TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Predictions


TNA Bound For Glory 2010

TNA Bound For Glory 2010


OK you know the drill guys, here’s the predictions from the staff ahead of Bound For Glory 2010, apologies from Dave who’s on his honeymoon right now and also Rob who only just joined the team tonight, so i thought it would be a bit much to ask that he draw something up at such short notice.

The most interesting thing here is that we are all in 100% agreement on the Main Event. Oh, man, I hate to think we’re all going to look dumb at once!

  • Tag Team Match: Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc.
  • Ray – I’m going with Ink Inc. here, should be a comedy affair with EY costing his team the match.
  • Adam –  I reckon Ink Inc. via pinfall. After the tag match on Impact it seems like Jordan & Young are gonna be some sort of dysfunctional tag team so i’m backing Ink Inc.
  • Steven – This is obviously just a match to fill up some time on the PPV. Their iMPACT! Match was alright but I hate what they’re doing with EY. He’s a decent wrestler and he’s constantly playing that stupid gimmick. I get the whole Orlando Jordan thing but the fact that they have to accentuate his sexuality sort of tells you everything about his talents inside the ring. Seeing as Ink Inc have shown glimpses of a decent tag team I’ll say that they pick up the victory.
  • Shafqat – I’m going with Ink Inc as they are a stable team. Win via pinfall after some sort of double team move. EY and OJ cannot get on as a team in the long run.
  • Knockouts Title: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara
  • Ray – I’m 100% sure Madison will win this and then go on to feud with Mickie James. How am i so certain?? Well let’s just say iMPACT! and ReACTION contained a few clues, i’ll explain all next week.
  • Adam – Tough one to call, I think it’s gonna be alot of teams turnin on each other. I’d say Velvet Sky as a twist to the Beautiful People having the title but not Angelina Love retaining or possibly a double pin situation.
  • Steven – I can’t see anything major happening in this match. I was thinking of possible swerves but none of them really made sense so I’m going to say that Angelina Love will retain her title.
  • Shafqat – The original Beautifal People have just got back together so I think they’ll work mostly as a team in this match. My prediction is Tara to win via pinfall on Madison Rayne. She turns on Madison because she used her to get back in TNA and win the title.
  • X Division Title: Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal
  • Ray – Lethal to retain via DQ following a major beatdown from the Fourtune troops.
  • Adam – Jay Lethal i think will retain by DQ due to interference from Fourtune on Doug’s behalf.
  • Steven – The X Division title has seen enough upheaval over the past few weeks. For that reason alone, I can only see a Jay Lethal victory here. Even TNA couldn’t book four title changes in a couple of weeks, surely?
  • Shafqat – Lethal goes for a pin fall but the referee is down after being accidently knocked out by Lethal. Fortune take this opportunity to interfere and allow Douglas to regain the title. Yes it’s a short title reign for Lethal, but fortune need the belt.
  • Tag Team Title: Motor City Machineguns vs. Generation Me
  • Ray – MCMG cleanly. Face it would you seriously put money on a Gen Me tag-title reign?….thought so
  • Adam – I’m lookin forward to this match! My prediction is going to have to be the MCMG. I think it’s going to be alot of high flying and tag team moves but i don’t want to see MCMG lose the straps.
  • Steven – I really, really hope they give this match a good 20 minutes. These two teams will put on an awesome match if they let them and I just hope they do. Generation Me don’t really strike me as great heels and could do with a manager to help them with their promos but their in-ring work is exciting. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is match of the night and I can see the Motor City Machine Guns retaining their titles.
  • Shafqat – I would love this to be a hot opener for the show. It just has to be MCMG. 4 years to get the titles and loose them to Gen me? NO WAY! Double team move, the latter from the top rope for MCMG to get the pinfall victory.
  • Handicap Match: Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe
  • Ray – The parrallels between this and Bash at the Beach 96 are spooky, and likely deliberately so. I have visions of Hulkster marching to the ring “Hulk Hogan is in the building!!” ala 96 and costing Sting and co the match so I’m going with Jarrett and Joe thanks to interference from none other than the Hulkster who shows his darkside once again!
  • Adam – Hmm…..Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett. They have the odds stacked against them with it being 3 on 2 but i think Joe & Jarrett can pull it off.
  • Steven – I hope to God that we find out what all this smoke and mirrors stuff is all about as it’s getting pretty tiring. I’ve heard people talking about the Hulk Hogan stuff being a work but I don’t think that’s a possibility. He’ll most likely send some sort of replacement and Jarrett and Joe will use him to help them gain victory. What they’re fighting for/against is anybody’s guess; I just hope we find out tonight so they stop wasting valuable TV time.
  • Shafqat – Tricky one for me, but if the revelations are going to come than I say Pope will get the pinfall victory on Joe. But I don’t think it’ll be as simple as that.
  • Lethal Lockdown: Ric Flair’s Fourtune vs. EV2.0
  • Ray – I’m going with Fourtune, just cannot see EV2.0 taking this one. I think it will be due to interference from Flair and EV2.0 will be done once and for all!
  • Adam – I’m a big old school (insert letters here) fan but the way they’ve been buried by Fourtune the past few weeks hasn’t really proved much and i think it would be silly really for EV 2.0 to win even if i am a big fan of theirs so my prediction is Fourtune.
  • Steven – I feel sorry for the members of Fortune, AJ Styles and Beer Money in particular. They deserve to be challenging for titles at PPVS, not trying to make old, out of shape guys look good. Unfortunately, that’s what their job will be at Bound For Glory. Dreamer and possibly Rhino are the only guys from EV2.0 that have any sort of future in TNA in my opinion but the group has to disband. Watching guys like Raven, Sabu and Stevie Richards taking on AJ will be painful and they’ll have to make it overly hardcore to make EV2.0 look respectable. Either way, I see Fortune picking up the win and sending EV2.0 packing.
  • Shafqat – Please, it just has to be Fourtune. The reason EV2 were bought in was to put Fourtune over right? The perfect time to do that is now and end the feud by beating EV2 in their own style of match -Hardcore -AJ to get the pin on Tommy Dreamer. Perhaps via a crazy spot where they go through the top of the cage.
  • Monster’s Ball: Rob Van Dam vs. “The Monster” Abyss
  • Ray – Tough one to call, everyone wants to see RVD get his revenge and that’s the obvious conclusion but then there’s “THEY” and their possible impact on this match. I’m going with a decisive victory for “The Whole F’N Show” followed by the THEY reveal either post match or during the main event.
  • Adam – Van Dams return against Abyss’ speciality match. I think RVD can pull it off but if we are going to find out who “they” are then i think Abyss may pull off a win. My prediction is RVD.
  • Steven – This is a tough one to call. RVD’s first match back after Abyss put him out of action for a couple of months. I’m thinking that TNA will want to do this match again so I think that Abyss will reveal who “they” are and they’ll help him gain a controversial win which will allow them to set up a rematch sometime in the near future.
  • Shafqat – A lot of time and money has gon einto Abyss so he has to win this match. How lousy would it be that he doesn’t get the win and and then “They” are revealed?. Abyss to win courtesy of a blackhole slam.
    Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy
  • Ray – Well this is the big one. Will Anderson reveal his true inner assholiness and turn heel? Will Angle achieve is goal? Will they shock us with a Hardy victory? Given his court case i don’t think anyone will pick Hardy, and i won’t either, this one is between Angle and Anderson. I think Angle will take this one, but not without a twist, Angle turns Heel revealing HE is a part of this “THEY” that Abyss has been referring to.
  • Adam – A possible match of the year candidate? The stipulation of if Angle loses he will retire has been hyped up for quite a while. I’m lookin forward to this match though with the Angle stipulation i don’t think there is any other way it’s gonna go. My prediction is Kurt Angle.
  • Steven – I can only see Kurt Angle winning this one. TNA can’t afford to let him retire and a decent title run from him might give the belt some prestige back after being treated horrifically over the past couple of months. I don’t get Anderson personally; he’s good on the mic but has always looked shabby in the ring to me, dating back to his WWE days. Hardy is a good performer but is so unreliable that they can’t trust him with the strap.
  • Shafqat – The focus on Hardy has virtually non existent leading up to this match. Something to do with his court situation? I just don’t see him winning this as the focus has been on Mr Anderson and Kurt Angle. I’m going for Angle for a submission victory on Anderson. I don’t see the possibilty of the retirement stipulation going away if Anderson wins. Although if “They” are taking over TNA maybe the stipulation will be void if Anderson wins……… OK, I’m changing my mind, Anderson via ankle lock to become TNA World Heavyweight champion.

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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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