TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 30/10/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Chained to Fate"

TNA iMPACT! - Chained to Fate

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 30/10/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Chained to Fate“

Saturday 30/10/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 28/10/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We start the broadcast backstage as Tara and Mickie James begin to brawl in the backstage area. They continue the fight for a good couple of minutes and then Madison Rayne comes to help Tara to make it 2-on-1. The Beautiful People quickly joined in to put the odds back in Mickie’s favour. Sarita then entered the brawl which made it 3-on-3. The action quickly spilled into the arena and the 6 knockouts eventually made it into the ring. Ric Flair and the security finally came out to stop the fight. Flair called Mickie crazy and went on a rant about them; this led to Tara and then Mickie slapping “The Nature Boy.” Flair says he’s sick of them and if they want to fight, they can, tonight! Flair makes a 3-on-3 match for later on; Mickie James & The Beautiful People vs. Tara, Madison Rayne & Sarita.

We go backstage again where we see The Pope pushing a casket around, he looks as if he’s heading to the ring.

We go to Eric Bischoff’s office where Ric Flair is talking to him. The head trainer then enters and says it would be silly and unethical to put Mr. Anderson in a match tonight considering he suffered a concussion from the chair shot he received from Jeff Hardy last week. Flair and Bischoff say that this is wrestling, not the NFL. Flair then adds that NFL ratings are dropping whilst TNA ratings are increasing.

Back to the ring and Pope is there with the casket at ringside. He grabs a mic and says that it’s about time he spoke to his congregation. He says that there is a monster on the loose, referring to Abyss. He adds that he is filled with all kinds of evil spirits of demonic proportions but that he will pimpslap that monster over and over again. He says it’s about time he did something about Abyss, he points to the casket and says he’s going to put Abyss in the casket and send him straight back to hell. We then see Abyss making his way through the crowd. He says he has come from orders from Immortal, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have instructed him to extinguish the flame that is The Pope. He says the only thing Pope will need when they face off is a priest to administer his last rights. He goes onto say that the iMPACT! zone fans are no longer safe and that he is coming for all of them, one-by-one. He continues to grab two fans and takes them backstage; Pope doesn’t like what he is seeing and rushes after them.

We see Jeff Jarrett backstage; he says he will take on Samoa Joe at Turning Point and that he’s going after the one armed bandit Mr. Anderson tonight.

Matt Morgan goes up to Ric Flair who is chatting to a female employee. Morgan reminds Flair of the Brett Favre incident and they both laugh. Morgan goes on to say that he doesn’t think forcing Mr. Anderson to wrestle tonight in the right thing to do. Flair says that it’s wrestling and that it’s all about Fortune, he also adds that whatever Bischoff and Hogan say goes.

Match 1 – Jersey Shore Street Fight – Robbie E w/Cookie vs. Jay Lethal

If Robbie E wins the match then he will get a title shot at Turning Point. Lethal begins on top as he hits Robbie with a few chops, reminiscent of “The Nature Boy” and then hits a suicide dive after Robbie escapes. Lethal grabs a trash can lid and hits Robbie over the head with it. He then lays a Dead End sign on the floor and suplexes Robbie onto the sign. Robbie starts to fight back with the vocal support of Cookie. He then gets stopped by a vicious chop by Lethal and then Lethal drops Robbie onto a guard rail, crotch first. Lethal begins to pound Robbie with right hands as both men enter the ring, Robbie hits a running elbow but only gets a 2 count. Robbie then starts raining down with the right hands and then rips Lethal’s shirt off his back. Cookie hands him a kendo stick but Lethal reverses it and then smacks Lethal over the back with it. He leaves the ring and chucks a trash can into the ring, he puts it on Robbie’s head and then gets the kendo stick. He hits the trash can that is on Robbie’s head and then does it again after “One more time!” chants from the crowd. Lethal goes up to the top but Cookie grabs his leg and sprays something in his eye. Robbie then takes advantage and hits a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Robbie E (Wasn’t the greatest of matches but what did you expect from a street fight? Enough hardcore stuff to keep people interested and sets up their Turning Point match quite well.)

Backstage again and we see Angelina and Velvet talking about their upcoming match. Velvet says she wants to take care of Sarita. As Velvet leaves, Angelina sees Winter in the mirror. She asks Angelina is she believes in fate but she says no. Velvet comes back into the dressing room but Winter has gone and only Angelina has seen her.

Back to the ring again and we see EV2.0 in the ring. They call out RVD who finally makes his way to the ring. Dreamer tells him that they’re his boys and that last week when Sabu hit him with a chair was a mistake. RVD says that he thinks Raven is the stooge of the group who is talking to Bischoff, he and Raven then square up to each other as Ric Flair and Fortune come out. Flair says that they’re wrestling EV2.0 for the last time at Turning Point. Flair goes on to announce a tag team match tonight; RVD & Raven vs. Kazarian & AJ Styles.

We follow Fortune backstage where they are having an argument, Matt Morgan walks off frustrated as Doug Williams pleads with Flair to put him in the match tonight instead of Kazarian. Flair obliges and lets him in the match.

Match 2 – Tara, Madison Rayne & Sarita vs. Mickie James, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

The Beautiful People and Mickie James attack their opponents on the ring entrance as Gunner and Murphy come out to try to restore order. Earl Hebner then lays down the law as this match gets underway. The match goes back and forth with all Knockouts getting in on the action in the opening moments. The match then quickly breaks down with Tara hitting Mickie with the Widow’s Peak. Tara is then taken out by the Beautiful People and Sarita tosses Angelina to the floor and Sarita hits Velvet with a Tiger Bomb for the pin fall.

Winners: Tara, Madison Rayne & Sarita (Even though they had brawled at the start of the show and before this match, the match did indeed feel like a brawl. It was a decent Knockouts match but was a bit too busy and left you thinking “what the hell is going on?”)

The Pope is seen in the back, he’s walking around and hears a woman screaming in the distance so he runs off after her and we head into a commercial break.

We return  from the break to see Pope run into Abyss who takes him down to the ground. The Pope is able to fight back, though, and sends Abyss headfirst into the casket. Abyss is able to come back and sends the Pope crashing into a set piece before he opens up the casket and tells the Pope that he has prepared his final resting place. Abyss then puts Dinero in the casket and slams the lid down before Abyss tries to find his girl Janice. Abyss seeks her out and repeatedly beats down the lid of the casket before tipping it over on its side.

Generation Me are seen in the ring and says that they are getting a shot at the titles tonight and that it’s all about them, not about the Machine Guns or Ink Inc. Ink Inc’s music then hits as they come down to the ring and make fun of GenMe by comparing them to the Hardy Boys. Shannon Moore then talks about representing the people in the Impact Zone before the Motorcity Machine Guns come down to the ring and we head into a commercial break.

Match 3 – TNA Tag Team Championship – Generation Me vs. Ink Inc. vs. The Motorcity Machine Guns
Generation Me gains the early advantage as the two work over Jesse Neal is the opening moments. Gen Me works quickly and tag in and out of the match while gaining a few near falls in the process. Shannon Moore finally makes a hot tag and knocks both members of Gen Me out to the floor and propels Neal over the top rope and onto the duo. The Machine Guns finally get into the match and Sabin also dives out with a suicide dive.

The match then breaks down with all six in the ring as they all fly around the ring with rapid fire action. Ink Inc then hits the Mooregasm on Sabin and it looks like we are going to have new tag team champions but Brian Hebner is pulled out of the ring by Jeremy Buck. Moore then dives out onto Buck out on the floor as the Machine Guns hit the Skull and Crossbones on Neal to pick up the pin fall and retain the TNA Tag Team Championships.

Winners:  Motorcity Machine Guns (Another good example of why TNA has the best tag team division in the whole of wrestling. It was entertaining but could have gone on a bit longer. Ink Inc almost pulled off the victory but the Guns eventually got the win.)

Team 3D’s music then hits as they make their way out to the ring. Team 3D says that TNA has the best tag team division in the entire world, which gets the fans to start a “TNA!” chant. Brother Ray then reiterates that Team 3D are still going to retire and says that the Motorcity Machine Guns are the best tag team in wrestling today. Team 3D wants to take them on in one last match and wants to know their answer. Alex Shelley says they have learned a lot from them over the past three years and asks the crowd who wants to see them go at it on last time. The two sides then share and embrace and shake hands.

Matt Morgan walks into Eric Bischoff’s office and asks if the chain match tonight is all about ratings. Morgan talks about putting Hernandez on the shelf for three months due to a concussion and says it is a bigger issue than they seem to be thinking it is. Bischoff says it isn’t a safety issue as this is purely business and he will face Jeff Jarrett whether he is concussed or not. Morgan then calls him irresponsible as he walks out of the office.

After a commercial break, Matt Morgan is seen talking with the trainer and says that he wants to talk to Mr. Anderson. The trainer seems sceptical but allows him to go see Anderson. The announce team then discuss Morgan’s crusade and Taz thinks he may be going too far with it all. They then hype the Turning Point card.

Match 4 – AJ Styles & Douglas Williams vs. Raven & RVD
Styles and Williams attack Raven prior to the bell and before RVD had made it down to the ring. RVD’s music finally hits as he slowly makes his way towards the ring and he is immediately attacked as he slides into the ring. RVD is able to gain control of Williams and nearly picks up a pin fall but Styles breaks it up. Williams and Styles then work over RVD while keeping Raven at bay.

RVD is finally able to land a well placed boot to Styles’ face as Ric Flair runs down to the ring and lays out Raven with the TV Title. RVD begins to crawl towards his corner and notices his corner is empty as he begins to look for Raven. He asks what he is doing as Styles and Williams begins to double team him and easily put him away to win via pin fall. After the match RVD yells at Raven, who was busted open by the shot from the title.

Winners: AJ Styles & Doug Williams (Raven hardly got a sniff in this match but I guess that was the whole point. It did its job of increasing RVD’s paranoia and gave the dominating Fortune yet another victory.)

Jeff Jarrett carries and pair of handcuffs with a long chain between both ends down to the ring and calls out Mr. Anderson. Anderson’s music hits but Matt Morgan is the one that comes down to the ring with a microphone in his hand. Morgan tells Jarrett that nobody has been listening to what he has to say and how we now know more about concussions than we have in the past. Morgan talks about the hot topic that has been going around in all of professional sports and tells him that it is time to do the right thing, which gets applause from the fans in the Impact Zone.

Jarrett can’t believe what Morgan is talking about and says he doesn’t care about Anderson or his concussion. Jarrett says he is in this for survival and says the massacre of Mr. Anderson will be taking place tonight and there is nothing he can do about it. Jarrett again calls out Anderson as Morgan puts one hand in the handcuffs and says he will take Anderson’s place. Jarrett begins to plead to Morgan but punches him in the face as this match officially starts.

Match 5 – Chain Match – Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Morgan
Morgan quickly beats down Jarrett in this chain match and slams him down hard with a side slam. Morgan then hits Jarrett with a fallaway slam before the fight heads out to the floor where Jarrett is able to use the chain and send Morgan into the ring post, which busts him open. The fight then heads back into the ring where Jarrett is able to crotch Morgan with the chain before hitting the Stroke to pick up the pin fall.

As Jarrett begins to gloat over the victory, Matt Morgan gets up to his feet and levels Jarrett with a clothesline. Morgan then begins to choke Jarrett out with the chain as Fortune runs out to the ring and attacks their Fortune partner. Jarrett the ties the handcuffs together and uses it to choke Morgan out by hanging him over the top rope as iMPACT! goes off air.


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