TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 09/10/2010

TNA iMPACT!: Before the Glory

TNA iMPACT!: Before the Glory

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 09/10/2010

By Steven Coney

“Before The Glory”

Saturday 09/10/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 07/10/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We begin the broadcast with Abyss holding TNA President Dixie Carter hostage backstage. He seems to have handcuffed himself to Dixie and has Janice and Bob over his shoulder. Dixie yells at Abyss to let her go but “The Monster” keeps shouting at her to shut up. They finally get into the crowd and Dixie continues to scream, Abyss says that at 10.10.10 they are coming and they will take control of TNA. Abyss asks Dixie who she prefers; Janice or Bob? Eric Bischoff runs down to the ring but can’t talk any sense into Abyss. He finally unlocks the handcuffs and Dixie runs into the arms of D’Lo Brown and Simon Diamond. Bischoff says it’s over and climbs into the ring. Just as he does, Sting’s music hits as he Pope and Nash make their way to the ring.

We get back from a commercial and Pope has a mic. Pope says he’s going to retract his statement from last week. He says that maybe he isn’t a no good son of a Bischoff because he’s playing this one trick pony show with the smoke and mirrors. He says on 10.10.10 the walls are going to come crashing down on Bischoff. Bischoff says he respects Pope but hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about and that all this is much bigger than Pope but he can’t help him as Pope doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Pope says he’s tired of talking to Bischoff and wants to know what it’s about, Bischoff says it’s all about Sting and Hogan. Sting grabs the mic and says that’s exactly it, what started ten years ago is going to come to ahead at Bound For Glory. He says it’s not just about wrestling anymore, it’s about life. He says it’s about two men who took different paths and this is the end of the line, he then asks Hogan if he is willing to put it all on the line.  Sting demands an answer from Bischoff but Eric says nothing and then Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett approach the ring but Bischoff tells them to stay out of it. Bischoff says Sting wants something to fill the big black hole in his heart and that they’re challenging a guy who is currently in intensive care.  He says nothing will fill the hole and points to the titan tron where we see a video of Hulk Hogan in hospital. Bischoff says he’s had eight surgeries since February 2009. Bischoff says they can kick his ass right now if they want to and then makes a handicap match for Bound For Glory: Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope versus Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe.

We go backstage where a cameraman has caught up with Mickie James who gets out of a car, he asks her what she’s doing here but she just says he’ll have to wait and see like everybody else. We then go to a promo from Team 3D, they’re in Times Square, New York and say that’s where Team 3D were born and bred. Brother Ray says at Bound For Glory, they will make the biggest announcement of their careers which will change TNA forever.

Match 1: Winners gain rights to The Beautiful People name: Madison Rayne & Tara vs. Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

Madison and Tara attacked Love and Sky before the bell to gain the upper hand. They hit a double Russian Legsweep on Love but they only get a 2 count. Love reverses an attempted chinlock into a small package but the referee was distracted by Madison. Sky is tagged in and hits a bulldog on Tara but Rayne interferes from the corner and Tara is able to send Velvet out of the ring. Miss Tessmacher comes out to the top of the ramp to take notes as Madison and Tara take it in turns to choke Velvet. Velvet finally tags in Love after reversing an attempted leapfrog from Madison and Love cleans house and hits the Botox Injection but Madison is able to tag in Tara. Love and Velvet hit a double kick to Tara and cover her for the victory.

Winners: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky (This was a typical Knockouts match, didn’t last very long and was full of niggly mistakes. It was kind of enjoyable though and the match at Bound For Glory should be interesting.)

The women begin to argue with each other but Miss Tessmacher reminds them that at Bound For Glory it’ll be a four-way match for the Knockouts title and to ensure that they play by the rules, she’s appointing a special referee; Mickie James. She says it’ll be her honour to crown the Knockouts Champion at Bound For Glory but she’ll only have one thing on her mind and that is making history. She says she wants to become the first woman to hold every female title.

Backstage again and Dixie Carter tells Eric Bischoff to fire Abyss tonight. Bischoff asks for more time but Dixie says he should’ve done it ages ago and tells him to do it in the ring tonight.

Match 2: Last Man Standing Match: Ric Flair vs Mick Foley

Flair starts the match like a madman. He unleashes a series of punches and chops to Foley and rips Foley’s plaster off and makes him bleed. Flair kicks Foley in a delicate area and throws him out of the ring where he rams him into the guardrails. Foley kicks Flair in the groin and pushes him back into the ring; he lifts up one of the steel steps to reveal a barbed wire baseball bat. He gets back in the ring and hits Flair in the head with it twice. The two men end up by the broadcast table and then up towards the top of the entrance stage. Foley starts to grate the bat into Flair’s forehead but Flair rakes the eyes of Foley and throws him off the stage as he crashes through a table. Back from a break and we see what went down during the break, Flair used Foley’s book as a weapon. Flair kicks Foley into the corner and leaves the ring, he finds a bag under the ring and he empties it onto the canvas, it’s a load of thumbtacks. Flair stalks Foley but “The Hardcore Legend” backdrops Flair onto the tacks. With Flair writhing in agony, Foley goes under the ring again and gets a barbed wire board which he uses as a weapon against Flair. The pair go toe to toe with Foley coming out on top and he goes under the ring yet again, this time he finds a table. He goes after Flair but “The Nature Boy” hits to low blows on Foley and lays him on the table. Flair climbs the turnbuckle and hits a splash onto Foley as the pair crash through the table. The referee begins to count as both men get up, Flair does one of his trademark falls into the tacks as the ref counts to 10.

Winner: Mick Foley (I really didn’t expect to enjoy this match but I did. It was brutal and at times, uncomfortable to watch but these two guys put it all on the line. They didn’t have to even compete let alone do some of the sick things they did. Major props to both guys.)

Flair begins to walk up the ramp as Foley grabs a mic. He tells Flair of the stipulation he included last week, if Foley won, Flair had to kiss his ass. Flair reluctantly makes his way back into the ring but suddenly, Fortune run in and begin a 7-on-1 beat down on Foley. EV2.0 finally come down for the save as Flair gets a mic and says that that’s kissing your ass and at Bound For Glory, they’re going to kiss all their asses.

Bischoff is backstage and is walking towards the ring. We see a video replay of what happened earlier when Abyss kidnapped Dixie. Bischoff is in the ring and looks at the debris from the last match and says it was one hell of a train wreck. He then asks Abyss to come to the ring right now as they are running low on time. There’s still no response but then RVD’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, he gingerly gets in the ring and tells Bischoff that he won’t be screwed out his shot at Abyss. He says he’ll leave if Abyss is fired before Sunday. Bischoff gets the mic and tells RVD that if that’s what he wants, he’s got it.

Back from the break and we see a video of Orlando Jordan and Eric Young at a fairground. Jordan says he’ll teach him how to hold balls as they try and win a prize. We go back to the arena and EY and Jordan are now going to wrestle.

Match 3: Ink Inc vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young

Eric is covered with temporary tattoos as he tries to lock up with Jordan. The whole ‘hit his head’ gimmick seems to have stuck with EY. Jesse Neal begins the match with a hiptoss and then a dropkick to Jordan. Jordan fights back though and hits a snapmare followed by a few stomps. He gets Neal up and hits a shoulderbreaker followed by a few more stomps. Neal tries to fight out but walks into a spinebuster for a near fall. Neal finally manages to tag in Shannon Moore who takes it out on Jordan with clotheslines and headscissors, he then hits a moonsault for 2. EY comes in and calls for a double team move on Jordan. Jordan then low blows Moore to get the win. Young then gets a mic and says as the leader of the tag team he is forfeiting the match because of Jordan’s cheating. He says they will have a rematch at Bound For Glory.

Winners: Ink Inc (With London Brawling absent and a big of a gap in the Bound For Glory card, you can understand why TNA have done this. It wasn’t a great match and EY doesn’t really deserve this treatment but if given enough time, their PPV match could be decent.)

We go backstage and see Dixie Carter and RVD. Dixie says she understands that RVD wants to get to Abyss but as soon as Bound For Glory is over, he’s gone. Bischoff brings over a contract to terminate Abyss’ deal at 12:01am on 10.11.10. Dixie signs it and tells RVD she wants him to take Abyss out, regardless of the result.

Back in the iMPACT! Zone and we see the debuting team, the Shore. Robbie E and Cookie make up the team and Robbie says they’re finally here in TNA. He says there are no hot girls in Florida. Cookie agrees and says she hasn’t seen anybody with a tan. Robbie tells her that these people live in their mother’s basements and that’s why they don’t leave the house. They tell us that next week on TNA, the party is in the house.

Match 4: $100,000 Battle Royal

Elimination order (who eliminated them)

  1. Doug Williams (Abyss)
  2. Sabu (Abyss)
  3. Jay Lethal (Abyss)
  4. Stevie Richards (Abyss)
  5. Chris Sabin (Abyss)
  6. Raven (Abyss)
  7. Kevin Nash (Abyss)
  8. Matt Morgan (Abyss)
  9. Max Buck (Abyss)
  10. Jeremy Buck (Abyss)
  11. Kazarian (Abyss)
  12. Rhino (Abyss)
  13. Jeff Jarrett (Abyss)
  14. The Pope (Abyss)
  15. Alex Shelley (Abyss)
  16. Samoa Joe (Abyss)
  17. James Storm (Abyss)
  18. Robert Roode (Abyss)
  19. Tommy Dreamer (Abyss)
  20. AJ Styles (Abyss)

Cruelly as Abyss had eliminated by Abyss we were given the customary “We’re outta time” by Mike Tenay and cut to the Spike TV bumper closing out the show. Shocking that TNA on one of their most important iMPACT!’s in recent memory wouldn’t even bother to edit down the show to inlcude the Re-Action overrun, leaving UK viewers not knowing the conclusion of the main event.

Conlcusion courtesy of ReAction footage – With just Abyss, Angle, Hardy and Anderson left the action started to intensify. Hardy hit a twist of fate and Swanton on Angle after reversing an attempted German Suplex. Hardy tries to eliminate Angle but Abyss grabs him and chucks him out.

21. Jeff Hardy (Abyss)

Anderson goes after Abyss until he is hit with a chokeslam. Suddenly, RVD’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He goes right after Abyss and hits a jumping kick followed by a big crossbody that takes himself and “The Monster” out.#

22. Rob Van Dam (Himself)

23. Abyss (RVD)

Just Angle and Anderson are left now. Anderson hits a shoulderblock on Angle and then attempts a fireman’s carry which is blocked. Anderson then goes for the Mic Check but Angle block it yet again. Anderson gets Angle in a headlock but Angle backs towards the ropes and then hits an Angle Slam which sends Anderson over the top rope and out of the match.

Winner: Kurt Angle (Was a typical battle royal with lots of mayhem. I can see why Abyss eliminated more or less everybody but Angle winning is a bit strange to me. They could have built up Anderson or Hardy but now it just seems as if Angle is going to cakewalk the title match at BFG.)


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