Kevin Nash Resigns with TNA

A few fellow wrestling sites are reporting that ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash has resigned with TNA. Hope to have more news as it comes on this story.

Update from Ray: Kevin Nash has disputed online reports that he has re-signed with TNA Wrestling. “I did not sign with TNA wrestling co.” he wrote on Twitter.

Those spoken with in the company today regarding the report were not aware that he had re-signed, but couldn’t say for sure that he had not. I sincerely hope TNA’s stance remains the same, Nash has nothing to offer TNA at this stage in my opinion.


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One Response to Kevin Nash Resigns with TNA

  1. He’s probably asking for more money than TNA can feasibly pay him right now, especially if the stories of money being tight in the company are true. I suppose we could end up with a Tara-like situation and this could all turn out to be a work. Who knows?

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