TNA Xplosion – Friday 22/10/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 22/10/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Broadcast Friday 22/10/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

Welcome my unfortunate readers! Its that time again, its’s time for the weekly Xplosion report. Usually i’ll say something and witty and sarcastic about having to cover what is mostly a recap show but today i just can’t – TNA have really treated us this week with what is possibly the best episode of Xplosion in a long time. Tonight TNA’s newest knockout Mickie James, makes her in ring debut against Sarita, and in our Main Event we have Jay Lethal putting his X-Division Title on the line against three time former champion – The Amazing Red!We open with the kickass Xplosion intro video which has been updated slightly now featuring footage from Bound For Glory and Jeff Hardy’s heel turn etc. this is a great and much needed given the fact that so many cards have been reshuffled in this new post-Bound for Glory season.

We join the “Human Suplex Machine” Taz and Jeremy Borash at the announce desk as we are welcomed to the show. JB and Taz discuss the fact that they are still reeling from the events of Bound For Glory and tonight we’ll get a chance to see just how that went down and the fallout last week on iMPACT! As well as that though tonight we’ll see Mickie James make her in-ring TNA debut as she takes on Sarita and in our Main Event Jay Lethal defends his X-Division title against the Amazing Red.

With that we join Mickie James in the back for a ReACTION/Docu-style interview. Mickie loves the various different styles and different characters in the Knockouts division, says its a challenge which she isn’t used to – an obvious knock at WWE there! Her goal is obviously to be the Knockouts champion and that starts tonight, whilst she thinks Sarita is amazing and very innovative, the story starts here for Mickie James!

Match 1: Sarita vs. Mickie James

  • Nice we are going to Open with a match, love this new format to Xplosion.
  • HARDCORE COUNTRY!! I just love Mickie’s theme tune.
  • Bit over the top with the gestures to the crowd though, gees Mickie
  • Big let’s go Mickie chant from the crowd.
  • Taz want’s to know where else you can see a hot country girl and a hot Mexican girl together…..pretty sure i’ve seen something like that on the internet but that’s another story!!
  • By the way, the Ref tonight, the esteemed (and clinically Blind according to Eric Young!) Mr. Andrew Thomas
  • Arm drag takeover from Mickie
  • Pin attempt for a two count
  • Sarita takes control with some elbow and locks in an arm bar.
  • Mickie attempts to spin out but has her legs taken out from below her by a kick from Sarita.
  • Mickie flips out and sends Sarita flying with an armdrag of doom!
  • Crowd really behind Mickie James here, big response.
  • Headlock from Mickie
  • Off the ropes as Mickie hits a nice shoulder block
  • Sarita back on top as she takes Mickie to the mat violently with a hair pull
  • Some dancing from Sarita, then she lays in the boots to Mickie
  • Attempts a cross body block but misses
  • Mickie hits a dropkick on Sarita, sending her careening outside to the floor
  • Sarita back up but still outside, Mickie looks like she’s gearing herself up for something
  • Here she goes with an attempted dropkick to the outside, but no, Sarita catches her by the legs, but Mickie takes Sarita over with a headscissors!! Nice
  • Mickie attempts a follow up, but Sarita pulls her into the steel steps, ouch!
  • Commercial break
  • We are back and both combatants back in the ring, Sarita in control.
  • WOW! Sarita has Mickie in a back breaker style maneuver which i cannot describe for the life of me
  • Throws herself back slamming Mickie to the mat, covers but only gets a two count.
  • Knees to the back from Sarita
  • Throws her into the turnbuckle and follows up with more kicks
  • Some lets go Mickie chants from the crowd as she kicks Sarita from the corner and begins a fight back.
  • Sarita fights back and locks that back-breaker style move on again. Mickie in pain.
  • Spins, but Mickie gets out of the maneuver into a roll up for a 1….2….no! Close one.
  • Big rights from Mickie, followed up with a flying clothesline!
  • And another!
  • And a flying forearm.
  • Sarita throws Mickie into the corner, runs at her but eats an elbow to the face and Mickie follows up with a superb head-scissors take down!
  • Mickie heads to the top as the crowd shows their approval
  • Lands on top of Sarita, Thesz-press style
  • Jumping DDT! Which Borash calls the “Mickie James DDT” so i’m guessing that’s her finish.
  • 1…2…3! Mickie wins it!
  • Winner: Mickie James
  • Great match.

TNA Rewind takes a look back, courtesy of TNA ReACTION, at the events of BFG and the fallout last week on iMPACT! as Ric Flair and Fourtune join up with Hulk Hogan’s Immortals.

Commercial Break

We are back. The combatants from tonights Main Event – Jay Lethal and The Amazing Red both join Christy Hemme in the back for their pre-match thoughts. Christy mentions that Jay is putting his title on the line tonight against one of his best friends in Red. Jay says friendship dosen’t matter tonight because you can’t share the X-Division Title. Lethal says that although Red cares just as much about the X-Division as he does, tonight the BEST man will win and that’s going to be him. Red points out that he beat Lethal for the belt in New York not so long ago, Lethal though reminds Red that he won it back shortly after in New Jersey, Amazing Red counters saying that tonight he’s going to beat Jay in front of the ENTIRE WORLD! (Well at least those parts were Xplosion is syndicated, eh Red?). Lethal says let’s go do this now, and reminds Amazing Red that his music will be first! Good interview segment.

With that it’s time for this week’s iMPACT! Player of the week who this week aptly enough is none other than JAY LETHAL!! Nice segment with Lethal’s family. Wish we got ReACTION over here so we could see the full thing.

We cut to the back where…. we see the TNA referees’ sitting on a bench in the back together looking rather glum….OH BOY! Eric Young is standing over them with his copy of the TNA Rule Book – this should be funny.  WOW! Week to Week continuity of storylines on Xplosion, even including backstage segments?? This show is getting better and better!

EY informs the refs he has took it upon himself to become head-chancellor of rules here in TNA and that’s why he assembled them here this evening. He’s read the Vintage, sole, singular copy of the rule book which he has read front to back. Says he’s not here to yell at anyone and thinks that most of them are doing a pretty good job, but in his personal opinion, Earl (Hebner) sucks! LOL! Earl looks shocked. EY informs Earl there’s no “I” in “Team” but there is a “U” in “USELESS” – LOL!

EY Moves to Earl’s son Brian, says Brian isn’t as bad as his dad but only because he isn’t as old as his dad! Informs Brian that he wants him to work on his foot work a little bit. Says he seems to get in the way all the time. By EY’s count Brian has been hit by the wrestler’s 9 weeks in a row, asks Brian what if the wrestler’s get hurt hitting him? Says they are million dollar athletes and Brian needs to think about that. God i love EY, he’s comedy gold!

Asks Andrew Thomas if he can see the letters on the rule book, Andrew can. Asks him what if he had white powder on his face having just lost a wrestling match and he told him that someone threw powder in his eyes – would he think someone did so? Andrew tries to argue but EY shouts over him and tells him that it happened, he saw it with his own eyes and he was lucky he wasn’t in charge then or he’d be issuing a fine.

Lastly he moves to TNA’s newest ref Brian Stiffler. EY says he dosen’t even know who he is or how he got in here, asks him to bring some proof of identification – lol! Informs the guys to head out and take their eye exams that he has setup for them – the ref’s leave looking dumbfounded as EY reminds Brian Hebner to work on the footwork. Great little comedy segment there!

It’s time to take it for a Spin! TNA Spin Cycle with JB, Chris Sabin, Velvet Sky, Jay Lehtal and So Cal Val. They discuss BFG 2010 and pranks – you can catch the full thing on this site aswell as over at TNAWrestling’s You Tube channel.


Match 2: X-Division Title Match – Jay Lethal (C) vs. The Amazing Red

  • Red vs Lethal in an X-Divison Title match – what is this iMPACT???!
  • Should be a good one.
  • Taz and JB talk about the title changes at the recent house shows. I love that they do this, retains the sense of “anything can happen”
  • Brian Hebner your referee for this one
  • Old school handshake to start us off
  • Lock up, Red with the armlock, Lethal spins out of it though.
  • Red with a monkey flip but Lethal lands on his feet! MEOW!
  • They trade flips and pin attempts as my fingers bleed trying to keep up!!
  • Both attempt a dropkick at the same time.
  • Flip from both and a staredown to the crowds delight. Great chemistry between these two.
  • Did i mention this really should be on iMPACT?
  • Hurricanrana from Red
  • Moonsault off the ropes from Lehtal, Red ducks but Lethal takes him down with an armdrag
  • WOW! headscissors take down from Red
  • Arm drag attempt from Lethal, but Red flips full circle around Lethal and arm drags him out of the ring. Impressive!
  • Lethal cuts off Red from the outside before he can do anything, flips over and dropkicks Red to the outside.
  • Red grabs a breather by the guardrail as Lethal comes off the rops, but Red jumps over lethal and back into the ring as Lehtal’s baseball slide meets nothing but air.
  • Large TNA! TNA! TNA! chants
  • Back in the ring, Code Red attempt fails as Red eats a dropkick to the face
  • Red off the ropes, elevation from Lethal as he lets go and Red smashes against the canvas.
  • Random Mikey Whipwreck reference from JB….
  • Pin attempt from Lethal but only a two.
  • Lethal stretching Red who is audibly refusing to give.
  • Red gets out but we don’t see how because the TNA cameraman is too busy looking at some chick in the crowd, fire that guy, fire him right now…..only kidding. (i’m not)
  • Lethal channels Ric Flair with some vicious chops
  • Springboard from Red, but he’s caught by Lethal who hits the Mic drop style move that JB informs we’ve seen many time before but yet still REFUSES TO NAME!!!
  • Two count only for Lethal, he’s going to need to give more than that.
  • Back breaker attempt from Lethal, reversed into a submission move by Red, he has Lethal’s head locked in a head scissors whilst his arms locked in an armbar, nice move.
  • Lethal escapes by ramming him into the turnbuckle.
  • Takes Red to the top
  • Lethal going for a superplex but is pushed off the top rope by Red!
  • 1….2……NO!! WOW THAT WAS CLOSE!
  • What a match!
  • Red to the top again
  • Jumps, but Lethal catches him and drops him in a sitdown powerbomb. Just WOW! I remember why i love the X-Division so much!
  • Three Count, we’re done!!
  • Winner: Jay Lethal
  • Great, Great Great Match!

Props to JB and TNA this was a helluva show, best episode in a long long time! See ya next week guys!


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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