TNA Xplosion – Friday 05/11/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 05/11/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 05/11/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can watch this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion on the site HERE.

Baby face Jeff Hardy can come across as a heel on the Xplosion intro.Anyway the fireworks continue with “the most exciting hour of television as Jeremy Borash and Taz welcome us all to this week’s Xplosion and according to Taz this week’s episode  features “a couple of fancy matches” as on the card it’s Orlando Jordan against Magnus and Kazarian vs. Rhino. We head to the back with Chelsea standing by with Magnus who is making the point that everyone seems to be gunning for him every week. Last week Eric Young “caught a lucky one” on him and this week he is concerned about Orlando Jordan’s “lifestyle choices”. Magnus makes it clear that there will be “double trouble tonight “as he has to worry about Orlando feelings towards him- the same feelings  ladies have him- as well as Orlando’s feelings for Chelsea. “I mean look at her. ” The camera pans back. “That’s right, get a good look. Full widescreen, HD.” (Xtreme Sports broadcast Xplosion in widescreen)

Moving on:  “Look but don’ touch…if he even thinks about doing the latter, he’ll be in big trouble.”  I’m assuming he is referring to Chelsea otherwise this will be one quick match. The “Magdaddy” is going to the top. He didn’t mention how Desmond’s tryout for the Chelsea team is going though.

The match is straight ahead as Magnus and Chelsea make their way to the ring once again with the London Brawling theme. Eric Young accompanies Orlando Jordan to the top of the ramp, before making his way to the broadcast table.  “Whitney Houston” chants for Orlando Jordan. Eric Young is “100% parasite and disease free” as Orlando has been checking him over every night.

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Match 1: Orlando Jordan vs. Magnus

Focusing on the in ring action the Xplosion exclusive routine (it seems to be anyway) of working over each other’s arms is going on. Magnus gets the better of for a brief moment as he is backed into the corner with Orlando’s snake like routine. Magnus rolls out of the ring which Orlando chasing Magnus around the ring until Magnus places Chelsea in front of him. Remember the “look but don’t touch”? Well here comes the trouble as Magnus punches Orlando and slams him face first onto the ring apron before rolling him into the ring. Numerous shots to the head of Orlando as we head to commercial break with the crowd getting behind Magnus.

Magnus is still in control raking the eyes back from the break. Eric mentions that he feels uncomfortable that Chelsea has been staring at him the entire time, if you believe Eric. Taz thinks it’s because of Eric’s massive head. “Looks like the moon” says Eric. Back in the ring Magnus attempts a clothesline as Orlando comes of the ropes but it fails miserably because he misses and Orlando goes for a cover which leads only a 2 count.

Magnus once again throws Orlando into the ropes and on his return ducks down to apparently throw Orlando over but O.J glides over Magnus and tries to use the opportunity to attempt a small package but he can’t quite get Magnus down. So Magnus kicks O.J in the face following by a few elbow drops and a 2 count. J.B reminds us that Desmond is away “playing footie” trying out for the Chelsea team. The crowd are now chanting “we want Eric”

Magnus has Orlando down on the canvas with a choke hold but O.J gets out of it and lands a few punches when both men are on their feet Magnus Irish whips O.J into the corner and as Magnus heads toward O.J he gets struck in the head with an elbow and struck again with a boot to the face. As Magnus turns around O.J comes charging towards him with a clothesline but that only leads to a 2 count.

Magnus has had enough and attempts a pump slam which fails but he lands a sit down slam which only leads to a 2 count. Off the second rope Magnus is ready to drop down onto O.J but he gets the knees up and quickly follows up with a spine buster.  O.J does his usual stuff. “That’s a cover I think Andrew Thomas” says J.B. Chelsea gets up on the apron, Orlando heads for a closer look. Eric says he told O.J not to kiss her because she is with him.  Magnus is back up to check on Chelsea and seemingly goes to punch O.J but he ducks and applies a choke which takes Magnus down to the canvas and he  is put to sleep by the hold thus handing the victory to O.J. Chelsea is still on the apron and as O.J exits the ring Chelsea makes sure to get out of his way.

Winner: Orlando Jordan via submission

We join Christy Hemme with Kazarian who says he is going to shoot Rhino down and blow him up as that’s what happens to war machines. Kazarian is treating this as a warm up match to Turning Point when Fortune take on EV2 once again. “At Turning Point Fortune wins, and tonight Fortune wins.”

Up next we get footage from last week’s Reaction episode focusing on the interview with TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy and Mr Anderson’s injury. Following the commercial break Mickie James is “impact player of the week” as that interview is shown as well as comments from Jersey Shore and Jay Lethal all from last week’s reaction episode.  Finally footage from the recent Spin Cycle webisode is broadcast before we get J.B plugging TNA Live. Taz is asking if “all the poppycock” is out of the way as its main event time. He really doesn’t like J.B plugging does he? Kazarian makes his way to the ring to the Fourtune theme which is pretty much a remix of Ric Flair’s theme followed by “The War Machine” Rhino, pyro excluded.

Match 2: Kazarian vs. Rhino

The bell rings and this week’s Xplosion main event is underway under the Xplosion lighting. The crowd are behind Rhino as he shoulder blocks Kazarian down to the canvas. On his return to the ropes Kazarian blocks Rhino’s momentum for a second or two before getting decked courtesy of a powerful punch Rhino is running on all cylinders as Kazarian in the corner is getting pounded with punches shortly followed by a 2 count. Kazarian manages to get things going in  his favour with a strong Irish whip attempt and punches to the head.

Kazarian Irish whips Rhino in the corner and as he charges towards him he is lifted over the rope onto the apron where he blocks a punch and lands one on Rhino. Kazarian seems to be going for a move off the top rope but or trying to get back in the ring but he got punched by Rhino during his attempt and is on the floor as we go to the non Xtreme Sports commercial.

Kazarian seems to get things going his way as he rolls Rhino into the ring but only gets a 2 count. Rhino counters Kazarian’s Irish whip with one of his own, and as Rhino comes running towards Kazarian in the corner, Kazarian heads out onto the apron between the ropes and throws himself into Rhinos stomach which almost sends him rolling out of the ring but he manages to hold onto the middle rope and get to his feet on the apron. Kazarian also on the apron on the other side of the corner rakes the eyes of Rhino before slamming his head into the top turnbuckle which sends Rhino onto the floor.

Rhino is eventually rolled into the ring. Kazarian is standing on the apron and once again poses doing the Fourtune sign before landing a leg drop which leads to a near fall. Kazarian immediately applies the rear naked choke but it does nothing as Rhino is straight back to his feet trying to punch his way out but Kazarian slams him down head first onto the canvas and once again applies the choke, however once again Rhino manages to get to his feet, breaks the hold and dominates Kazarian with punches to Kazarian’s stomach, face, clothesline, Irish whip into the corner, shoulder block and a belly to belly suplex which leads to a 2 count.

Rhino comes of the rope but Kazarian lands a drop kick which once again only leads to a 2 count. Kazarian picks up Rhino, but he gets Irish whipped into the corner, however Kazarian lands an elbow to Rhino as he runs towards him. Kazarian takes him time getting to the top rope which allows Rhino to land a suplex from the top rope but that only gives way for a 2 count.

Kazarian counters a suplex attempt and comes of the ropes and floats over Rhino to perform a neck breaker which is immediately followed up by a cover, but it’s a near fall. Rhino carries out a spine buster and it’s another near fall. Kazarian is crawling towards the corner and Rhino heads to the other corner. The crowd are chanting “Gore”. Rhino is getting set Kazarian gets up turns around, Rhino looks like he’s going to get the win with a gore, but it’s not to be as Kazarian performs a sunset flip straight into a small package to get the 3 count!

Winner: Kaziran via pinfall

The referee had to slide out the ring to make the count on the apron. With that victory under Fortunes belt, TNA Xplosion is off the air.

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 29/10/2010

By Shafqat Ajaz

Broadcast Friday 29/10/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can watch this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion on the site HERE.

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 29/10/2010

By Shafqat Ajaz

Broadcast Friday 29/10/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can watch this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion on the site HERE.


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