TNA Turning Point 2010 Predictions

TNA Turning Point 2010

TNA Turning Point 2010

OK you know the drill guys, here’s the predictions from the staff ahead of tonights TNA Turning Point 2010 PPV, set to air here in the UK on Friday 12th November 2010 at 10pm on the Extreme Sports Channel. Are newest addition to the team, Richard, has not taken part as it was a bit late notice but he will be making his debut with a new column called “Across the Line” so look out for that next week.

Anyway without further ado, on with the predictions!! Some egg-on-our face possibilities again this month as we’ve agreed across the board on some matches and some of us have gone out on a limb on a few of our predictions. Enjoy and feel free to contribute by posting your predictions in the comments section below this article:

  • TNA X-Division Title Match: Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E
  • Ray – I’m going with Jay Lethal to retain. I think Robbie and Cookie will resort to their usual shenanigans in an attempt to claim the belt but interference from a return JWOWW will help Lethal retain.
  • Shafqat – Jay Lethal defeated Ric Flair and seems to have no momentum since then in my opinion as I think that victory should have meant Lethal moved up to the main event level soon after instead of going back to the X Division. I’m seeing Robbie E taking the victory via pinfall thanks to interference from Cookie.
  • Rob – Personally I would love nothing more then to see Lethal destroy Robbie bloody e, I’m not loving Robbie or Cookie but this will be a win for Robbie.
  • Adam – I think/hope Jay Lethal though Robbie could utilise Cookie to win the title.
  • Dave – As much as its pains me to say but TNA seem like they wanna push Robbie down out throats so i see him picking up the win.
  • Mickie James vs. Tara
  • RayMickie will win with the Mick-Kick but a post-match beat down from Madison Rayne will set-up a feud between the two that will lead to a Knockouts title bout at Final Resolution.
  • Shafqat – Well historically any WWE star that has come into TNA has defeated their first PPV opponent with the exception of ODB and Tara unless I’m mistaken. For longevity purposes I see Tara getting the victory via pinfall.
  • Rob – Can only be a win for Mickie which will build a match with Madison in the near future. Saying that I could also see a win for Tara due to outside interference from Madison. Going for a Mickie James win though.
  • Adam – Two former div-….now knockouts. I’m not too sure on this one so i’ll go with Tara.
  • Dave – Ex-WWE wrestler in her first TNA match means Mickie will get the win on that reason alone.
  • Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer
  • Ray – I’m going out on a limb here and i’m picking Dreamer. Dreamer’s the one guy in EV2.0 you can count on, which is why he is EXACTLY the kind of guy to shock everyone with a return. Tommy will win through devious means exposing himself as the “mole” within EV2.
  • Shafqat – Really just don’t get this and what the point of it is. Two faces going against each other. RVD was the last champion and I believe TNA should be getting behind him again and not a member of EV2. RVD to get the win via pinfall.
  • Rob – Not sure with this one, unlikely RVD will lose in a pay per view but mind games will play a role. Going for RVD to win.
  • Adam – Rob Van Dam for this one, I’ve seen a few of their classic ECW matches and they never disappoint but my money would be on RVD.
  • Dave – Not sure on this one but gonna edge it to RVD
  • Lumberjack Match: Abyss vs. “The PopeD’Angelo Dinero
  • Ray – Surely Pope’s gotta get a win here huh? NOPE! I’m going with Abyss. Everyone wants the good guys to catch a break, not me. I grew up on a Kevin Sullivan led WCW diet when the NWO ran roughshod over EVERYONE, this is the best way to build heat, until the point where no-one can take it anymore and then…then my friends is the time for the Face’s to get that sweet revenge. I’m going with one of the Lumberjack Fans being disguised in a Sting outfit only to reveal to be AJ Styles who costs Pope the match and sets up a feud between the two for the month of December.
  • Shafqat – Will we see the return of leather straps for the fans/lumberjacks? The lumberjacks had them for Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett. Anyway, I would like to see The Pope get the win, but I think Abyss will black hole slam him and thus win this match. Abyss to get the win via pinfall.
  • Rob – This has got to be a win for Pope, the guys been fighting the good fight since the rise of Immortal but I’d like to see a win with the help of Nash or Sting. Unlikely I know but I’m not sure where they stand contract wise now but that would be great.
  • Adam – I think Abyss will win this one though The Pope has his congregation as lumberjacks. Hmm…..I still back Abyss
  • Dave – Going out on limb here but i think The Pope might just get the win! Just because he’s being made to be the “Peoples Champion”
  • TNA World Tag-Team Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D
  • Ray – I’m going with Team 3D to shock the world and win, revealing themselves NOT to be retiring but in fact, that it was simply a ploy to get a shot at the gullible Guns and they are a part of Hulk Hogan’s band of Immortals!
  • Shafqat – I’m really hoping that this truly is the last match from Team 3D. It would be huge for MCMG to get the win and that is what makes sense. MCMG for the win via pinfall with a double team combination but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Team 3D to get the win which I would hate.
  • Rob – Machine guns should take this, one of the best in the business today and would be a shame for them to lose the titles. I can see outside interference costing 3D the match leasing them to rethink their retirement. Machine Guns to win.
  • Adam – I can see Team 3D winning the belts though i would like to see the Guns have a long successful run with the belts.
  • Dave – MCMG to win with a error from one of Team 3D. Leading to team 3d staying on as single competitors and feuding.
  • Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe
  • Ray – I’m going with Jeff Jarrett via unexpected chairshot from someone, maybe Karen Angle/Jarrett. However the victory will be short lived as a returning Kurt Angle ambushes the King of the Mountain.
  • Shafqat – Well so much for Joe not coming back 100%. If they went with that storyline Jeff Jarrett getting the win in this match would make sense. Kurt Angle isn’t on this card so maybe he could help Joe get the win if Immortal tries to cost him the match. Regardless of how it’s done I see Samoa Joe getting the win via submission.
  • Rob – Tricky this one, It would be great if Kurt Angle appeared costing Jarrett the match and possibly forming a union with Joe but I’m not sure what the current situation is with Angles time off. I have to say though if no show from Angle then this will go to Jarrett with the help of the two TNA security guys.
  • Adam – I think Jarrett is gonna win this as i can see interfence coming from Gunner and Murphy. Should be a good match though.
  • Dave – Cant see Jeff losing. Expect help from Immortal or dont be surpised if Nash or Sting return!
  • RayFourtune to win, possibly through the mole being revealed and turning on his team (though personally i think it’s Dreamer.) They will choose Sabu to be fired as he’s rumoured to have completed his dates and contract will not be renewed.
  • Shafqat – In my opinion Fourtune should have gone over at Bound For Glory. But come to think of it, I would like to see them get the win in a straight up wrestling match with no weapons. I don’t see anyone from Fortune getting fired as they have just lost Matt Morgan plus there’s talk of Sabu going out the door after the show. I don’t think Tommy Dreamer will take part in 2 matches. If he was I would have liked to see Fortune get the win via AJ Styles pinning Tommy Dreamer as the reverse happened at Bound For Glory. Anyway this feud has just continued too long and I don’t want to see EV2 anymore at all. Fourtune for the win.
  • Rob – A Fourtune win with Sabu being fired, also expect to see Douglas Williams turn and leave Fortune.
  • Adam – As big as an ‘old school’ ECW fan i am i think Fourtune is going to win this one, and as for who will be fired should Fourtune win?……hmm….i’m not sure.
  • Dave – Fourtune to win and rhyno to be the memeber of EV2 to get fired.
  • TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan
  • Ray – Is there any debate on this one? Everyone seems to think Hardy, im going the other way……but with a twist. Matt Morgan to win but via DQ! Therefore Hardy keeps the title. And during the post match beatdown from Immortal a returning Sting appears to clear the ring and save The Blueprint.
  • Shafqat – I just see Jeff Hardy winning this. He has just won the title, and I wouldn’t see Mr. Anderson becoming champion if he could take part in the match as originally planned. I would love it if there was no interference from immortal in this match and Jeff just gets the victory after a tough match with Matt Morgan. Jeff Hardy to win via submission.
  • Rob – I have a strange feeling the whole Morgan face turn is a farce set up by Flair to get the belt and turn on Immortal. I could be well off here but they way he came to the ring and agreed to match on Impact made me think possible face turn for Fortune? As I say probably way off there. Honestly I can only see one result and that Jeff Hardy retaining the title.
  • Adam – Jeff Hardy i think will retain but by a DQ due to interference from Fortune. (Ray: I think that means Morgan to win?)
  • Dave – Jeff Hardy to win here with help from Immortal. Cant see it anyother way! I hope TNA give Jeff a long run as champion

About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

5 Responses to TNA Turning Point 2010 Predictions

  1. Adam Cox says:

    Yeah i meant Morgan to win but he’ll win by Jeff getting disqualified. I couldn’t think of the wording earlier lol

    • Ray Mullan says:

      LOL! Thanks, i had the read the thing a couple of times to figure out what you where saying! Should be a good PPV, you staying up to watch it tonight or waiting until friday?

      • Adam Cox says:

        lol! I was confused myself reading it back Ray. It does look like its gonna be quite a PPV, it has some solid matches from the look of things. I’ll no doubt catch it on Friday i reckon but i know that no matter what there will be spoilers everywhere :/

        • Ray Mullan says:

          Tsk! Tsk! No spoilers on here lad, well there will be but they’ll be clearly marked **SPOILERS**. Anyway, i probably won’t last until friday myself, might watch it tomorrow night. Five days is just too long, Extreme need to sort it out, it must hit their potential ratings. I’d imagine they’d get quite a lot of viewers if it was a next night broadcast.

      • Adam Cox says:

        lol I know man. It’s not on here i’m worried about for spoilers but i know any other wrestling related website or even facebook or twitter that i log on to will have spoilers posted. Last time they were everywhere! I think with it being a Friday night it lets people go straight into impact in a way

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