TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 13/11/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Night of the Immortals"

TNA iMPACT! - "Night of the Immortals"

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 13/11/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Night of the Immortals“

Taped at the iMPACT Zone, Universal Studios in  Orlando, FL.

Aired Saturday 13/11/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 11/11/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz


We open with highlights of Turning Point including Stevie Richards challenging A.J. Styles, Pope’s “Congregation” turning on him, and Jeff Hardy retaining his TNA Title against Matt Morgan. The show title: “Night of the Immortals.”

New theme song for the Immortals tonight, sounds like a Jimmy Hart knockoff of Jimi Hendrix voodoo child that Hogan used to use as his nWo theme back in WCW. Eric Bischoff walked out tapping his heart and sarcastically bowing as if his boos were cheers – i really feel like i’ve been transported back to 1998 and am watching WCW Nitro – less of this please TNA, Thanks.

Behind Bischoff is Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Ric Flair, Kazarian, Douglas Williams, and A.J. Styles. Tenay said they’ll talk throughout the show about Morgan’s failure to capture the TNA Title from Hardy. Bischoff smiled and said he loves each and every one of the fans. He gloated about what an incredible night it was for Immortal. Bischoff said he knows a lot of fans who watch TNA also watch MMA and UFC “or whatever that stuff.” He said Jarrett put on a mixed martial arts clinic at the PPV that “the entire Gracie family had to admire.” He said he’s an MMA specialist. Jarrett did some mock karate moves.

Styles then bragged about what he’ll do to Richards later in the show. Bischoff praised Styles, saying, “Nicely done.” Bischoff then introduced Jeff Hardy, who made a solo ring entrance. Hardy limped to the ring, then bragged about destroying Morgan and mutilating his dreams. The fans chanted “Over-rated!” Hardy acknowledged the chants: “Overrated my ass.” He said he is the disciple and the chosen one. He said he drank from the holy cup of Hulkamania, which is why he is immortal.

Bischoff then shifted to introducing the “true immortal, Hulk Hogan.” Was he implying Hardy is not the “true” immortal. Taz said it’s a rare special attraction as of late to see Hogan in the Impact Zone. Hogan entered the ring and asked the crowd if they know what it feels like to be surrounded by family. He said when he came to TNA he insisted on one thing – Ric Flair – “because without Ric Flair, you just don’t have a wrestling company.” He said his phone has been ringing off the hook the last couple of weeks as he’s been working out the next big thing for Immortal. He said in his absence, Flair has raised the bar and everybody in the company has either stepped up or got out. He said Immortal is working like clockwork, so he has a surprise for the champ.

New Jeff Hardy Immortal Belt

New Jeff Hardy Immortal Belt

From the rafters a new title belt was lowered as pyro blasted. Hogan presented it to Hogan and declared him the “greatest heavyweight champion of all times.” He said he’s not used to taking out the trash, but Dixie Carter and her old TNA company are represented by the old belt. He dropped it in the trash.

He asked if there is anyone left who opposes Immortal and dares challenge them, “then the only thing I can say is drop down to your knees and pray, brother.” ….POPE IS PIMPIN!! Pope stepped into the crowd. Bischoff asks what he wants.

After what they pulled this last Sunday at Turning Point, how they paid off his cousins & brother, tonight, he’s going to put Eric Bischoff in a casket, roll it up the ramp, and push it off the edge of a cliff. There’s nothing he can do about it. Samoa Joe’s music plays, and Joe appears on the ramp. The Pope isn’t their only problem tonight. He hasn’t forgot about what Jarrett, Gunner & Murphy did on Sunday. It’s adorable how Jarrett calls himself a shoot fighter. When Joe grounds him, beats him and chokes him out, it’s going to take more than his two hillbilly girlfriends to break it up. Now Rob Van Dam appears by the announce table! All this fun they’ve had at RVD’s expense will stop. He found out at Turning Point that EV2 was the tight family he always thought it was, and there was only one person that would sell him out to take what was his. Jeff Hardy’s standing there with the title that RVD never lost. Everyday, Jeff lives with the knowledge that he will have to face RVD in the ring. RVD says it will happen tonight, and tonight he will leave the building as TNA Heavyweight Champion! And here’s Matt Morgan in the entranceway. He agrees that RVD should get his title shot, but not until he gets his first. Jeff Hardy is no champion. Morgan exposed him in the middle of the ring at Turning Point. If given the opportunity again, he’ll expose him all over again. We know who the real puppet master is, and it’s Hulk Hogan! Hogan says he’s jumping on the wrong dog now. Morgan says that when he was a kid, he worshipped the ground Hulk walked on. Hulk’s integrity is why Morgan is there tonight. Where’s the fight? Where’s the never-say-die attitude? Where’s his balls? If he had a set, he’d fight them. Hogan says if he wants a fight, that’s what they’ll get. Hogan, Flair & Bischoff are going to go to the back and put a battle plan together. Be careful what you wish for. If it’s a fight they want, it’s a fight they’ll get! Play Hulk’s music!

Backstage, Hulk asks Ric for his take on all of these people. Ric says they all want to be Immortal. Hulk says when he was at home he realized how ignorant Matt Morgan is. He gets some cheers and now he’s the savior? Ric says all that Matt wanted to do was kiss Hulk’s ass, which he did. Hulk books Joe against Gunner & Murphy. Eric says RVD should face Kaz. Hulk adds that if RVD wins, he can be the number one contender. He also books Matt Morgan against Beer Money & Doug Williams. Flair invites Hogan to look at the new talent around town, and they head off to do that.

Robbie E & Cookie head to the ring for their match. Cookie wants to give a message to Taylor Wilde. She might not be a wrestler, but she’s from Jersey and she knows how to fight!

Match 1: Mixed Tag Team Match
Jay Lethal & Taylor Wilde vs. Robbie E & Cookie
Cookie seems like she’s having second thoughts on her way to the ring, while Robbie E acts like a thought has never crossed his mind. He sure is taken with that X Division title belt! Lethal & Wilde chase Robbie & Cookie out of the ring. Robbie jumps Lethal on the outside, sending him into the ring. Lethal gets the advantage, big chops in the corner, Cookie pulls Robbie out and he recuperates on the outside while Lethal & Wilde discuss matters. Robbie & Cookie argue, and then Lethal punches Robbie down. Robbie begs off and seeks comfort in the chest area of Cookie. Who can blame him? The girls tag in. Well, Taylor tags in, and Cookie runs away before tagging out. Lethal hit’s a cross body on Robbie for two. Hip toss, cartwheel and a dropkick for two. Cookie breaks it up, and baits Lethal, allowing for a blindside attack by Robbie. Leapfrog and an arm drag by Lethal. Arm bar as the fans chant “Lethal”. Taylor needs to be restrained by the ref for some reason, and Robbie takes advantage with a Greco-Roman hair pull. Cookie comes in and helps Robbie stomp Jay down. The timing on all of this really seems off. Cover gets two. A double team from Robbie & Cookie doesn’t work, then Jay hits the Lethal Combination! Cookie breaks up the pin attempt. Lethal catches her foot on a kick attempt, Taylor comes in and chases Cookie around, then Robbie levels Lethal with the boot for the three count! Damnit!
Winners: Robbie E & Cookie

We get a video package chronicling the end of Team 3D at Turning Point.

Team 3D………..IS WALKING!

Team 3D makes their way to the ring. Brother Ray holds up a sign. The fans ask them not to go. Ray says it was a hell of a tag team match at the PPV. The Motor City Machine Guns deserve to be the TNA World Tag Team Champions. He’s proud that they helped tag team wrestling in TNA mean something. All good things come to an end. 15 years, 23 world tag team titles all over the world. They’re glad they got to end it against the Guns. The only words they can say to us is “thank you very much”. Devon says that the fans have always given them the respect and love, and been in their corner. Without us, there would be no Team 3D. Like Ray said, it’s time to move on. Ray will be a rock star. Devon is going to train his kids to be wrestlers. OH MY BROTHER TESTIFY! The fans cheer while Team 3D embraces in the middle of the ring. Awwwwwwwwwww. The old arm raise! Devon turns his back, and Ray hits him from behind! WHAT WHAT WHAT? Ray kicks Devon down and shakes his head in disgust.

Moments ago, Brother Ray shocked the world and attacked Brother Devon from behind! Mike Tenay asks Taz if he saw it coming, and Taz has no idea why this happened. He’s speechless! They run down the upcoming card.

Eric Bischoff asks Earl Hebner why he appointed a punk kid to referee the main event. Jackson James (Garrett Bischoff) says that all of this is his fault. Matt Morgan tells the Hebners to leave, and defends Jackson, saying that everybody’s screwed up and Eric shouldn’t read the kid the riot act. Morgan says that Jackson can referee his handicap match tonight and do the right thing, and that’ll make up for that thing at the PPV. Eric tells Jackson to do his job.

Match 2: Handicap Match
Gunner & Murphy vs. Samoa Joe
Taz feels this is an even matchup. Jarrett’s cronies attack at the bell. Big clothesline in the corner by Murphy. Big kick by Gunner! Joe punches away on Gunner, sending him into the corner, overhead suplex by Gunner. Murphy tagged in, he gets a big kick in the corner, and then Joe Musclebusts Murphy down for the three count!
Winner: Samoa Joe

Gunner gets choked out after the match. Well, I guess Taz was wrong, it wasn’t a fair fight. It is now, as Jeff Jarrett enters the ring and works Joe over with a nightstick! The three begin to stomp Joe down…Joe still tries to fight back, and now Jarrett locks in the Ankle Lock! But wait a minute, here’s KURT FRIKKEN ANGLE! He takes Gunner & Murphy out, and Jarrett heads for higher ground! Angle does not look like a happy camper, and Jarrett looks like he’s seen a ghost. Angle helps Joe up…

Hogan, Bischoff, Flair & Abyss are concerned backstage. Flair says that Gunner & Murphy are done, and Angle is a dead man. Bischoff, fearful for his safety, leaves with Abyss. Hogan tells Flair they’re going to handle it.

Bischoff is in the bathroom, and tells the cameraman to keep following him. He tells Abyss to hurry up…but it’s not Abyss that he sees next, it’s the Pope! Pope punches Eric in the gut, then punches Abyss down in his stall. Pope yells at Eric, and then drags him off…

Match 3: If RVD Wins, He Gets A TNA Title Shot
Kazarian vs. Rob Van Dam
A battle of two guys that have spent a lot of time in So Cal. Tenay reports that Rhino’s contract expired this week, and the Bischoghan regime did not renew it. Kaz with the early advantage, a Samoan drop takes RVD down. Kaz works RVD over in the corner. Whip reversed, monkey flip by RVD! Another one, and Kaz nearly hit the lights on that one! Cartwheel into a back moonsault by RVD! Whip into the corner, forearms and shoulder blocks. Snapmare, springboard kick by RVD! He’s cookin’ right now. But Kaz answers with a back elbow. Kaz gets knocked goofy on a show from RVD, he ducks in the corner, cross bodies RVD but wipes out Earl Hebner in the process! Reverse kick by RVD. Ric Flair makes his way to the ring, but Rhino runs down behind him! He knocks the chair out of Flair hand and enters the ring. He looks at RVD, and then Gores him! Kaz covers for the victory!
Winner: Kazarian

Rhino stands over RVD with a chair…Tommy Dreamer runs down and tells Rhino to get out. Rhino acts like he listened, then whacks Dreamer in the back with the chair while Dreamer attends to RVD!

Pope yells at Bischoff some more in front of a vending machine, and tells him to shut up while Eric tries to answer his questions. He puts his sunglasses on Eric while Eric tries to apologize. He puts the skull cap on Eric so he can look like Pope. He tells Eric to rap like the Pope. That doesn’t work, and Pope drags Eric off.

Match 4: TNA TV Title Match
AJ Styles vs. Stevie Richards
Stevie attacks AJ during his entrance! AJ gets back dropped after a commercial and Stevie gets a two count. AJ’s launched outside. Richards chops him on the guardrail, but gets kicked on his way back in. AJ moonsaults into a kick on Stevie for two. Stevie’s head is sent into the corner. Snap mare into a neck vice by Styles. Richards tries to fight back, but telegraphs the dropkick. AJ with an elbow drop, he stomps Richards and lands another elbow drop. Chinlock! Richards fights back, off the ropes, big dropkick by Styles! Two count. Chops by AJ. Richards tosses AJ onto the apron, but AJ smacks him down. AJ runs into a clothesline! Richards with another, swinging neck breaker gets a close two count. Richards does the ten punches in the corner. Forearm by Stevie, but he misses in the corner! AJ on the apron…springboard into a Steviekick! AJ saves himself by reaching the ropes on the count! Stevie tries to go for a power bomb, AJ fights out, smacks Stevie down, and hits the Styles Clash! He dropped Stevie right on his neck, and it gets the three count! Great match. I’m guessing this is kayfabe injury to write out Richards, i sure hope so cause the move looked quite dangerous.
Winner: AJ Styles

Hulk asks Abyss why all of this is happening. Abyss apologizes, and Hulk tells him to go find Eric and rip Pope’s head off.

Tenay & Taz recap the happenings of tonight thus far.

Pope kicks and punches Eric, then puts him in a casket! Where’s he wheeling it to?

When we come back from commercial, we find out that Pope’s wheeling the casket into the Impact Zone! Abyss attacks Pope and chokes him down on the ground. He opens the casket, but Pope closes it again and fires away on the monster, kneeing him over and over again. Pope is peeved! He slams Abyss’s head into the casket and continues attacking while Eric gets out of the casket…he low blows Pope and that’ll slow down that assault. Abyss picks Pope up and puts him in the casket. Bischoff & Abyss ram the casket into the stage! Eric, the martial arts expert, kicks away at it for good measure.

Main Event: 3 on 1 Handicap Match
Beer Money & Douglas Williams (w/Ric Flair) vs. Matt Morgan
The Fortune theme music has certainly grown on me. Open the ropes for Naitch, So Cal Val! The Fortune three attack Morgan right at the bell. Morgan fires back a la Samoa Joe earlier, but Robert Roode & James Storm try a double team…they get taken out with a double clothesline. Williams breaks up the double choke slam attempt, and all three stomp away on Morgan. Williams focuses on the knee of Morgan that was targeted at Turning Point. Roode is in there with Morgan now, continuing to work on the knee with a leg lock. Storm tags in, and they make a wish with Morgan’s legs. Leglock by Storm, he punches away on the knee. Tag to Williams, who sets Morgan up for the Stretch Muffler, but Morgan fights out. Williams maintains the advantage, and Flair gets in a cheap shot as well! Tag to Storm, who locks in the Figure 4! Morgan tries to reverse it, and eventually he does! Tenay reports that Eric Bischoff is angry and is headed to the broadcast table. While Morgan continues to get worked over, Eric says that Morgan better win, because if he doesn’t, he will never get a shot at Jeff Hardy! Roode locks in a Boston Crab while Eric yells about how they made it personal, and he’s professional! He doesn’t want to hear from Tenay. Roode punches away. Morgan fights back with a discus clothesline! Roode makes the tag to Williams, who eats some clotheslines from Morgan. Roode runs into a boot! Williams is splashed in the corner, and eats a sidewalk slam. Bischoff is now threatening Tenay, and has promised that Morgan will receive a title shot if he wins this match. Flair is on the apron, and he gets smacked down by Morgan. Apparently Beer Money has headed for higher ground. Williams with a big knee in the corner. A cross body attempt by Williams ends with a fall away slam by Morgan! Carbon Footprint wins it!
Winner: Matt Morgan

Jeff Hardy distracts Morgan with a promo on the big screen which was obviously pre-recorded, then low blows him from behind in real time! Twist of Hate! Hardy goes up…Swanton! Hardy stands tall with his Immortal Belt as we close the show.


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