Kurt Angle Interview: Discusses TNA contract extension, Return to WWE, UFC plus more

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

TNA wrestler Kurt Angle says he plans to wrestle one more full-time year with TNA after signing a contract extension. After that Angle, says he’ll review his options of staying with TNA part-time or consider returning to WWE.

“There comes a time when everybody has to hang it up. I’m coming to the close of my career whether it be a year or two or three. I know it won’t be full-time after this year. I would like to stay in TNA, but if I my option goes to WWE, I will. I want to stay in TNA, no doubt about it,” Angle said on Monday’s “Right After Wrestling” satellite radio show with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas.

Angle added that he’s “addicted to pro wrestling” and does not want to leave the industry despite the number of years on his body and outside projects pressing him for time.

“I’m just so addicted to pro wrestling. I love it so much. I just don’t want to leave it,” Angle said. “I want to keep going. Whether it’s a full-time basis, which it will be for the next year, but after that, but I probably will lower it to a part-time basis due to Angle Foods and my movie career.”

The most concerning quote from Angle came at the beginning of the interview when he talked about not being able to slow down in the ring despite reaching his 40s and having a history of injuries. Angle compared his in-ring intensity to Chris Benoit and said he doesn’t know another speed.

“Vince McMahon has always tried to get me to slow down and kind of save my body. I don’t know how to do that. I’ve been a wrestler since I was seven. I never listened to Vince McMahon. I never listened to Dixie Carter. I always go out there and give 180 percent,” Angle said.

“Unfortunately for the guys I wrestle, they tend to tire out due to my intensity. I really based it off a dear friend of mine, Chris Benoit, who I think matched my intensity. I can’t help but go out there and give everything I have. Hulk Hogan has talked to me about slowing down. I said, ‘I can’t.’ The day when I can’t do that is the day I retire.”

Angle is again floating the idea of trying his hand at MMA fighting before he finishes his in-ring career. Angle has signed a one-year contract extension with TNA, but said in an interview on the “Right After Wrestling” show on Monday night that he’s not sure what his future will be after the year is up.

“I thought about doing a few fights for UFC before retiring for good. I really don’t know where I’m going after this year,” Angle told Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas.

Angle claimed he passed UFC’s physical tests “with flying colors” last year to be cleared to compete. Angle said he believes he can translate his in-ring wrestling intensity to MMA and be successful.

“My level of intensity would probably be really good in MMA, especially in UFC, because I never get myself out of shape. I always train very, very hard,” Angle said. “A lot of these young guys I try to keep up with I find out I’m actually in better shape than they are.”

During the interview, Angle laughed when the subject of former WWE star Dave Bautista attempting to become an MMA fighter was brought up.

Angle, who it’s worth noting is one month older than Bautista, said he doesn’t understand why he’s trying to get into the sport at his age.

“I don’t know why he decided to go into MMA this late in his career,” Angle said. “I would rather see a Booker T cross-over because I think he would do better. I don’t hate him. I like the guy. I’m just questioning how he’ll do in MMA.”


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  1. Todd says:

    I really think he’s lost his mind.

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