TNA star Desmond Wolfe to retire?

Desmond Wolfe

Desmond Wolfe

TNA star Desmond Wolfe to retire?

By Steven Coney

TNA star Desmond Wolfe is currently out of action for a few months but is his injury worse than first feared? Wolfe, 32, hasn’t been seen since the August 26th edition of iMPACT! in which he and fellow Brit Magnus’ tag team was finally given a name; London Brawling. The pair were scheduled to face the Motor City Machine Guns at No Surrender after beating Ink Inc on Xplosion.

Wolfe and Magnus were pulled from the event at the last minute and were replaced by Generation Me. TNA cited a “personal issue” had been the reason for London Brawling’s removal. It was later revealed though that Wolfe had picked up an injury and would be out for a few months.

TNA haven’t disclosed what the injury is and it has left many fans second guessing as to what it could be. Surely if it was a straight forward thing, TNA would have told the fans? Wolfe has previous in the injury department.

Back in his ROH days, under the name of Nigel McGuinness, Wolfe reported that he had sometimes felt concussed after matches and ROH fans will tell you that he took a lot of sick bumps. This was first reported in 2009 when Wolfe said the following in an interview with ScrippsNews’ Alex Marvez:

“I’m not making fun of it, but I do forget a lot of times. I remember sometimes earlier in my career where I would get into a car at night and see bright lights in the sky. After one match with Aries, I had to take the next night off and for a good week or so I couldn’t walk without stumbling.

The weird thing is you don’t know how many you can take before you suffer serious, permanent damage.

It’s something I need to worry about. Unfortunately in this business, there’s only so much you can do.”

Wolfe could well be suffering from the same injuries yet again and if so, he could be thinking about bringing his career to an end if it turns out to be a neurological disorder. In this case it would be better for Wolfe’s health if he did call it a day.

Since coming to TNA in 2009, Wolfe has really impressed. He came into the big time off of six years experience in ROH where he held the ROH Pure and ROH World titles. Wolfe started his TNA career by feuding with Kurt Angle and the pair put on some of the best matches of the year with their “Three Degrees of Pain” match at Final Resolution being particularly enthralling.

Wolfe went on to feud with Abyss and also got a TNA World Heavyweight Championship shot at Rob Van Dam after getting voted by fans as #1 contender. That alone proves how much the fans think of him, even as a heel, Wolfe comfortably picked up the most votes on several occasions.

With Chelsea by his side, Wolfe began aligning himself with Ric Flair and was a part of Team Flair at Lockdown. He was then included in the original Fortune line-up but was later dropped from the group and teamed up with Magnus to form London Brawling.

Wolfe would be hugely missed in TNA if he was to retire; he has the potential to be a main eventer for years to come. As shown particularly in the Angle feud, Wolfe possesses a unique and impressive move set as well as brilliant mic skills. Very rarely do wrestlers come across as well as Wolfe does and everything he says seems genuine and improvised.

Fans must realise that Wolfe has put the squared circle first for many years, but it might be time for him to put his own health in front of wrestling.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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