The Good, The Bad, The TNA 26/10/2010

By David Bunning

Welcome to the latest entry of The Good, The Bad, The TNA.

Bound for Glory has been and gone and we are heading in to Turning Point.

What Happened to the X-Division?

It was once the cornerstone TNA and what people tuned in to watch. Now it’s no more than what the WWE cruiserweight belt was before they got rid of it.

So what has happened to the X-division?

Clearly it seems that TNA has gone down the route of pushing the heavyweights and ex WWE stars. This is a real shame because the X-Division used to set TNA apart from the rest. 2007 was a fine year for this and if you haven’t seen it I recommend you find matches from that year! During that year you had guys like Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles tearing it up. Now the title doesn’t mean much and is hardly contested in any storylines.

The old saying for the X-Division was “It’s not about weight limits, it’s about no limits!”

The X-Division was the main focal point during 2007 even headling two PPV’s. Now you don’t see it go more than five minutes at the start of impact or hotshotted around on house shows!

To me TNA doesn’t want to risk pushing the X-Division. Could this be because they’re worried they may out shine or more importantly out draw the older wrestlers on the roster?

I really hope the management at TNA see sense and realise if they truly want to be different from WWE and have a chance at beating them in the ratings they need to push the X-Division and let it shine on the biggest stage.

Matt Hardy to TNA?

As we all know by now that Matt Hardy is done with WWE. I think in less than 90 days now he will be in TNA. I’m not sure how he would come into the roster. Would he align with his brother and Immortal or would he be against him?

Only time will tell but I will admit I can’t wait for a Hardy Boys reunion

Who Are “They”? They Are Immortal

10.10.2010 came about and we finally found out who “they” were.


Hulk Hogan

Eric Bischoff

Jeff Jarrett

And Jeff Hardy

I have to admit when I first saw the list of names I wasn’t impressed with TNA but after watching Impact it changed my mind. I really like the dynamic of the group and Jeff Hardy is what makes it so good. I think it’s because I never expected him to turn into a heel. I quite like the added dimension of Fortune and how Kevin Nash and Sting are leaving TNA because of it all. I also like how Pope is having his one man war against them with a little bit of help from Samoa Joe.

I’m looking forward to how this storyline plays out in the coming weeks.

Wrestler of the Week: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy gets my wrestler of the week award. His performance since turning into a heel has been the best I’ve seen from Jeff in couple of years. Even better than when he was main eventing WWE. I look forward to the next coming weeks and how he develops his role and to see how it works out for him.

Big Sexy” Kevin Nash done with TNA?

Kevin Nash was on recently explaining that his contract with TNA has expired. I hope Kevin Nash and TNA can agree some kind of deal because I like Kevin and he is very good on the mic which can only be a good thing for TNA.

Team 3D To Retire at Turning Point

Team 3D have announced that Turning Point will be their last appearance for TNA and they are going to have one last shot at the Tag Team Championship.

I hope that they pick up the win and get the send off they deserve.

They are one of the best tag teams ever to have wrestled.

That’s it for this week. Please Follow me on Twitter @TNAUKdave

Your next instalment comes in two weeks time.



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