TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 23/10/2010

TNA UK iMPACT! Report - 23/10/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Rob Van Damned"

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 23/10/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Rob Van Damned“

Saturday 23/10/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 21/10/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

– Apologies from Steven, he’s out ill this week, should be making his triumphant return next week, expect us to air a series of coded vignettes and hype videos in the coming week! 🙂

– So let’s go Ladies and Gents, it’s iMPACT! time again, as ever we are TAPED from the iMPACT! Zone in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida for two hours of the hottest wrestling action anywhere!

– Mike Tenay and Taz are our hosts.

-We get highlights of Hogan and Bischoff’s takeover of TNA, the formation of IMMORTAL and FOURTUNE joining them.

-Mr. Anderson makes his way to the ring. His arm is in a sling, due to last week’s vicious attack by Jeff Hardy. The assholes are happy to see him. He is here to beg Jeff Hardy to being his tiny testicles out of Hogan’s purse, sack them up, put his panties on and get his ass to the ring, right now. RVD makes HIS way to the ring now, he’s no Jeff Hardy. I know Jeff Hardy, and he’s no Jeff Hardy. RVD asks if he feels screwed, and then says Anderson can wait in line since he had a title taken from him he didn’t lose. Jeff appears on the screen and talks forgiveness and that we all do things wrong. He did both of them wrong. He ordered Abyss to attack RVD and beat Anderson at his own game. He asks them to forgive him, please. ERIC BISCHOFF now makes HIS way out. Bischoff says that he is glad to see them. He has an invitation to join everyone for Reaction, where he showcases how he and Hulk took over TNA. He is glad to see Anderson, and he says he feels like his injury was his fault. He didn’t give Anderson the chance to become champion months ago when he first saw potential in him. he says he is sorry, and will give Anderson a match with Kazarian, an X-Division match, an ULTIMATE X MATCH. All he has to do is survive, and grab the X to get a title shot at Jeff Hardy. Well that hardly seems fair. He then tells RVD that people want to be a part of Immortal, everyone is calling him. Tonight RVD tags up with a guy he thinks is a friend, Sabu, as they face Beer Money.

– Mickie James makes her in ring debut tonight…..which is lies because we saw her on Xplosion last night in the exact same match, your a liar Tenay, thats what you are!

– We see the new TMZ footage of Cookie on TMZ, talking about JWoWW.

– RVD goes to the EV2.0 locker room and asks who has been talking to Bischoff. They tell him to smoke another bowl and they have to be separated. Dreamer says not to let Bischoff get in his head.

– We get highlights of JWoWW’s TNA appearance last week, including some words from JWoWW and the new TMZ footage.

Match 1: Amazing Red vs. Robbie E. w/Cookie

Good to see Red still has a job. Robbie lays the boots to Red to kick things off. That wasn’t on purpose. Rights by Red, off the ropes ad a back elbow by Robbie levels him. Robbie slams Red to the corner, Red back with chops. Off the ropes, head scissors by Red. Dropkick by Red, leaping kick connects for 2. Red goes up top, leaps and gets tossed by Robbie. Fist Pump finishes it.

Winner: Robbie E

– After the match, Cookie and Robbie grab the mic. They say that they laid out Lethal’s homeboy Red, and he will do it to Lethal again then bling out the X-Division Title. Jersey’s in the house, bitches. BORING chants from the crowd.

– Earlier this week we see Pope in a strip club in Harlem. Pope says there is Pope, and there is THEY. Pope says he stayed and had to battle Fourtune, gang warfare, something he knows all about. He intends to fight, and he will start at the top, AJ Styles. So he calls AJ out and says, lets fight.

-We see video of a Foley book signing and Q&A. Brian Kendrick was there, and well, goes all Brian Kendrick with his question. Foley autographs his book, to SPANKY.

– Foutune is backstage, joking about Beer Money’s match with RVD and Sabu. Storm calls RVD “STD,” and says they are the greatest. Kaz then mocks Anderson due to his hurt arm, and AJ makes fun of the Pope. AJ accepts his challenge for a street fight, for the TV Title. They have Flair get the title for AJ, and he gets ICED. Bischoff comes in and says that in fairness to Pope, if any one in Fourtune gets involved, AJ will be stripped of the title. AJ is not happy.

– The Beautiful People do their makeup, and Miss Tessmacher is there. She says she needs help learning to wrestle and will do anything frothier help. Velvet says KISS MY ASS BITCH. Lacy says she deserves a second chance. KATIE LEA appears, and introduces herself to Angelina. She is now known as Winter, and is an admirer of Angelina and has waited a long time to meet her. She disappears before Velvet can see her.

– Back from commercial for the TV Title match.

Match 2: TNA TV TITLE Street Fight – AJ Styles © vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Pope goes old school with the slacks, no gear for the street fight. Hogan and Bischoff took away his money drop, assholes. AJ is out in jeans and a t-shirt, STREET FIGHT GEAR~! Pope tapes up his hands as AJ calls him up the ramp Pope chases and here we go! They brawl on the stage, and Pope tries to use the TV Title, AJ ducks and connects with chops. Pope slams AJ to the steps, and then catapults him into the steel post. Rights by Pope and then chokes out AJ with the tape. Into the ring they go, rights by AJ. LOW BLOW by AJ and Pope is down. AJ lays the boots to Pope, snap mare and then the dreaded FISH HOOK~! Pope fights out, rights and elbows follow. Rights by AJ, then by Pope, and Pope gets a combo that drops AJ, Pope covers for 2. AJ tosses Pope to the floor, and AJ MISSES the plancha. Clothesline by Pope levels AJ. Back into the ring, Pope fires up, and Abyss is here. He beats down Pope as AJ tells him to kill Pope. Black Hole Slam by Abyss, and AJ slaps his ass and covers Pope for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

– Fourtune comes out and celebrate, and Bischoff is there and is pleased.

– Sarita warms up and prepares for Mickie James. She says Mickie hasn’t done shit in TNA, and tonight she welcomes her to Impact.

– Pope walks backstage, and is hurting. He bumps into Joe, and asks if Joe enjoyed him getting beatdown. Joe says to adjust his tone, and doesn’t know why Pope expects him to help. Pope says he can go alone or join the team. Joe says he got NO ONES back. Pope says that this is bigger than both of them.

– Bischoff talks to Hulk on the phone, and then praises Flair. They are happy.

– Tenay and Taz talk about Bischoff and Flair being full of themselves.

– We get a Team 3D video package, highlighting their announcement at Bound for Glory and their last match against the Motor City Machineguns.

– We see Sabin throwing football backstage and Generation Me are there to cause trouble.

– Next is a video of Jarrett talking about Angle on Reaction last week and the brawl that they had. Joe then calls Jarrett stupid, and says he should have finished him when he had the chance. He’s still here MURDERING FOOLS!

– Jarrett walks, and he has regretted what he did last week, it got out of hand. It didn’t have to happen and he will apologize to Angle.

– Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring to you sold out chants. JJ asks for some quiet, because he came out to publicly apologize to Kurt Angle. He wants to apologize for humiliating Angle in front of the world. Jarrett sucks chants. If Kurt was here in the ring, he would tell him how much he deeply regrets…NOT kicking his ass more than he did. THE KING is back on top of his mountain once again. And Kurt, you are gone from TNA forever. And just like many before and many to come, he made him and he broke him. Out of the goodness of his heart, he gave Angle a job when no one wanted him. he took Angle’s dignity, pride, honor and your precious career. Samoa Joe makes HIS way out to the ring to MURDER A FOOL! Security attacks, JJ hits the floor to join in and they try to handcuff him. They do and JJ beats him down, but Joe is cuffed in front and starts to choke out Angle. Security jump sin and they go to the stage and JJ tosses him over the side. Tenay asks WHAT THE HELL has gotten into Jarrett. Tenay says he heard eight years of lets be a team and other pep talks, and now JJ turned his backs on all of TNA. JJ leaves and takes a look at Joe’s carcass. He says Joe needs some help in a very non-caring way.

– Tenay runs down what just happened in his “I do not approve” voice. Taz says Tenay got a bit emotional with Jarrett.

Match 3: Beer Money vs. Sabu and Rob Van Dam

RVD and Storm to begin. Lock up, go behind by RVD, off the ropes and a kick to the face by RVD. Monkey flip follows. Tag to Sabu, Air Sabu off of the back of RVD. Whip Storm into a spin kick from RVD, and Sabu covers for 2. Eye poke by Storm, Roode tags in, rights by Sabu. Clothesline by Sabu, slides into Roode’s legs, to the corner and a clothesline by Sabu for 2. Roode with the clothesline, Sabu falls awkwardly, and Roode slams him to the corner. Tag to Storm, rights to Sabu. Tag back to Roode, off the ropes and they were going to do a double team, but Sabu fell on his ass during the atomic drop. Knee drop by Rode and a cover for 2. Roode rakes the eyes, tag to Storm, rights to the ribs of Sabu. To the corner they go, Storm rakes the eyes. Sabu fights back with the boot and tornado DDT. Tag to Roode and RVD, RVD cleans house with kicks and clotheslines. Tosses Sabu onto Roode, standing moonsault by RVD gets 2. Slams Roode, calls for Sabu, and they get a roiling thunder, sling shot splash combo for 2. Storm breaks that up, spinebuster by Roode on RVD for 2. Storm back in, DWI try, RVD escapes, and then Storm blows beer into Roode’s face. RVD rolls up Rood efor2. Sabu has a chair and THROWS it into RVD’s face as Roode ducked. Storm tosses Sabu and Roode pins RVD for the win.


– RVD and Sabu argue after the match. EV2.0 comes out to break up the fight.

– Mickie James is on a fake bull and talking with an exaggerated southern accent about her match with Sarita.

– Bishcoff talks to Kazarian and tells him to enjoy his match tonight.

Match 4: Sarita vs. Mickie James

These two had a decent matchup on Xplosion, hopefully a repeat here tonight. Lock up, Sarita works the arm. Roll through, kip up and an arm drag by Mickie. Mickie with a block of a punch, sidekick and then the shoulder block. Counters, dropkick by Mickie and a cover for 2. Go behind, and Sarita takes Mickie down. Lays the boots to her, runs up tot the top and MISSES the cross body. Mickie dropkicks Sarita to the floor. Mickie slides into a head scissors, but then Sarita pulls her into the steps. Back into the ring we go, and Sarita covers for 2. Sarita drops the knees to the ribs, rights by Mickie as she comes back. More boots by Sarita, chokes out Mickie and then slams her to the corner. Sarita with the lucha rack, spins, and Mickie rolls her up for 2. Clothesline by Mickie, another, back elbow lands. Back elbow by Mickie, head scissors on Sarita. Mickie goes up top, Thesz press connects, and then the Mick Kick and that is all.

Winner: Mickie James

– Tara attacks after the match. She beats Mickie down, goes for the widow’s peak and it connects! Tara leaves Mickie laid out in the ring.

– Mr. Anderson talks about his Ultimate X match with Kazarian. It doesn’t matter that he is injured. Death, taxes and the fact that he will whoop the shit of Jeff Hardy are the only things certain in life.

– Mickie is pissed and is going to see Hogan and Bischoff. Tara is playing games with the wrong girl.

– Fourtune attacks Mr. Anderson backstage. They then carry him to the stage and beat him down more. They leave him laying on the stage. Kaz’s music hits, and he is SHOCKED about what just happened. SHOCKED I say.

Match 5: Ultimate X Match – Mr. Anderson vs. Kazarian

Kaz tells the ref to ring the bell and he does. He climbs, goes across the cables, but Anderson is in and pulls Kaz down. He fights back with one arm, drops elbows and goes to the floor. Baseball slide dropkick by Kaz, and we head to a commercial @ 1:00.

Back from commercial @ 5:00 as Anderson tries to stop Kaz from climbing. Kaz kicks him down, goes across the cables, but Anderson is able to swing him off. Anderson looks to climb, but he falls due to his injured arm. Kaz back in, lays in kicks to the arm of Anderson and then the hammerlock slam. Anderson manages to get a jawbreaker, rights follow. Anderson sidesteps Kaz, but then gets stun gunned off of the top rope. Kaz leaps onto the cables, Anderson tries to stop him, and pulls Kaz down into the mic check! Anderson to the floor and grabs a ladder. Lets forget that for years the ladder has been illegal in the Ultimate X match. He sets up the ladder, climbs, but here comes Fourtune. Morgan gets a sitout powerbomb on Anderson and then they toss out the ladder. Kaz on Morgan’s shoulders and gets the X to win.

Winner: Kazarian

– Fourtune celebrates, but Anderson gets a steel pipe and lays out Williams and Morgan. Jeff Hardy hits the ring with a chair and NAILS Anderson in the back, he hit his head, and that is where Anderson gets busted open badly. Jeff gets the ladder, lays Anderson’s arm in it and BEATS IT with the chair!

– Hardy poses.

– Bischoff and Flair are proud of themselves. They leave the building and get into a limo. They are going clubbing. KURT F*N ANGLE appears in a sling with a pipe and breaks out the back window! YES! Security is here to save Bischoff and Flair. They are not pleased, and tell security to call the cops to arrest Angle.

Solid show. Great ending. Their really turning up the Heel heat, Turning Point will not have a happy ending either if their smart about this. They need to get it to the point were people are just begging for someone to kick Immortal’s ass, hopefully then they can have Sting return and lead a face faction up against them and eventually persuade AJ Styles to change sides and be the one to finally topple Hardy.

Anyway i’m babbling again, thanks for reading, I’M OUT!


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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