TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 16/10/2010

TNA iMPACT! Report 16/10/2010

TNA iMPACT! - THEY Have Arrived

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 16/10/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“THEY Have Arrived“

Saturday 16/10/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 14/10/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

– What? You weren’t expecting to see me here? Yes me neither but Steven is unfortunately out of town this week and unable to catch iMPACT! and so just like that, for one night only, the boss is back in the hotseat with the iMPACT! report. And what a show to make my return, tonight the fallout from Bound For Glory 2010, will we finally get the answer to WHY JEFF WHY? Will RVD get his title shot? Will there be further twists in this tale? Read on to find out…

– We see a great video package recapping the shocking events that occurred at the conclusion of Bound For Glory, Hardy has sold his soul to the devil but has become TNA World Heaveyweight Champion in the process.

– We are TAPED from the TNA iMPACT! Zone in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

– Mike Tenay and Taz are our hosts.

– We see Bischoff talking with Dixie’s lawyer. He says Eric has Dixie sign something different last week, and Eric says that’s a big accusation. Eric says she signed them on TV, LIVE, so they can fight it out in court if he wants. Eric says the building and show are his, and he is trespassing and he has to leave.

– Hogan’s music hits and he comes to the ring on crutches with Bischoff. Hogan takes time to air guitar on his crutches, and then resumes his way to the ring. Bischoff now introduces his mentor, his brother, and the man that made this industry famous, Hulk Hogan. Hogan asks where that NO GOOD Dixie Carter is. He welcomes us to HIS company, and says that it was enough of the GAGA, and they decided to take what is theirs. Bischoff shadow boxes as Hogan says that they tried to do things the easy way, but Dixie didn’t want to do it that way. Hogan was conned here by Dixie, and since she didn’t want to do it the easy way, he took what was promised to him. This is the company of Hollywood Hogan’s Immortals. And TNA will now live forever. Bischoff says what they did was a hostile takeover, but more importantly a work of art. It was beautiful, and no one saw it coming. Bischoff wants to walk us through the plan. It started with Abyss. Hogan cared for him and passed the torch, but then he turned on Hulk. And it made sense for them. Bischoff brings out Abyss, a member of TEAM HOGAN.

Abyss makes his way to the ring, they hug as Hogan calls him his son. Abyss says that THEY ARE HERE. For months, he said that on 10.10.10, they would arrive to take control of TNA. And all of the sheep didn’t believe him. WE are in control of TNA he says. He is their soldier, and follows their orders, and will destroy anything or one that stands in their way. Hogan says it is his destiny, now that he is his, he will live forever, because he is now immortal. Bischoff says he couldn’t have done it without another, someone he didn’t see eye to eye with, but he is cut from the same cloth, and he is Jeff Jarrett.

– Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring, and the crowd does not approve of him. They all hug, and Jarrett grabs the mic. He says it felt horrible when Dixie Carter took his company that he started, he founded, right away from him. She used daddy’s money to do it. It has been a pleasure to work with Bischoff and Hogan, because they gave the Carter’s what they deserved. Now everyone has to play by their rules, the new regime.

– WOAH! Wait a second, Fourtune’s music hits and Ric Flair and the rest of Fourtune make their way out now. Flair says that he knows Hogan has watched the show, but if he didn’t know, FOURTUNE runs TNA. The heart and soul of TNA. For 25-years he hated Hogan, and nothing has changed, and tonight, either Hogan walks away or Flair does. The crowd solidly chanting Fourtune! Fourtune! this is great….Flair and Hogan face off…and then hug! NO WAY!! Bischoff shakes hands with Fourtune, and Flair and Hogan bow to each other. Bischoff says this is 25-years in the making, they are united. Bischoff says Carter brought in garbage to compare to them and that was an insult. Hogan says it is destiny, and the greatest wrestler, Ric Flair was meant to make the plan work. Flair says he loves him, and Hogan asks more than his five ex-wives. WOOOOO!

– Bischoff now brings out the new TNA Champion, Jeff Hardy. Hardy shakes with Hulk, and grabs the mic. YOU SOLD OUT chants. Hardy says he sold IN. And popularity means nothing to him. he blames the fans for his pain and greed. He suffered for years, and these guys care about him and his future. RVD is like an asshole, just another ass kisser. Jeff never played that game and never will. He says RVD wants to know what the deal is, and HE is the reason Abyss took him out, and that was because RVD had to be removed. This is greatness, this is immortal, and they will live forever. We see Sting and Nash watching backstage, and Bischoff invites them to the ring to join the party, because they love them. Bischoff and Hogan wants to complete the picture, they will forgive and forget, they have room at the table. Sting and Nash walk.

– Back from commercial and we see Dixie arriving with security, she is scarred.

– Nash and Sting have come to the ring. WHY DID NO ONE LISTEN TO THEM? Bischoff says that this is over the top, but this is business and about money. They have been down this road before, and they are willing to put it all behind them and they want them on the team, they need them. They are welcomed to join them. Nash says that this is almost a perfect fit for him, because his career has been about money, he didn’t care about others and took from everyone. But he got older, he got wiser. The bible says that gray hair is a sign of wisdom, and with that came compassion. The guys in the back, that he would have taken from in the past, are now his friends. They are his family, so he will pass on the money, and he wants nothing to do with them. If they want to run TNA into the ground, they can do it without him. Sting says he came to TNA, but not for this. He loved TNA. Five years later, and he has sacrificed his body because he loves TNA. But this right here, this is a no win situation, and he will not repeat history, so his answer is no. Sting and Nash leave the ring. Bischoff asks if they are nuts and says it is always about money and power. If they change their mind, they will be on TV kicking ass and making money while they sit at home getting fat.

– Tenay and Taz reflect on what has happened.

– TO THE BACK and The Pope is here to talk with Nash and Sting. He wants to know why they are walking out. Nash says to leave with them, but Pope says Nash said to never walk away. Pope is getting paid and making money, so he will take on the cause and fight the fight.

– Dixie now says not to leave her. Sting asks what choice did she leave her? Sting says they warned her, and she says she would have listened, but they walk away.

– Bischoff and Hogan walk up and Dixie slaps Eric! She says they stole the company and lied to her. Hulk says that if she wants to talk, they can, in his office.

– Back from commercial and Hulk and Eric meets with Dixie. Hulk says that he screwed he rout of TNA, because she said he would be happy and change wrestling. Hogan always gets the attention, but Dixie never talked with him. He says that she plays while he wanted to work. She says they will not get away with it, as Hogan says it is HIS company. She never trusted Eric, and Hulk says this is his office, and he has had enough. Dixie tells security to remove them, and Hulk tells her to shut up. Hulk says the security works for HIM, and he tells them to remove the trash, and they do!

– Back from commercial and we see JWoWW ARRIVE!

– Taz and Tenay discuss the Dixie Carter situation, and the fact that she is gone.

– Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring. She say son Sunday was supposed to be the biggest night in wrestling. She had a plan, and the plan was her winning the title for the third time. But that didn’t happen, because Tara won the title. The same woman who has her to thank for having a job in TNA. So she demands she comes to the ring, and give her what she deserves, a Knockout Title match.

– Tara makes her way to the ring. Rayne says that she gave Tara her job back, and if it weren’t for her, Tara would never have been in the match. She says Tara owes her. They had a deal, so do the right thing Tara.

Match 1: Knockouts Title Match: Tara © vs. Madison Rayne

Finally, some WRESTLING!!! The bell rings, Rayne says to do the right thing, Tara lays down, and Rayne pins her to win the title….ok scratch that, maybe that wasn’t wrestling.

Winner: AND NEW CHAMPION Madison Rayne @ :10 via Pin

– Rayne celebrates like she won the hardest match of her life. She says that she did it, look mom, she did it! She’s a bit winded, and says that Tara fought a hard match.

– HARDCORE COUNTRY!!! YES!! Mickie James makes her way to the ring. Mickie says REALLY? You call yourself a champion? She finds this whole thing disgraceful. How DARE you, and shut your mouth when she talks! She says Madison made a mockery of things, and since she is here to make history, why not right now. Mickie heads to the ring, and Madison tells Tara to attack. Mickie and Tara brawl, side kick by Mickie and Tara to the floor. Madison bails.

– We see the Beautiful People backstage and JWoWW arrives looking for Cookie. She is looking for a bitch named Cookie, and they will have her back.

– Back from commercial, JWoWW and the Beautiful People look for Cookie. They find Eric Young, who gets very excited. He wants BOW WOW to give him some Herbie Handcock. He then asks if he is a gorilla. Orlando Jordan arrives and introduces him to Miss Woww. He offers her some lollipop, and she takes it and drops it.

– Kurt Angle is here, and comes out unexpectedly to no music. He came out here tonight, a little late and uninvited, but before he officially makes his statement of retirement, he has some things to say. PLEASE DON’T GO CHANTS. Angle says he appreciates the thought, but he is a man of his word. For the last 6-months he busted his ass, and at Bound For Glory, he gave all he had. Dislocate dribs, reinjured neck, stitches in his eye, and what he wants to know is why Hogan and Bischoff screwed him. he doesn’t expect them to come out, but if he will state his retirement, he needs answers. He didn’t win the title, but he didn’t get pinned. So, he is in a dilemma.

JJ makes his way to the ring. He says there is no dilemma. He says that Angle said if he didn’t win the title, he wouldn’t wrestle anymore, so it is simple. He never heard Angle say pinned or screwed. So out of all people, is Angle out here making excuses? He then takes a shot, calling Angle an ex-husband. KICK HIS ASS CHANT. JJ say she will never forget how he made his life hell. He brought Angle into TNA, and JJ says he vowed to turn the tide, at any cost. Angle say she can have THAT BITCH, and asks how he made JJ’s life hell? By putting TNA on the map? By talking up TNA? By teaching the rookies everything he knows? Is that it? Or is it the fact, that when he came in, that it wasn’t about JJ? How many titles did JJ have before he came? Angle says JJ held everyone down, but he could never hold Angle down. JJ says to shut up, and that it has to do with taking back what is JJ’s/ Partnering with Hogan and Eric was the golden ticket, he sold his soul. He took everything from Angle, and taking his career was the final nail in the coffin. Angle leaves the ring and SECURITY ATTACKS ANGLE! They lay him out and cuff him. JJ lays the boots to him, security holds Angle and JJ beats him down. He then tosses him into the stage, and says he will destroy him. JJ then attacks again and Taz leaves the announce table and tells him to back off. Taz says JJ went too far.

– We see a replay of the Jarrett attack on Angle.

– We see video of Samoa Joe in Daytona Beach. He made a mistake trusting JJ. He said he was set to fight the fight, and he was chosen for a reason, for a purpose. To destroy JJ’s enemies. And now he is looking for JJ.

Match 2: Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

Joe walks with purpose, and charges Abyss and we’re underway. Joe puts the ass beating on Abyss, enziguri follows and then some face washes. Off the ropes and the running kick and senton follows. Crowd loves Joe here. Rights to Abyss, but Abyss fights back, chokeslam connects. Abyss now goes to the floor, gets a chair and Joe connects with the elbow suicide dive! Abyss grabs the ring bell and LEVELS JOE and that’s a DQ.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 2:00 via DQ

– Joe is busted open and Abyss continues his attack. He roll shim back into the ring, and continues his attack. RVD makes the save. Security checks on Joe, and he shoves them away. Joe stares down RVD, and leaves. RVD gets a mic and calls out Jeff Hardy. He wants to clear the air, and says Hardy owes he and all the fans an explanation. Hardy had his trust, respect and support, but now, he has his focus. Hardy backstage says friendship is an illusion. He devoured RVD, and Abyss carved him up. He chewed him up and spit him out. Hardy says some call him the new anti-Christ of pro wrestling. Eric Bischoff is out now. Bischoff says that he has a solution. If RVD wants a title shot at Turning Point, he can have it, if he beats Mr. Anderson in the main event. The winner gets Hardy for the title at Turning Point. RVD agrees. Bischoff tells him to settle down.

– Backstage, Bischoff talks with Miss Tessmacher. He hits on her, and says they will see what comes up. Bischoff then calls her easy, and says Nash and Pope know how easy she is. He calls her a bitch and says she almost cost him by sharing information. He says they are done, and if she wants to be in TNA, find some boots and tights, and shake her ass with the knockouts. Now take your 38 DDs and be gone.

– Mr. Anderson is here, and shake‘s his hand. He never thought he would meet a douchebag like Bischoff. He squeezes his hand harder, and says Bischoff will not win the war. Great segment.

Match 3: Handicap Match – Fourtune (Williams, Storm, Roode, Styles and Kazarian) w/Morgan and Flair vs. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

Poor Pope…… Pope and Williams to begin, lock up and to the corner they go. Rights by Pope, off the ropes, shoulder block by Williams. Elbows by Pope, drops Williams and covers for 1. Kaz in, backdrop and atomic drop follows. AJ tags in, boot by Pope, to the floor, drops Flair, and then a big boot by Morgan. He and Flair beat down Pope, rolled back in and AJ covers for 2, and pulls him up. Roode tags in, Pope tries to fight back but Roode beats him down. Storm in, double suplex…



Kaz tags back in, dropkick to Pope and covers for 2. Pope battles out of the corner, Williams in and distracts the ref. AJ almost hits Kaz, and then PELES Kaz when Pope moved, Pope rolls up Kaz for 2. Beer Money in, DWI, that is all as Kaz covers.

Winners: Fourtune @ 4:00 via Pinfall

-They beat down Pope after the match. I loved how it was 5 on 1 and yet they still had to cheat to beat Pope! Nice.


The Shore, Cookie and Robbie E make their way to the ring. FIST PUMP! They get mics and Robbie E says that he heard something crazy. WHO ARE YOU? chants as he says they are on at the same time as Jersey Shore. He says sorry, because after Robbie E and Cookie debuted, no one wants to watch that show, they want to watch Robbie E and Cookie. Jersey Shore is DONE my dudes. Cookie says no more Snookie, no more Situation, and no more JCoWW.

JWoWW and The Beautiful People make their way out to the ring. She faces off with Cookie, and Cookie says look who decided to show up. She calls her a cow again, and says she may be slow, so listen close. Take your fake ass weave, fake nails and your very fake dollar store fun bags, and crawl back into the hole she came from. THIS IS HER HOUSE BITCH! Cookie slaps her, and we have a CAT FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT~! JWoWW beats her ass and that is that.

– We get a recap of the JWoWW beat down for those with amnesia that obviously forgot what they just saw minutes ago.

– Tenay and Taz review the takeover of TNA.

– We see Mr. Anderson backstage.

Match 4: Number One Contenders Match – Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam

Anderson and RVD talk as the bell rings, and the crowd is split. They trade rights, chops by Anderson. Kick to the face by RVD, to the corner, shoulder blocks by RVD. A whip, blocked, and rights by Anderson. Reversal, monkey flip by RVD. Spin kick by RVD, and a cover for 2. Anderson to the floor, RVD to the apron, kicks Anderson and then RVD moonsualts onto Anderson. RVD rolls Anderson into the ring, goes up top and Anderson crotches him. Rights by Anderson, goes up, RBD fights, tosses Anderson off. RVD gets crotched again, Anderson up, and gets the superplex. BOTH men are down now, but Anderson crawls for a cover of 2. Anderson lays the boots to RVD, off the ropes and a back elbow by Anderson, and a cover for 2. Anderson with the headlock now, grounding RVD. RVD to his feet, but eats a knee and s down again. Anderson covers for 2. Anderson in control, stalks RVD, rights and boots follow in the corner. Anderson pulls RVD out, but RVD back with rights. Anderson stops that, off the ropes and a clothesline by RVD. Another, superkick connects. ROLLING THUNDER caught, RVD escapes, slams Anderson. Split legged moonsault connects and RVD covers for 2. Rights by RVD, off the ropes, Kamikaze roll by Anderson and a cover for 2. Anderson up top, ASSHOLE BOMB MISSES. RVD up top, FROG SPLASH EATS KNEES! BOTH men are down now. Here comes Eric Bischoff, joy. He tells the ref something, and he is telling the ref to leave. He leaves with him, and here comes Jeff Hardy!!! He has a chair and NAILS RVD. NAILS Anderson. Well no contest it is.

Winner: NO CONTEST @ 10:00

– Hardy puts Anderson’s arm in the chair, and then gets the TWIST OF FATE on RVD, onto the chair! Anderson rolls to the floor clutching his arm, Hardy stands tall at the end of the night.

Overall a decent show with a nice twist at the beginning. The backstage segments were great as ever, love these “ReACTION” style interviews that are now making their way onto iMPACT! Angle / Jarrett confrontation was just great tv, i could watch that all day. However the finish to the main event was a big let down and 4 matches in two hours is horrendous but overall i enjoyed the show, the ratings seem to have been great in the states so i’m sure TNA is happy but they must maintain the momentum coming out of BFG, this is obviously a hot angle and a ratings winner and now the added element of Matt Hady’s debut to look forward too down the line. Anyway guys, Steven will be back in the iMPACT! chair next week, i’ll see you guys for Xplosion on Friday! Cya Round!


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