TNA Bound For Glory – Friday 15/10/2010

Bound For Glory 2010

Bound For Glory 2010

TNA Bound For Glory 2010 Report – Friday 15/10/2010

By Rob Towsey

Broadcast Friday 15/10/2010 at 10pm on the Extreme Sports Channel. Originally aired Live on Pay-Per View in the United States – Sunday 10/10/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Location: Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Fl.

We open with a video montage covering the build up to tonight’s matches, the first match up is for the TNA world tag team titles.

Motor City Machine Guns Vs. Generation Me (for the TNA tag team championship)

Generation me are out first, not a great reception by the crowd but their working the heel angle well. Next out the Machine Guns, now they get a pop.

Shelly and Max open the match, Max takes the early advantage but Shelly soon takes control. Quick tag to Sabin and the Guns are doing a great job of cutting off the ring. Another quick tag brings Shelly back in and he goes for the small package, 2 count and Max kicks out. Shelly goes to the ropes but is tripped from the outside by Jeremy. Gen makes the tag and Jeremy enters the ring, he goes to the ropes and receives a kick to the back for his troubles from Sabin. Both Max and Jeremy are outside, suicide dive to the outside by the Guns. The crowd begin their “TNA! TNA!” chants. Jeremy is rolled back into the ring, Shelly with a cross body from the top rope, 2 count! Jeremy is up and shields himself with the ref. Max attacks Shelly from behind allowing Gen to take advantage with a little double team action. Shelly is dropped on his neck, shades of impact, Gen are now firmly in control and looking good. Spin kick by Jeremy, pin attempt broke up by Sabin. Max has Shelly on the top ropes, reversed by Shelly who makes the tag to Sabin. Sabin cleans house, positions Max upside down in the corner, Sabin in with the baseball slide to Max, Shelly with the drop kick. Sabin now goes over the top and lands on Max. All four men back in the ring now, Gen go for the double team on Sabin who reverses, double DDT! Nice, there are bodies everywhere! Max slams Shelly near the corner, tag to Jeremy who hits the 450 splash, could be over, Sabin’s in to break the count at 2. Sabin and Shelly have Jeremy ready and positioned Skull & Bones from the Guns to Jeremy Buck – 1 – 2 – 3! Guns retain their titles.

Winners by pin fall = TNA World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns.

As always the Guns and Generation me put on a stunning performance and the X Division talent set the bar for the show, not going to be easy to follow that match.

We’re back stage with Christie who’s with Madison Reign and Tara, Christie ask Madison if her plan to bring back Tara has backfired now that Bischoff has made this four corners match for the TNA Woman’s championship meaning Tara could become the new Woman’s champion. Madison states she’s not worried and warns the newest TNA knockout and special guest referee Mickie James that she cannot just walk in to TNA and thinks she’s the new top dog.

We get a video package for the following match.

TNA Woman’s champion Angelina Love Vs. Madison Reign Vs. Tara Vs. Velvet Sky – 4 corners match for the TNA Woman’s Championship

Mickie James heads to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd

Madison and Tara enter first, coming to the ring with new music and on the back of Tara’s motorbike. There’s the cheeky little kiss and Madison gives a little verbal to Mickie. Now for the Beautiful people, again coming to the ring together but this is not a tag match. Now for the best entrance in wrestling – There we go and there all in the ring.

Looks like Madison and Angelina are going to kick things off, there circling one another and Madison tags Velvet signalling for her to get in the ring with Angelina. So now it’s Angelina and Velvet going to kick things off. They lock up and Angelina has Velvet in a heal lock, small package and an early pin attempt by Angelina but only gets the 1 count. Both to the ropes, double clothesline, there both down and Madison tag’s herself in and goes straight after Angelina who is ready for her and takes her down. Madison regains control and goes for the pin attempt, Angelina kicks out at 2. Madison is arguing with Mickie allowing Angelina to recover and take control and go for the pin, pin broken up by Tara. Velvet tags in as does Tara. Tara down with head scissors, pin attempt, 2 count. Velvet is looking impressive and follows up with a bulldog to Tara, goes for the pin but it’s broken up by Madison who takes down Velvet.  Madison and Angelina are now outside the ring when Tara takes advantage of Velvet after the attack by Madison and goes for the pin, 1 – 2 – 3 Tara wins and becomes the new TNA Woman’s champion!

Looks like Tara has just realised what she’s done as she locks eyes with Madison on the outside who looks furious. Madison hits the ring and goes face to face with Tara. She turns and shoves Mickie who retaliates by knocking Madison to the ground. Mickie James’s music hits and this one is over.

Winner by pin fall = New TNA Woman’s champion Tara.

This one was pretty predictable but looking forward to seeing Mickie James in action.

Backstage now with Christie who is with Eric Young, Christie asks Eric about his relationship with Orlando Jordan and Eric explains that he has worked out Jordan and plans to show him how to become a real man. Jordon enters wearing what I can only describe as your grandmothers net curtains made into a vest and mask. Jordan tells Eric they have a match and they head off to the ring.

Tag team Match Eric Young & Orlando Jordan Vs. Ink Inc.

It’s the comedy rematch from Impact last week after Young forfeited the match that Orlando won after using the ropes to gain the win.

First out is Ink Ink followed by Eric Young and Orlando Jordan, Eric is marker penned up and is carrying his own little black book which appears to read “TNA Rule Book”

Jordan and Jesse start this one and Eric has jumped in the ring and removed the referee, Eric now believes he in control of the match. The ref is back and removes Eric from the ring. Jesse seems confused which is the opening for Jordan who quickly takes advantage of the situation. Jesse quickly gets the upper hand and tags in Shannon Moore, double take down by Jordan who tags in Eric Young. Eric is in quick with a series of clotheslines followed by two quick pin attempts. Jordan has made the tag back in and is taken out quickly but a double team by Ink Ink. Eric has entered again and is now joining in on the double team to his own partner. Jordan is in the corner, Eric runs at him but Jordan moves, somehow Eric has found himself straddling the top rope. Ink position Jordan in the same precarious position, Jesse and Moore bounce the rope up and down on both Orland Jordan and Eric Young. Orlando recovers and regains control over Moore, throws him to the corner and goes for the pin, using the ropes for leverage. Young interrupts the count by kicking Jordan’s arms from the ropes. Young has now positioned himself in the corner, that’s Ink Inks corner and makes the tag off Moore. Eric now attacking Jordan and Moore who is the legal man goes for the pin and gets the tree count.

Eric is now high fiving Ink Ink, Jordan is not impressed but leaves the ring with Eric.

Winners by pin fall = Ink Inc.

What was that all about?

Christie is now with Jeff Hardy, Jeff tells Christie that tonight is the night for change and he knows what he needs to do.

X Division time!

Doug Williams Vs. Jay Lethal for the TNA X Division championship

Doug Williams makes his way to the ring sporting nice new ring attire. Also looks like there’s a bit of a crowd from the UK in the house so a little following for Williams here tonight.

Now for the X Division champion Jay Lethal who comes out to a nice crowd reaction. This should be an interesting match with two very different styles.

Williams takes control early by grounding Lethal with an arm bar, Lethal produces some nice flips to try to gain the advantage. Lethal hits the lethal combination and Williams heads out side to recover. Lethal doesn’t let up as he hits a sling shot cross body dive over the ropes and lands directly on top of Williams. Back in the ring and Lethal misses with the spin kick allowing Williams to go for the pin attempt, only get the 2 count. Williams now with the rear chin lock again grounding Lethal. A series of elbows from Lethal has Williams looking unsteady. Lethal follows up with a running forearm and a drop kick. Pin attempt but a kick out at 2. Williams now is up and hits Lethal with a German suplex and goes for the pin but Lethal kicks out at 2. Williams is now arguing with the ref which is allowing Lethal to recover and head to the top rope, Williams catches his and attempts a suplex from the top but Lethal reverses, lands and rolls Williams over for the pin, 1 – 2 – 3 Lethal steels the win with a sly reversal, Williams is shocked.

Winner by pin fall = Still TNA X Division champion Jay Lethal

Lethal is celebrating and has gone into the crowd. Lethal is making his way back through the crowd to the ring and is attacked from behind. It’s Robbie from the Shore followed by Cookie. Robbie is pounding on Lethal and throws him into the ring. Robbie continues his beat down before hitting Lethal with what I can only call an RKO. Cookie now joins him in the ring the crowd is hating this and chanting “BORING, BORING” Robbie has a mic (oh dear) he starts telling Lethal that he’s a disgrace to Philly and that when he’s X Division champ he will add class to the title. Must add the crowd is still chanting “BORING, BORING” oh now their dancing.

Great match between Williams and Lethal, shame about the ending, Dixie listen to the crowd!

We’re now shown a video of Abyss and RVD so we know what’s up next.

Abyss Vs. RVD Monsters Ball match

Abyss is making his way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd, he has Janice in hand which he places on the announce table and enters the ring. Abyss has the mic and states that for months he has prophesized their arrival and the date is 10.10.10 and it starts with the destruction of RVD. RVD’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts, RVD is making his way to the ring and wastes no time going straight after Abyss. RVD is all over Abyss kicking and punching him into the corner. RVD positions Abysses head under the bottom rope and jumps over hitting Abyss with a leg drop to the neck. RVD is outside the ring and gets himself a steel chair. Abyss is in the corner; RVD runs towards him and kicks the steel chair right into the face of Abyss. Abyss roles outside, RVD follows over the top rope landing on Abyss, both me are down outside the ring. Abyss is up first and grabs the barbed wire board and puts it in the ring. Both men are back in the ring.  RVD has the advantage and rams the barbed wire board into the face of Abyss, ouch!! RVD goes for the rolling thunder but misses and lands directly on to barbed wire board. Abyss is now back outside the ring and has another barbed wire board, he positions the board on top of the barrier and the ring. RVD has followed Abyss outside and has a trash can lid in hand, whack! He hits Abyss in the head with the lid. Abyss is position on the barbed wire board that is balancing on the barrier and the ring, RVD is back in the ring and hits the rolling thunder through the ropes and lands directly on Abyss. Both men are down again but RVD makes it to his feet first followed by Abyss, both role back into the ring. Abyss picks up a chair spin kick by RVD knocks the chair back into the face of Abyss knocking him to the corner. RVD has the chair and is ready to go coast to coast. Abyss is up before he can execute the move and smacks RVD with the steel chair knocking RVD out the ring onto the barbed wire board. Abyss roles RVD back into the ring picks him up and prepares to slam RVD on to the barbed wire board that’s still in the ring. RVD manages to reverse and Abyss again finds himself face first on to the barbed wire board. RVD drags Abyss to the corner, places the barbed wire board on top of Abyss and goes again for coast to coast, hits it and the crowd goes nuts! RVD is on the top, 5 start frog splash misses as Abyss moves out of the way. Abyss roles out of the ring and his heading towards the announce table and Janice, he has it and is back in the ring. RVD is up, Abyss swings Janice at RVD’s head, misses and RVD smacks him in the head with the steel chair. Abyss is down, RVD is heading to the corner, hesitates and we see why. RVD picks up Janice, Abyss is up and RVD swings and hits Abyss in the stomach with Janice! Blood shoots out of Abysses mouth as he hits the ground. RVD climbs the top rope, 5 star frog slash 1 – 2 – 3 RVD wins, is that the last we’ll see of Abyss??

Winner by pin fall = RVD

I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of either of these two but have to say I really enjoyed this match. Is this the end of Abyss, I think we all have our thoughts on this one so we’ll see.

We’re now shown a promo video for the Sting, Nash & Pope against Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe.

Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope Vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe Handicap match.

Stings music hits and here they come, Sting is leading followed by Nash and the Pope. From what we hear this may very well be the last match in TNA for Kevin Nash.

Next out is Jeff Jarrett who makes his way to the ring. Now for the Samoan submission machine Samoa Joe.

Pope and Joe start things off, Joe takes control early with a belly to belly suplex followed up with pistol like punches to the head of the Pope. Pope fights back but in vain as Joe kicks him to the mid section. Pope makes the tag and in comes Sting, Sting circles Joe and turns and hits Jarrett knocking him off the apron. Joe see’s the opening and attacks Sting. Sting fights back and has Joe in the corner, Sting goes for the stinger splash but Joe has the move well scouted and moves leaving Sting to land body first into the corner. Sting heads outside and Joe follows, Joes continues to work on Sting until Nash steps in and hits Joe with a big boot, Joes down (that looked like it hurt) Back in the ring now and Sting tags in Nash, Nash pounds on Joe and follows up with several knees to the ribs of Joe who stuck in the corner. Nash tags in the Pope, big elbow by the Pope and goes for the cover Joe kicks out on the count of 2. The Pope tags in Sting, double team coming from Sting and Pope but Joe ducks underneath and retaliates with a double clothesline of his own, Sting and Joe are down giving Joe the opportunity to make the tag. Jeff’s hands out stretched for the tag, Joe goes for the tag but Jeff steps off the apron and is walking away! Joe is furious as Jeff heads up the ramp leaving Joe alone in the ring. Joe has to turnaround as standing behind him is Sting, Nash and the Pope. Joes see them and Nash tells Joe “we told you” Joe is livid and runs straight at all three of them but it’s too much for Joe who finds himself in a Jack-knife power bomb delivered by Nash (possibly for the last time) Nash with the cover 1 -2 -3 this one’s over.

Winner by pin fall = Kevin Nash, Sting & the Pope

Surprised by the actions of Jeff Jarrett but all I can say to Jeff is “Joes gonna kill you!!”

Christie is backstage with Mr Anderson who appears to be very upset with Kurt Angle for hitting him with a low blow last week hurting not just the left but the right delicate are which as Anderson states to Christie “really hurt” Anderson goes on to apologise the Angle family for having to retire Kurt this evening but tells Kurt that he put himself into this position.

Back to the ring and Team 3D’s music hits, time for their big announcement.

Brother Ray has the mic, in Feb 1996 they made a promise to themselves that they would become the greatest tag team in the history of the wrestling business and after winning 23 tag team championships they feel they have come to the end of the road. They will not just have one last match they want one last match against the best in the tag team division which right now happens to be the Motor City Machine Guns. They have issued a challenge for their last match to the guns and vow to leave the 24 time world tag team champions.

EV2.0 Vs. Fortune in a Lethal Lockdown match

EV2 make their way to the ring led by Mick Foley. Team consists on Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Stevie Richards, Sabu and Raven. Now here comes Fortune led to the ring by the Nature Boy Rick Flair. Fortune team as follows, AJ Styles, Beer Money, Matt Morgan and Kazarian.

Both teams are at ring side standing outside of the steel cage when Foley and Flair collide and both men are at each other with Foley all over Flair. The referee steps in and gain control telling both teams to send in the first participants. Looks like Richards is in for EV2 and Kaz for Fortune. The door is shut behind them and this one’s under way with a new entrant coming in every two minutes and once all members are in the top will be lowered full to the brim with weapons. The match is now underway and Kaz takes the early lead over Richards, two minutes gone and now the advantage for Fortune can begin. Next in is AJ Styles with a drop kick to Richards, now the double teaming is underway and Richards is in trouble. AJ goes for the figure four leg lock and Kaz holds down Richards arms adding extra pressure. Two minutes is up and in comes Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer evens the numbers for his team heading straight for AJ. Pump handle suplex nicely executed by Dreamer puts AJ flat on the mat. Now a chance for a double team for EV2 but two minutes is up and here comes Robert Roode. Now it’s three on two and the advantage is back with Fortune. Dreamer is in trouble as AJ smashes him face first into the steel cage, Dreamer is cut open and Flair is using the camera hole in the cage to punch dreamer. Two minutes up and next in is Sabu, Sabu cleans house and puts AJ in a camel clutch. AJ looks in real pain, EV2 seem to be in control again. Two minutes up and in comes James Storm and the tides turn once more and Fortune play the advantage card. Next in is Raven who like Sabu is cleaning house. Matt Morgan is pacing on the outside and two minutes is up and he’s in and takes out every member of EV2! Morgan has Sabu, power bomb straight into the side of the cage!! That could be Sabu out of this match. Two minutes up and the last man is on him way in. Rhino enters and the roof is lowered. Now the real fun begins. Roode has a kendo stick and smashes it across the head of Richards. Morgan goes for the carbon footprint on Dreamer who moves and Morgans leg hits the cage door. Kaz is then thrown through the door. Richards follows and the two make their way to the top of the cage where there are ladders, tables and chairs waiting to be played with. Both men make it to the top but Kaz is first and attempt to throw Richards off the top, both men are in a real dangerous position up there. Richards fights him off and sets up the ladder and the table. Kaz regains control and from nowhere comes Brian Kendrick who climbs the ladder and puts Kaz straight through the table! Down in the ring we see Dreamer deliver his finisher to AJ and goes for the cover 1 – 2 – 3 EV2.0 get the victory!

Winners by pin fall = EV2.0

A typical Lethal Lock Down match with little excitement for me, the action on top had to be the highlight of that one. Would rather have see a Flair/Foley rematch.

Back stage Christie is with Kurt Angle who looks like he’s focussed on the match ahead and not chatting with Christie. Christie asks Kurt how he feels now about the pressure he has put on himself going into this match and Kurt just responds with he doesn’t have much to say as he’s focussed on his match but promises he will become the new TNA world heavyweight champion! Kurt end the interview by stating “Hogan, this one’s for you”

Now the Video package for the main event, where still waiting for the unveiling of who “THEY” are.

Jeff Hardy Vs. Mr Anderson Vs. Kurt Angle  for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

This is the big one and first to make his way to the ring is the charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy. Jeff comes out to a great reaction from the creatures of the night.

Next out is Mr Anderson who treats us to his normal entrance by grabbing the mic and announcing himself, is there anyone better on the mic these days then Mr Anderson?

Only one man left, Kurt Angle! Kurt makes his way to the ring and looks very focussed indeed.

All three men are now in the ring and this one’s underway. Jeff starts the action with a nasty kick to the side on Anderson’s leg Kurt joins in and goes after Anderson. Angle charges Anderson but Anderson moves and Angle ends up outside the ring. In the ring Anderson has Jeff down and is going for a pin, Angle breaks the pin at 2. Angle now is working on Anderson’s leg followed by a suplex and Angle goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count as Jeff makes the save. Jeff has Angle in the corner now, suplex by Jeff who gets a 2 count on Angle.  Angle is up charges at Jeff who flips Angle over the top rope and Angle appears to land badly on the outside. Anderson now goes to the ropes but is tripped by Angle on the outside, Anderson roles out to go after Angle but Jeff dives over the top and takes out both Anderson and Angle. Jeff roles Angle back in to the ring. Angle gets to his feet first and kicks Jeff in the leg. suplex by Angle who goes for the pin but Jeff kicks out by the 2 count. Kurt now applies a rear choke but Jeff manages to get out of the choke and knocks Angle to the ground. Jeff climbs the ropes but Angles shoots up and belly to belly from the top rope, classic Angle. Andersons back in the ring and takes advantage of both men being down and covers Jeff who kicks out at 2. Anderson now has Jeff on the top rope, looks like he’s going for a German suplex but Angle is up and German suplexes both men from the top rope! Angle now hits Anderson with three German suplexes followed by three more suplexes to Jeff Hardy. Straps are off for Angle who looks like he’s ready to end this match. Kurt goes to Jeff and hooks the in ankle lock, Jeff is struggling but Anderson makes the save. Angles not done as he hooks both men in a double ankle lock, Angle could win this thing right here! Jeff and Anderson break the hold and send Kurt tumbling. Angle heads to the top but Anderson cuts him off and slams Angle from the top rope. Anderson goes for the pin but Angle kicks out at 2. Jeff now sees an opportunity and goes for twist of fate but Angle moves and Angle hits Jeff with the Angle slam and goes for the pin, Jeff kicks out on 2. Angle goes back to the Ankle lock on Jeff but he kicks out early knocking Angle into Anderson who hits Angle with the mic check and into the pin, Angle out on the count of 2. Both men are now up and collide in the middle of the ring the ref is caught and goes down to. Angle and Anderson are down in the ring Jeff is down on the outside. What’s this Eric Bischoff is on his way to the ring steel chair in hand. He enters the ring and looks as if he’s about to hit either Angle or Anderson. Its Hogan’s music! Hogan is in the building and the crowd goes ballistic. Bischoff looks horrified and there he is, Hogan is slowly making his way on crutches with two aids by his side to the ring. Hogan is confronting Bischoff, Jeff is back in the ring and has got in between the two of them. Hogan passes one of his crutches to Jeff who looks as if he’s going to hit Bischoff. Angle is getting two his feet but SMACK! JEFF HARDY just hit Angle with the crutch! Hogan and Bischoff and smiling and Jeff goes for the cover 1 – 2 – 3 JEFF HARDY IS THE NEW TNA CHAMPION!! Hardy has just turned heel. Now what, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss are running to the ring and hugging Hogan and Bischoff, I guess we now know who “THEY” are! Hogan has done it again and Dixie Carter looks stunned at what she’s just witnessed. RVD is on his way to the ring, he’s heading straight for Jeff and is asking him what the hell he’s doing. Jeff responds by smacking RVD in the head with the title belt much to the delight of Hulk Hogan.

Winner by pin fall = and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy.

Well I’m not sure if Hogan/Bischoff turning out to be “THEY” was too much of a shock but I never thought Hardy would turn and the Jeff Jarrett twist was equally as surprising. I really enjoyed the main event but this now spells an absence for Kurt Angle which is a loss but it’ll be very interesting to see how this all unfolds in the weeks to come.


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  1. TheHardySupport says:

    Awesome ppv, didn’t see the hardy turn coming at all, great ending. Interested to see where this goes though, was a bit shocked at Fourtune joining up with IMMORTAL on impact last night, would have liked to see both groups feud

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