets a two count. Abyss then hit’s the shock treatment but Angle somehow manages to kick out again. Angle evades a diving attack from Abyss and hit’s the Angle Slam but yet again only gets a two count. Angle then begins to climb the cage but Abyss throws the referee into the side of the cage and knocks Angle off the top. Angle tries a cross body to Abyss but he catches him in mid-air and hit’s a Black Hole Slam followed by yet another choke slam. With the referee and Angle down, Mr. Anderson comes out and climbs into the cage to attack Abyss. He just suffers the same fate as Angle though and gets hit with a big Black Hole Slam. Abyss then somehow rips the cage door of its hinges and goes to grab his girl Janice. He makes his way into the cage but Angle is up and attacks Abyss until he’s out of the cage. Angle picks up Janice and challenges Abyss to return to the ring as we go off air.

No Contest. (I quite enjoyed the Main Event. It was a typical cage match which is no bad thing. I thought the end was a bit weak and there wasn’t really a conclusion. Don’t see why Mr. Anderson came down to get beaten up. Doesn’t really help his credibility going in to Bound For Glory. Overall it was an entertaining match without being a great wrestling match.)


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