**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! & Xplosion Taping Results (08/11/2010)

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

Here’s a report from the TNA iMPACT! tapings held yesterday at the iMPACT! Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This is the episode that is set to air in the UK this Saturday, 9pm on Bravo. WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR TNA TURNING POINT AS WELL AS iMPACT! do not read on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the more option at the end of this paragraph.

Dark Match: Eduardo Rios defeated Ben Dejo, These guys are the former tag team know as Los Ben Dejos who had a tryout in May.

Impact (Set to air Saturday 13th November 2010 at 9pm on Bravo):
*Immortal comes out then introduces Jeff Hardy, who cuts a promo. Hulk Hogan comes out and thanks Ric Flair for watching over everything while he was not there. Hogan says he has a surprise for Hardy and lowers a new TNA title belt. They throw the old belt in the garbage.


NEW TNA World Heavyweight Title Belt

NEW TNA World Heavyweight Title Belt

Hogan says if anyone is against them, they are going down. Pope is in the crowd and says he is going to put Eric Bischoff in a coffin. Samoa Joe comes out from another end of the Impact Zone and cuts a promo on Jeff Jarrett. Rob Van Dam appears by the announcers and calls out Hardy. Matt Morgan comes out and asks for a match with Hardy again. Hogan tells them they will get a fight.

*TNA X-Division champion Robbie E and Cookie defeated Jay lethal and Taylor Wilde.

*Kazarian defeated Rob Van Dam after Rhino turned on RVD, then laid out Tommy Dreamer in the back with a chair as well.

*Team 3D came out for their farewell and gave a speech, only to see Bubba turn on Devon after they hugged.

* AJ Styles defeated Stevie Richards. It appeared Richards may have taken the Styles Clash wrong and had to be helped to the back with a neck brace on.

*Samoa Joe defeated Gunner and Murphy in a handicap match. Jeff Jarrett attacks Joe but Kurt Angle makes the save.

*They showed backstage vignettes where Pope Dinero captured Bischoff humiliated him and put him in a casket. When he brought Bischoff him the ring, Abyss attacked. They put Pope in the casket and rammed it into a wall.

*Matt Morgan defeated Doug Williams and Beer Money after Money left Williams to tend to Ric Flair, who Morgan had nailed. Hardy appeared on the Tron and as Morgan was watching him, Hardy came from behind, lowblowed him and nailed the twist of fate to close the show.

*After Impact they re-taped the Robbie & Cookie vs. Lethal & Wilde match, so something must have gone wrong the first time.

– There was an incident after Monday night’s TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando. The company plugged that fans could get photos taken with Jeff Hardy after the tapings were over for $25. When that time came, Hardy came out and began insulting Jeremy Borash and the fans. He then told the fans to take their money and “go buy groceries” before going into the back and not returning. After a few minutes, TNA and Universal Studios employees began to refund the money. TNA and Universal staff were said to be completely confused and caught off-guard. Several fans and kids were upset about the situation. No word on what is behind the incident just yet.

– Jackson James, the referee for last night’s TNA Turning Point main event of Hardy vs. Morgan who “screwed up” the pinfall, is actually Garrett Bischoff. He is the son of Eric Bischoff and last night was his TNA debut. Word is that Bischoff’s son has been training with Brian Knobbs of The Nasty Boys and that his identity had been kept quiet from people in the company. No word yet if they plan to reveal him as Bischoff’s son on TV.

Xplosion (Set to air on Friday 19th November 2010 at 9pm on Extreme Sports Channel):
* Magnus vs. Jesse Neal. Before the match, Magnus says he’s been checking into Neal and knows about the USS Cole. He thinks Neal has post traumatic stress. The crowd chants USA. If he was okay he wouldn’t be wearing what he does or have his hair like that. Magnus starts degrading the women in the Impact Zone. He talks down to a woman in the crowd. Neal slingshots over the top rope onto Magnus and the match starts. Winner via Michinoku Driver, Magnus

* Tara vs. Velvet Sky. Winner via Widow’s Peak, Tara.


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  1. That whole thing with jeff hardy after impact was work i think. Remember he is the anti christ of pro wrestling!

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