TNA Xplosion – Friday 08/10/2010


TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion


TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 08/10/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Broadcast Friday 08/10/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz


Welcome humanoids for another edition of  the red-headed step child of TNA programming that is TNA Xplosion!!! This week, we are in for a treat with a tag-team special edition of the show. First up we re-open the “where are they now?” file for Okada and Kiyoshi as they take on Ink Inc. and in on of the best Xplosion main events in a while we have a continuation of the EV2.0 and Fourtune feud as Raven and Stevie Richards do battle with “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams.

But first let’s take a trip to the mailbag!!

  • Jake Nolan, via email in response to my “Who are THEY?” columns: They could be the main event mafia! Sting and Kevin Nash have recently been warning us about Hulk Hogan. The Pope has recently sided with them. So the main event mafia could come back and invade TNA! Kurt Angle could leave them and Abyss’s brother Judas Mesias  could be the leader and the Pope could join the group!  With TNA: Abyss, The Pope, Sting, Kevin Nash, The Pope; Free agents: Booker T, Scott Steiner; Wrestling council: Judas Mesias
  • I agree Jake,as I stated in my “Are THEY the MEM?” article – i think it could be the Main Event Mafia, Angle’s been getting ever more heelish in his interviews, he’s the only guy out of the three in the BFG Main Event that Abyss hasn’t layed hand’s on and he’s friends with Nash and Sting. However  I don’t see Booker or Scott back with TNA as part of this group but certainly at least one new face, most likely the new talent Zorro that they signed from AAA in Mexico.

We open with the kick-ass Xplosion intro, our hosts this evening are JB and Taz. The talking heads run down tonights card and we then cut to TNA Rewind and take a look back at what went down between Kurt Angle and Abyss in the cage last week on Impact! I’m telling ya, listening to Ken Anderson’s comments on Angle I just can’t help but think their gonna swerve us and turn him heel again. Angle mentions his time as leader of the Main Event Mafia hmmmm…

Time for a commercial break but when we come back it’s the “impact player of the week” from ReACTION.

We return and take a look at last week’s Impact! Player of the week – Brian Kendrick. I really dig Kendrick’s “conspiracy nut” gimmick.

More highlights from ReACTION as we look back at the ongoing EV2/Fourtune fued with a look back at Beer Money vs Rhino and Tommy Dreamer and AJ Styles vs Brian Kendrick.

TNA Rewind looks at Miss Tessmacher’s new position as GM of the TNA Knockouts divison. Tessmacher mentions that she would dye Madison’s hair and wants to take the title off of Angelina as she dosen’t see her representing her ideas for the division. I love the idea of having a real bitch just run the Knockouts division and make their lives hell, kinda cool.

Commercial Break

We go backstage for a promo with Ink Inc. ahead of their match tonight against Okada and Kiyoshi. The book of Dilligaf says their gonna take it to their ass….whatever Shannon. Weird, they played some corny soundtrack in the background of the whole promo making it hard to hear and WHERE THE HELL IS CHRISTY HEMME!! First they substitute her on Impact! For the “Hervey” cam and now she’s dumped from Xplosion?

Time for the TNA Spin Cycle as JB, Mick Foley, Lacey Von Erich, So Cal Val and Jimmy Hart discuss Countdown to Lockdown, Bound For Glory, Liger’s and Jimmy Hart’s music career.

Match 1: Kiyoshi & Okada vs. Ink Inc.

  • Kiyoshi and Okada come out and show us their own form of torture — their entrance!
  • I just love how they just wing Kiyoshi out there in matches and pretend like he and Suicide are different people, it’s superman all over again, c’mon TNA has anyone noticed their NEVER in the same place at the same time!!
  • I’d love it if Suicide interfered in the match just to totally screw with everyone……Anyone got Vince Russo’s number?
  • Ink Inc. on Xplosion duty two weeks running, SOMEBODY crossed the booking committee!
  • Once again, the unofficial referee for Xplosion – Brian Stiffler.
  • Okada and Moore to start and they lock up
  • Shoulderblock from Okada
  • Off the ropes but is met with a hiptoss from the Prince of Punk
  • And another one!
  • Shannon follows up with an inverted atomic drop
  • And a running clothesline takes down Okada
  • Legdrop from Moore and a cover for a two count
  • Tags in Jesse Neal, double suplex from Ink Inc.
  • Cover by Jesse but just a two count
  • Okada was trained by Ultimo Dragon!! Wow I did not know that, informative analysis on Xplosion…..seriously?? This show is getting better and better!
  • Okada takes that training from Ultimo and puts it to use as he eats a dropkick from Jesse Neal!
  • Corner clothesline from Neal, followed by a neckbreaker
  • Cover but again only two
  • Okada on the offensive, takes neal to his teams corner
  • Tag to Kiyoshi
  • Kicks from Kiyoshi and tags Okada back in…..well somebody is mailing it in tonight!
  • Snapmare and a headlock as the crowd gets behind Neal
  • Appears Okada is choking him with a mountain of wrist tape, Slick Johson apparently appears to have gone blind and does not issue a DQ
  • Tag to Kiyoshi
  • Proceeds to kick the snot out of Jesse and begins choking him with his foot on Jesse’s kneck
  • Okada back in, has Jesse in a headlock, Jesse fights his way out and nails Kiyoshi aswell for good measure!
  • OUCH! He eats a kick from Okada though!
  • With the refs back turned, Kiyoshi does what I can only describe as a twist of fate on Jesse from the apron, kick ass!
  • Double kicks from Okada and Kiyoshi to Jesse
  • Okada takes Jesse to the top for what looks to be a superplex
  • NO! Jesse fights out, throws Okada off and follows up with a missile dropkick!
  • Jesse crawls over and gets the tag to Moore as simultaneously Okada tags in Kiyoshi
  • Moore in like a house on fire though!
  • Dropkicks and spinkicks, too quick for me to keep up with folks!
  • Moonsault from Moore and a cover!! 1…2…NO!! Pin broken as Okada makes the save!
  • Neal backflips Okada to the outside
  • And here it comes the Mooregasm!! Stick a fork in it this one is done folks!!
  • Winners: Ink Inc.

Match 2: I open a bottle of Beer!

  • Me vs. the bottle — no twist off cap, no bottle opener.
  • I chomp down on cap with my molars.
  • Success!!!
  • The bottle gives up the cap and I get juice! (well, beer)
  • Don’t try this at home folks…

Match 2: Raven & Stevie Richards vs. Matt Morgan & Douglas Williams

  • YES!! Saw this match listed at the last set of TV tapings and have been waiting for it ever since, quite a good standard of matchup for Xplosion so forgive me for getting a little excited.
  • Slick Johnson on ref duty for the main event.
  • Stevie and Doug to start us off
  • Trade armlocks
  • Hip toss from Stevie
  • Tag to Raven
  • Nice double team as Stevie kicks Doug in the gut and Raven with a kick to the head
  • I’ve missed Raven
  • Cover for a two
  • Doug scurries to his corner and tags in the big man
  • Morgan shows his dominance throwing Raven to the corner like a rag doll.
  • Goes for a clothesline but Raven gets out of the way and gives some head shots to Morgan
  • Raven tags Stevie back in
  • Stevie with some kicks to the gut on Morgan
  • By gawd, Stevie Richards is literally in the best shape of his life folks!
  • Stevie off the ropes, stalled by a cheeky elbow from Doug Williams and Morgan follows up with a huge clothesline
  • Some showboating here from the Blueprint
  • We’re back and some double teaming from Doug Williams and Morgan on Stevie
  • Doug takes Raven off the apron as Morgan hits a sidewalk slam on Stevie and attempts a pin, two count as Raven makes the save
  • Morgan kicks Raven out of the ring and goes back to work on Stevie
  • Stevie begins the fight back and gets Morgan with a kick to the head, staggering the big man
  • Both guys tag in their respective partners
  • Doug runs at Raven but gets drop toe-holded into the turnbuckle! Nice.
  • Raven back and forth between Doug and Morgan, a one man machine here tonight….vintage Raven
  • ….Michael Cole called and told me he wants his line back…I happily oblige
  • Doug off the turnbuckle and eats a Raven clothesline
  • Morgan attempts the Carbon Footprint but gets nothing but rope!!
  • Raven punches him to the outside
  • EVENFLOW DDT on Doug!!!
  • 1….2….3! YES!!!
  • Winners: Raven & Stevie Richards
  • But their celebrations are short lived as Morgan and Doug dish out a post match beatdown as we close.

Feel like I’m saying this every week but that was a helluva show, Xplosion is getting better and better, more of this TNA!!

That’s all for this week! Comments? Compliments? Criticisms? Pyramid Scheme Offers? (Scratch that last one.) Send ’em to See you soon!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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  1. Eric Eric says:

    Keep up the good work bro, love these Xplosion reports, hilarious stuff. I don’t have Extreme Sports on my Sky package so don’t get to see the show apart from your reports and the videos – looks like some decent stuff on Xplosion these days though.

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