News & Rumors Round-Up: Plans for Matt Hardy; Wolfe update; New Road Agent?, Contract status’ of Nash/Rhino plus more

Hardy Boyz reunion vs. Beer Money?

Hardy Boyz reunion vs. Beer Money?

– According to the Wrestling Observer, there has already been talk within TNA of doing a Hardy Boys vs. Beer Money feud that would elevate Robert Roode and James Storm. Apparently Matt and Jeff are very aware of this possible feud also.

– Kevin Nash is said to be at a legitimate impasse with TNA regarding his contract, which expired on Oct. 12, according to his own Twitter page. The story making the rounds backstage at the Impact tapings last week was that the company offered him a new contract at a reduced rate and he balked. 

– Rhino’s contract with TNA expires soon. He worked the house shows over the weekend, but he’s expected to finish up at or around the end of the month.

– The top three merchandise sellers in the company right now are Jeff Hardy, RVD and Mr. Anderson.

– During his time off Desmond Wolfe has being doing stand up comedy in the Tampa / Orlando area.

– Samoa Joe only worked 30 second matches with Jeff Jarrett on the most recent house shows because of a stomach virus.

– There has been talk of Ricky Morton coming in as a Road Agent.

– Eric Young was said to be the most over talent at the recent house show loop.

– TNA House Show attendance figures courtesy of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
* 10/14 in Rockford, Illinois: 700 fans.
* 10/15 in Racine, Wisconsin: 700 fans.
* 10/16 in Dubuque, Iowa: 850 fans.
* 10/17 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (suburb of Chicago): 900 fans (slightly more than what ROH drew the night before in Chicago Ridge with 730 fans).

– According to the Wrestling Observer, Mickie James’ TNA theme song, which has been described as “Hardcore Country,” was recorded by both the former WWE Women’s Champion and Dixie Carter’s husband Serg Salinas.


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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