The Good, The Bad, The TNA – The Top Ten Rankings

By Dave Bunning

Welcome to my latest entry of The Good, The Bad, The TNA. This week were going for something a bit different as I don’t want to spoil anything from last night’s PPV.

Once a month now I’m going to be doing a Top Ten Ranking System based on wrestlers performance over the past month.

Remember these are my views but feel free to comment and speak to me on twitter @TNAUKdave

Please bear in mind I haven’t seen Turning Point and don’t know the results

10. MCMG: – Right were kicking of my top ten with the Tag Team Champions MCMG. The guys have been impressive on the mic and excellent in ring. Hope they can keep on performing and move up the ladder

9. Rob Vam Damm: – Mr. Paranoid comes in at number 9. I’ve enjoyed RVD and him trying to find out who is the mole in EV2 is. Yet I’m not sure if TNA has much in store for him this month so could see him slipping.

8. Samoa Joe: – Samoa Joe has had a good month and his feud with Jarrett has been impressive.

7. AJ Styles: – He hasn’t wrestled much this month but he really is the glue that holds Fortune together. His mic skills are excellent as always. I’m enjoying a heel AJ

6. Abyss: – I thought about maybe having abyss a little higher due to his part of the “They” storyline but in truth I feel he’s at the right spot. Abyss has been solid on the mic and been ok in the ring.

5. Jeff Jarrett: – The start of Jeff Jarrett in Immortal has been great. We have seen Jeff as a Face for so long it’s been a nice change to see him as a heel. I also like how he seems to come across as he feels bad about what he has done then just turns it right around and really doesn’t care.

4. The Pope: – The man that is on a mission to bring down Immortal. I feel it will be a struggle but with some help he could make a difference. His performance on the mic as always has been top notch. The guy is in the top 5 five for connecting with the crowd on the mic.

3. Matt Morgan: – A nice unexpected face turn for Matt Morgan pushed him to this place. A solid guy on the mic and his in ring performance is good.

Now on to the top 2. It was a tough choice on who gets what spot but I feel that the person who came in at number one did just enough.

So in at number 2 is……..

2. Mr Anderson: – Mr Anderson has to be the most consistent performer on the TNA roster at the moment. He is currently in my opionion the best on the mic in the company. I really thought when he first turned face that he might struggle or get lost in the shuffle yet he has turned it up a notch and really perform well.

He was unlucky to get a concussion; hopefully he will be back soon.

In at Number One is…….

1. Jeff Hardy: – Jeff Hardy has had quite a month, getting the TNA world heavyweight championship and being a major player in Immortal. His heel turn was fantastic and was a big shock among the wrestling world. He has also proved people wrong who said he wasn’t any good on the mic. Its good to see that he can deliver a promo with real emotion.

So that’s my top ten rankings of the TNA roster for the past month. Expect another one after the next PPV.

Now on to something I’ve noticed in TNA recently.

I see that Impact has a new intro that only feature’s members of Fortune and Immortal. Very nice on TNA part.

Also I’m really enjoying Mike Tenay and Taz have their little arguments.

Right that’s it for this edition of The Good  The Bad The TNA!!!

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