TNA Turning Point 2010 – Friday 12/11/2010

TNA Turning Point 2010

TNA Turning Point 2010

TNA Turning Point 2010 Report – Friday 12/11/2010

By Rob Towsey

Broadcast Friday 12/11/2010 at 10pm on the Extreme Sports Channel. Originally aired Live on Pay-Per View in the United States – Sunday 07/11/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Live! from the iMPACT! Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Fl.

And here we are again, it’s time for another TNA pay per view and we open with a video package voiced over by the TNA Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy.

TNA X Division Title match – Lethal (Champion) vs. Robbie E

As always TNA opt to start the show off with the X Division which is always a great way to kick off a pay per view. Personally I can’t stand Robbie E so this one doesn’t excite me one bit but I’m optimistic Lethal can keep me entertained. Robbie E is out first out, again the crowds not impressed. Robbie’s accompanied as always by Cookie and loving punching the air, oh dear!

Jay Lethal out next and that’s more like it a good crowd pop for Lethal.

And here we go, Lethal and Robbie tie up, Robbie’s out of the ring already, backing off from Lethal. Lethal takes the early advantage and goes to work on Robbie and locks him in an arm bar. Robbie breaks and throws Lethal to the ropes, Lethal holds the ropes and Robbie runs at him looking to knock him over the ropes but Lethal ducks and flips Robbie over the top on to the mat instead. Lethal attempts to slide under the rope to take out Robbie who moves, Lethal misses but lands a vicious chop to Robbie’s chest. Nice! That looked like it hurt. Lethal taking it to Robbie smashes Robbie face first into the steel steps and rolls him back into the ring. Lethal now climbs the ropes and hits the drop kick from the top and is in complete control at this point, two count and Robbie kicks out. Lethal goes for the Lethal Combination but Robbie blocks and the tide in this one looks like its changing. Robbie now in complete control pounds Lethal and gets a two count. Robbie sucks chant has started again and I couldn’t agree more! Robbie throws Lethal to the corner and hits a powerful spear. Abdominal stretch by Robbie, Lethals out and begins a fight back, Lethal has Robbie pinned but Cookie distracts the ref. Lethal now arguing with Cookie but avoids the sneak attack by Robbie who finds himself on the outside of the ring again. Lethal prepares and dives over the top landing on Robbie. Robbie tries to escape Lethal by heading into to the ring but no such luck as Lethal drags him back outside and continues the attack. We’re back in the ring and Cookies on the apron and tries to spray Lethal in the eyes with hair spray but Lethal grabs the can before she’s able to use it. Here comes Robbie from behind but Lethal sees him and bang! Lethal Combination, points to the corner and up he goes. Wait Cookies there and grabs lethal, he kicks her away but Robbie knocks the ropes causing Lethal to fall. Robbie with a neck breaker and NO NO NO! Robbie gets the three count and becomes the new TNA X Division champion.

Winner and New TNA X Division Champion – Robbie E

I have to say it, that was a very poor match and what is TNA thinking handing the belt to this guy, unbelievable. A good solid performance by Lethal who in my oppionion carried this match and did his best to put on a show, let’s hope this reign doesn’t last long, or this gimmick.

We go back stage where Christie is with Mickie James who tells us that the Tara has made things personal and that Tara may not like her and may never have liked her but after tonight she sure will respect her.

Tara vs. Mickie James

Tara makes her way to the ring on her usual motor bike, no sign of Madison but I’m expecting her to make an appearance at some point.

Here comes Mickie James who wastes no time getting to the ring and starts things off with a slap to Tara’s face.  Mickie is pounding on Tara but the ref warns her about closed fists and Mickie starts arguing which gives Tara the opening to and takes control. Tara goes for a power bomb but it’s reversed by James. Mickie to the ropes, drop kick to the face of Tara who rolls out to recover and waves Mickie outside but she refuses and instead opens the ropes inviting Tara back inside. Tara’s back in and rakes the eyes and delivers a neck breaker to Mickie. Tara stomps and taunts Mickie; Mickie tries to fight back but to no avail. Tara now goes for the Widows Peak but Mickie reverses and rolls Tara up for the pin but only gets the two count and now turns hooks Tara in a single leg Boston crab. Tara breaks the hold knocking Mickie to the outside. Tara follows and the two lock up on the outside. Their back in and Tara sends Mickie across the ring with a hair toss. Tara’s looking pretty psychotic and only seems interested in hurting Mickie. Mickie now in the corner and but is fighting back wraps her legs around Tara’s neck and tosses her over the top rope head scissor style. Tara is getting up but Mickie dives on her from the ring apron. Mickie tosses Tara back in and goes to the top rope. Missile drop kick from the top by knocking Tara halfway across the ring, Tara’s up and Mickie goes for the spin kick but is caught by Tara. Mickie down now and Tara with two vicious kicks to the body and Tara pulls Mickie to her feet by her hair and Mickie is fighting back again but Tara stops her and goes for the suplex, reversal by Mickie who tries the same. This time Tara reverses and places Mickie on the top rope but Mickie blocks the attempted head scissors by Tara and the two are fighting on the top rope but the both fall from the top to the outside of the ring and are both down as the ref begins his count. Both are now back up and are at each other again. Mickie tosses Tara back first into the ring apron. Tara now with a kick to Mickies mid section and their now fighting in the crowd, this has count out written all over it, yep the bells rung and they have both been counted out but that’s not stopping them. These two are fighting all over the IMPACT Zone. Tara has a broom and breaks it over Mickies back. It’s not over though; Mickie has a trash can and smashes it over Tara’s head. Security is out now and Mickie heads back to the ring and calls Tara back in. Tara breaks away from security and here they go again in the ring. Hell yeah! Tara just ripped Mickies outfit and she’s not happy and rips at Tara’s top back. Loads of security hitting the ring now and the two are finally separated.

Double count out

A usual knockout bout with nothing particularly special but I like the way they ended the match. Most people (including myself) had this one going to Mickie James which would lead her straight into a title match against Madison but I think building on the feud works better as these two have chemistry and now have a good opportunity to build on the momentum gained here tonight.

We’re now shown video build up to the TNA Tag Team title match which is built as Team 3D’s final match as a tag team. (Is this their last match or a sly way of getting a title shot? Time to find out)

Christie is back stage with Team 3D and after watching the video package she tells them how sad she feels that this is their last match. Brother Ray tells Christie that her comments have smacked him in the face with reality and that yes this is their last match and after 15 years in the business they wanted to become the best tag team in the business and they have done just that. Tonight they are going out to do it one last time and becoming the 24 time tag team champions and going out in style.

TNA Tag Team Championship – Team 3D vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Champions)

3D out first and what a reaction from the crowd, if this is their last match then their getting great respect from the crowd.

The Champs on their way to the ring and also get a good pop from the crowd and deservedly so, this isn’t MCMG vs. Generation Me but it should still deliver.

Shelly and Devon to start us off, a hand shake and they lock up which is not a smart move on Shelly’s part considering the size and weight advantage Devon has. Devon now pushing Shelly to the corner, clean break and they lock up again but this time Shelly goes for the arm bar but it’s reversed by Devon who tosses Shelly to the ground into a head lock. Shelly head scissor reversal Devon breaks and the two men are back to their feet and the crowd gives them a respectful cheer. Another lock up and Shelly again goes for the arm bar, both men to the ropes, Devon with a shoulder block knocking Shelly to the mat, two count Shelly kicks out. Suplex attempt by Devon, Shelly reverses, backs up into the corner, Devon runs towards him but Shelly moves and hits the kick to the back of Devon’s head. A great start by these two, very impressive. Devon now goes for a left then a right but Shelly ducks under both, drop kick to the knees of Devon and Shelly makes the tag to Sabin. Sabin picks up Devon and holds him while Shelly climbs the ropes, Devon breaks and Shelly see’s in time and drops down and the guns try the double team on Devon who hits the double clothesline knocking both guns to the mat. Tags made to Brother Ray and now its 3D’s turn to double team but smart move by Sabin who sees it coming and retreats to the outside to regroup. Sabin’s back in and Ray’s straight on him, they lock up and go toe to toe, Sabin now with a spring board from the outside and a two count on Ray. Devon in now and a double team by 3D, Devon for the pin on Sabin but it’s broken up by Shelly. Devon sends Sabin to the ropes, blind tag made by Shelly who was not seen by Devon, Sabin stops himself by hooking the ropes as Shelly attacks Devon from behind. Drop toe hold by Shelly, Devon down and elbow drop by Sabin, great work by the guns! Only gets them the two count though. Four move double team by the guns knocks Ray out of the ring and the guns turn their attention to Devon on the apron knocking him to the outside. Guns in control as Shelly dives through the middle rope and crashes into Devon on the outside, Sabin now over the top to Ray who moves just in time and measures Sabin up who is getting to his feet by the ring post on the outside as Ray comes diving at him and goes head first into the post as Sabin moves just in time. Ray now appears to be half under the ring, I smell a set up coming here as Sabin goes to pull him out, nope no weapon but he’s cut open. Quick tags by the guns who target the cut on Ray’s forehead. Ray now fighting back and goes to the top rope, Sabin quickly on him and attempts the head scissors from the top but it’s turned into a power bomb by Ray, two count as Sabin just about kicks out. Sabin makes the tag, Ray leans over to tag in Devon but Shelly interrupts and knocks Devon to the ground and mocks Team 3D, that doesn’t go down well with and Shelly gets a negative reaction from the crowd. Ray now with a slap to Shelly’s chest, Ray now on his knees yelling at Shelly to bring it who responds with a kick to the ribs and gets a second slap for his efforts as Ray manages to fight back knocking Shelly to the mat. Ray now crawling to the make the tag to Devon and does, Sabin also tagged in but Devon’s cleaning house, Shoulder block followed by a side slam by Devon, two count as Sabin kicks out. Sabin tossed to the corner, kicks Devon coming in but Devon remains in control hitting Sabin with a power slam. Neck breaker, Devon again goes for the pin bit this time Shelly makes it back in the ring to break up the count. Thumb to the eye of Devon by Shelly, double team, went for the two move combo but Devon catches Sabin and drops him right on top of Shelly. Huge clothesline by Devon to Shelly, Devon now heading to the top, flying head butt into the pin but Shelly’s there again the break up the pin. Blind tag this time made by 3D, Guns unaware as Ray comes up from behind and nails both with a double clothesline followed by a DEVON GET THE TABLE!! Devon doesn’t disappoint and the tables in the ring (never quite understood this, it’s a blatant DQ move) Sabin’s the nominated victim as the table is positioned in the corner. Sabin tossed now to the table but WOW! Sabin runs up and flips over the table, Ray comes running in but ends up through the table himself. Both guns now in the ring, double kick to Devon, go for the pin and Devon kicks out at two. Double team, cross body from the top, this has to be it but Devon kicks out again. Devon now reverses the double team Sabin ends up kicking Shelly in the face as Team 3D look ready to finish it. 3D on Sabin, now it’s over, NO WAY! Sabin kicks out. This is amazing stuff! 3D are stunned, 15 years and nobody has ever kicked out of the 3D finisher (don’t quote me on that) but they go for it again and Sabin this time reverses, Devon’s down, Ray attempts the elbow drop but misses, Shelly’s in the background recovering as ray gets back to his feet and walks straight into a side kick to the face from Shelly, the Guns now with the double team from the top to Ray, Sabin with the cover, 1,2 and that’s a 3 count. MCMG retain the tag titles! WOW. Mutual respect shown by both teams at the end of this one great to see and a real moment for Team 3D as both Brother Ray & Devon say their farewells.

Winners and still TNA World Tag Team Champions – Motor City Machine Guns

Every once in a while you get that special match that amazes and blows you away, I personally just witnessed that right now and believe that was one of the greatest tag matches I have witnessed in a long time. TNA really has put tag team wrestling back on the map and have real talent on their hands with the Guns. The result was what I wanted as I strongly feel they deserve their time and long may it continue.

It’s a shame that Team 3D appear to be ending their tag team days together, I feel they still have so much to give but as for what’s next, I don’t know but what a final match.

Backstage now with Christie who is with Tommy Dreamer and asks how he feels about the end of team 3D and that himself, Raven and EV2 are the reason why 3D got in the business and couldn’t be prouder of Team 3D but now tonight Ev2 are fighting for their jobs and two friends are fighting. He congratulates Bischoff as their playing right into his hands. Promises that tonight Rob Van Dam will find out who’s lying to him and who his true friends are.

Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer enters the Zone first, good reaction from the crowd, Van Dam out now and gets a huge pop from the crowd. Rob looks a little unsure and suspicious as he makes his way to the ring. And we’re off; they lock up, Dreamer with the schoolboy role up and get’s a count, both men up and going at it verbally. Really feeling each other out as Rob roles out the ring to regroup, slow start. Dreamer from the apron and clotheslines Van Dam, Dreamer goes to throw Van Dam head first to the ring post, blocks and Dreamer ends up straddled over the crowd barrier. RVD now leg drop from the apron and roles Dreamer back in the ring and grabs a steel chair. Sling shot attempt by RVD, Dreamer moves and RVD lands outside of the ring, too much showboating by RVD. Dreamer now takes control as he positions RVD upside down in the corner and grabs the steel chair and places it in RD’s face. RVD keeps moving the chair so Dreamer opts for the neck breaker and heads outside and brings a ladder into play. Baseball slide by RVD misses and gets a face full of ladder. Dream now takes the ladder in to the ring RVD is back in and Dreamer bulldogs RVD right onto the ladder. RVD now lying flat on the ladder as Dreamer climbs the ropes. Dreamer leaps with an elbow drop but RVD moves, RVD now rolling thunder but Dreamer this time moves and RVD’s in some pain, spine buster by Dreamer and he goes back to the top and hits him with a frog slash, 2 count for Dreamer. He has RVD up now who reverses and goes for the pin on Dreamer who kicks out on 2 but now Dreamer is favouring his hand from where he hit the ladder and you can clearly see he’s broke it as theirs a lump of bone where you don’t expect to see a lump of bone, ref and RVD check on Dreamer. RVD goes for the cover but Dreamer kicks out, RVD looks confused clearly thinking lets end this so you can get treatment but Dreamers not finished. Dreamer now with a slap to RVS’s face who responds with a drop kick to the face of Dreamer. RVD now signals to the ref that he tried to stop the match and then slams Dreamer onto the steel chair and goes to the top, moonsult and Dreamer moves forcing RVD to land on the chair, ladder now positioned in the corner, RVD huge thrown in and crashes into the ladder, Dreamer comes running in and RVD moves and Dreamer goes face first into the ladder. RVD to the top, frog slash but again nobody home. Huge pile driver now by Dreamer who’s now planting RVD on the top, ladder now back in play as he places it between the middle ropes in the corner and looks like he’s attempting to stand on it and use it a leverage to suplex RVD from the top but fails and fall between the ladder right on the family jools. Spin kick from RVD from the top, Dreamer dangling in the corner now and RVD now drop kick with the steel chair into Dreamers face goes again for the frog splash but again Dreamer moves, another frog splash attempt and this time he hits it and gets the 3 count. The two embrace at the end and head backstage together.

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Honestly, entertaining in parts but didn’t get what the point was?

Christie now backstage with Fortune, Flair say’s it best, thank god the last match is over, two guys from EV2 kicking the crap out of each other, who gives a damn! Now the real show begins and Fortune gets to kick butt and Flair gets to fire a member of Fortune.

EV2 vs. Fortune (EV2 lose and member gets fired)

Fortune makes their way to the ring, and now EV2 enter. Starts with a brawl, all ten men going at it all over the IMPACT Zone but appears that Roode and Richards are starting things off officially following a nice spine buster by Roode who goes for the pin attempt. Looks like Kendrick’s is hurt badly, possibly blown out his knee, trainers rushing to take him back stage and even some concern by James Storm. Back in the ring Storm is tagged in and a double team by Beer Money onto Richards ends in a pin attempt but Richards kicks out.  Kaz now tagged in, two count on Richards who needs to make a Tag. Quick tags by Fortune as Williams now tagged and, AJ now in and continues the assault on Richards. Another quick tag and Roode in, pin attempt which is broken up by Raven, Kaz now in and mocks Richards Stevie kick, misses and gives Richards the opportunity to tag. Rhino now in and cleans house. This one is back and forth, Sabu in the ring now he has AJ on the top rope AJ reverses in to the Styles Clash and gets the 3 count, Sabu is history!

Winners – Fortune (Sabu now fired from TNA)

Hoping now this feud is over, would like to see Fortune move on a little and see the end of EV2 as I can’t see where else they fit into the current direction of TNA.

Back to Christie backstage with the Pope who has the congregation with him including his own brother for the lumberjack match with Abyss which is up next. This interviews interrupted by Mickie James being beaten by Tara and you guessed it Madison, so knew she would make an appearance.

Lumberjack match – Pope vs. Abyss

Abyss makes his way to the ring to chants of you suck, Pope next and gets a great reception from the crowd. Pope has the lumberjacks behind him who begin surrounding the ring. Pope wastes no time and goes after Abyss. Abyss knocked out of the ring early, the congregation flock to Abyss who sees them coming and roles back in the ring quick. Pope now with some early momentum over Abyss who now tosses Pope over the top and he’s caught by the congregation help him back into the ring, seems clear the outside is a safe zone for the Pope but not so much for Abyss. Pope now to the top, flying clothesline connects and Abyss is down. Pope goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. Pope to the ropes both men over the top rope to the outside and the congregation are all over Abyss and they toss him back into the ring. Abyss now takes control after landing a big boot right to the face of the Pope. Abyss now going to work tossing Pope from corner to corner and stomping away at the already injured ribs, bear hug now by Abyss, shoulder block allows Pope to regain control. Pope tosses Abyss to the corner, Abyss reverses and gets Pope ready for the Shock Treatment and hits it. 2 count, now Abyss goes for the choke slam, misses and Pope knocks Abyss to the outside where the congregation greets him with. Pope on the top to the outside landing directly on Abyss, what’s this Bischoff now appears and does the money signal and Popes brother attacks him from behind, now the whole congregation attacks Pope and throw him back into the ring to Abyss. This one’s over, Pope has been done again by IMMORTAL.

Winner – Abyss

Ok so I didn’t see that coming but should have. Really expected Pope to get a little revenge tonight but wasn’t to be. What would be great now would be for Nash to come back with Sting to lead the fight back. Watch this space.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe

Jarrett makes his way to the ring for what I can only hope is for one hell of a beating. “You sold out” chants fill the IMPACT ZONE. Jarrett has the mic and again tells the crowd that he and the rest of the guys never sold out the sold in! Now he tells the crowd that he’s sick of their chant and his heading back stage to tell Bischoff to end this show and their never see Jeff Hardy tonight. Joe’s music hits and that stops Jeff dead in his tracks, come on Joe do some damage! Jarrett doesn’t seem to keen to get in the ring and rightfully so as Joe looks pissed and ready to kill him. We’re underway, they lock up and Joe gets the advantage but cannot get hold of Jarrett who ducks and dives away each time Joe tries to take the advantage. Jarrett’s quickness comes in to play as he ducks an attack by Joe, Jarrett to the ropes but Joe catches him coming with a spin kick. Now Joe begins his attack, Jarrett in the corner and here comes Joe who flattens Jarrett and follows up with a kick to the head, great agility by Joe. Jarrett now comes back rights and lefts and uses the ring ropes to strangle Joe. Jarrett has Joe on the middle ropes and runs to the ropes but Joes and catches him coming in. Joes back in control delivers punch after punch and has Jarrett reeling but Jarrett comes back with a nasty chop, Joe looks pissed and retaliates with a chop of his own. Jarrett’s now back in the corner and Joe goes ballistic with a barrage of brutal chops to the chest. This is what I wanted to see, come on Joe! Power bomb attempt by Joe, Jarrett reverses and hooks Jarrett in ankle lock which I have to say really annoys me! Jarrett to the outside grabs a chair but the refs there to stop him bringing it in the ring. Jarrett to the top rope, Joes on his feet but Jarrett catches him with an elbow.  Jarrett tries the same again but this time Joe catches him on the way down and goes for the choke slam, Jarrett with a drop kick and gets to his feet showboating but doesn’t realise Joes straight back up and is very angry indeed. Clothesline by Joe and gets a 2 count. Joe of the ropes and big boot right to the face of Jarrett, backsplash and another pin attempt by Joe but only a 2 count again. Joe has Jarrett on his shoulders ready to slam him down on the canvas but Jarrett reverses into his finisher the stroke and calls the ref over to count but Joe kicks out at 2. Joes back to his feet quick and hits a T-Bone suplex, positions Jarrett on the top rope, muscle buster time? He goes for it but Jarrett sees it coming and hits Joe with a DDT (kind of) from the top, Joe head first into the top turnbuckle. Jarrett now positions Joe on the top turnbuckle and hits Joe with the stroke from the top rope! Joe kicks out at 2, Jarrett’s not happy and heads outside and gets himself a steel chair but again the ref is outside to stop him. Meanwhile Joe regroups on the inside and dives at Jarrett through the middle rope taking the ref out as well as Jarrett (inadvertently) Joe has Jarrett back in the ring ready for the muscle buster but here come Murphy and Gunner, Jarrett’s two stooges. Muscle buster to one goes for the second but Jarrett has one of their nightsticks and cracks Joe in the back on the leg with it. Jarrett’s not done, he drives the stick into Joes head, now he’s choking him, Joe looks like he’s almost out. Angle chant from the crowd! The refs been thrown back in the ring as Jarrett continues to choke Joe and that’s it Jarrett get the win. What crap! I can’t wait for Angle to get back and destroy Jarrett.

Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Well I never thought this would win any other way but I was kind of hoping Angle would show up at some point as were the crowd by the sounds of things. Can’t see this being the last of these two, if I were Jarrett I would steer clear of the IMPACT Zone for a while.

Backstage now and this time Christie is with Bischoff and Popes or should I say Bischoff congregation. Bischoff describes Popes brother as his brother from another mother and tells Pope all he had to do was raise the pay rate for the night and all would have worked out fine but instead Bischoff paid them off. Popes brother passes Bischoff a pair of the Popes sunglasses and Bischoff puts them on as well as a load of bling.

Jeff Hardy (Champion) vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Now call it what you will but this is the point where I my sky + stopped recording (I am not impressed one bit) although I cannot give you a play by play of the match I can tell you how it ended. It appears that Matt Morgan hit Hardy with the Carbon Footprint and went for the cover only for the ref to stop at 2 even though Hardy never kicked out. Hardy hit Morgan with three Twist of Hates (new name for his finisher) Morgan kicked out of two but was eventually pinned on the third meaning Hardy retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner – Jeff Hardy

Although I missed the main event (couldn’t have been the Robbie E fight could it) it sounds like it was a great match with a little ref payout involved. Now none of us expected Morgan to win the title especially not on Hardy’s first defence and was only ever a replacement for the injured Mr Anderson but from what I read he came out very well from the match and could find himself back in the main event again in the near future.

Overall this one was never going to beat Bound for Glory and Immortal were always going to sweep the show but for me (excluding the main event) the highlight of the night was Team 3D vs. MCMG, that was truly one of the greats. Did the show miss Kurt Angle? For me of course I believe he’s by far the best in the business today and love him or hate him when he’s in the ring he delivers so the quicker he returns the better.

Until the next month.


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  1. Mark says:

    Really enjoyed this PPV until Sky Plus ballsed up again… Seriously, how many times can they get the scheduling wrong?

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