The Good, The Bad, The TNA-Tag Team Wrestling

By David Bunning

Motor City Machine Guns

Motor City Machine Guns

Here is something for you guys to read over the weekend. Enjoy!!!

Tag Team Wrestling

Many fans of TNA see the X-division as what sets it apart from WWE and other companies but I feel it’s shifted towards Tag Team Wrestling. The standard of tag team wrestling in TNA is something phenomenal. The core teams you have are:

Ink Inc, Beer Money, GenMe, MCMG, London Brawling, Team 3D

You look at these guys and some of matches they have had lately have been of 5 star quality. If you don’t believe me please go and watch the 5 Match Series between MCMG and Beer Money. I will even set you a challenge to find me one tag team match in WWE that was better than one of them matches. I will be surprised!

Now we have MCMG tearing it up with GenMe who since turning heel have actually got a personality about them. The future for these two teams looks very bright.

TNA is very blessed with having such a good TT division with a good mix of young blood and some excellent veterans. I feel that TNA will miss Team 3D when they’re gone but I do hope they stay around in some kind of backstage role and that TNA does the right thing and gives them the win at Turning Point.

I look forward to what TNA can make in the coming months of the Tag Division and I hope some new teams can enter the fray and make their mark. The team I feel is going to be the big player next year is Ink Inc. They have a unique look about them and Shannon Moore is very good in the ring and solid on the mic. Jesse Neal is also improving and looks like he could be a monster!

My main concern with TNA is that they won’t want the TT Division to outshine and potentially outdraw the current main event screen. So like the X-Division could be kicked down a peg or two.

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