TNA Xplosion – Friday 12/11/2010


TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 12/11/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 12/11/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Eric Young & Taz

You can watch this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion on the site HERE.

Suicide has got to be removed shortly from the Xplosion intro. Anyway Taz and…just Taz welcomes us to Xplosion. This is different. Taz goes on to explain that his Xplosion broadcast partner Jeremy Borash got a little roughed up by Eric Bischoff on impact recently. It seems that Taz will be flying solo but that is not the case! Taz is sure that Jeremy Borash will be back “eventually” and would you believe it, Eric Young rises up from underneath the broadcast table! I wonder if this means So Cal Val will be the ring announcer on impact as well. Eric is ready to rock and Xplosion is now underway. Yes that’s right, no rundown of the card or backstage interviews. So we’re going into the unknown here….OK here we go. One half of Generation Me makes his way to the ring, the one half being Jeremy Buck. His opponent is one half of Ink Inc…the one half…you get it, its Jesse Neal. Orlando Jordan is checking up on J.B in the back. Oh and Jeremy Buck has hit the mic. Well not literally. He’s about to speak and since when did Jesse have a red Mohawk?

“The last time we were in this ring on Xplosion…me and Max we pinned you and Shannon Moore in this very ring.” Jesse sort of hop foots it to Jeremy to get up-close I guess.

“Ha ha ha, and you cared way too much about these people. You actually think that these people think that those tattoos are cool man? Err, new flash, this is cool man, see these sneakers….” You get the idea.

“I’m so sick and tired about hearing your stupid stories about the USS coal. Stop caring about this county so much, I don’t give a crap” Jesse is getting intense…erm…angry. Jeremy goes on to say that he only cares about him aka me. So he doesn’t care about his tag team partner? I smell a feud between a tag team! Oh wait….Team 3D.

“I think Jeremy went too far” says Taz. Yep you’re not kidding as Jesse Neal is hammering down onto Jeremy as the bell rings.

MATCH 1: Jeremy Buck vs. Jesse Neal

After that he Jesse gets up and screams to the crowd, by this time Jeremy is on one knee and Jesse heads back towards him and Irish whip into the ropes and on the return gets thrown onto his back. Jeremy quickly recovers and get’s to his feet but Jesse is heading towards him, but he gets struck with a boot to the face. Ouch! Jeremy hops through in between the top and middle ropes, he is on the apron, Jesse seems to go for a punch and lands it! Jeremy has gone flying of the apron!

Cue the chase around the front half of the ring, Jeremy heads back in the ring followed by Jesse. Jeremy has now dropped to his knees and begging Jesse to stop. Jesse amazingly actually stops with his fist clenched and looks to the crowd on the right, and then the left. Amazing head movement. Jeremy gets back to a vertical base and puts out his hand and immediately goes to kick Jesse who was ready for this as he is now holding his right leg spins him round and clotheslines Jeremy followed by a running shoulder block as we head to a break as Jesse is sent over the top rope.

Back from the break. Taz says that Jeremy had control during the break but right now Jesse is in control, well temporarily as Jesse is kicked to the face and is caught in a headlock down on the canvas. Jesse fights back but once again Jeremy is in control with a spinning back elbow which is followed up by a near fall. Frustrated he kicks Jesse, who from the apron shoulder blocks Jesse and shortly follows up with a small package but that fails as it’s only a 2 count. Back spin kick and a dropkick to Jesse who is down on the canvas. Jeremy is not letting up as he stretches Jesse’s arms back in a submission type move but Jesse fires back big time with a lot of screaming, a load of punches followed by an Irish whip but Jeremy floats over but Jesse somehow gets a cross body dive followed by a slam face first. That only leads to a near fall. Jesse is now really angry, he goes for a spear but Jeremy exits the ring. Walking up the ramp Jeremy says “screw this!” but Jesse is having none of it and throws Jeremy back in the ring.

Jesse misses with a clothesline and Jeremy takes advantage by getting a small package and gets the 3 count by pulling on Jesse’s trunks. “…highway robbery at its blatant best” says Taz.

WINNER: Jeremy buck via pin fall

We get the graphic for the next match which features the other half of the tag team! Max Buck taking on Shannon Moore but Eric Young is busy telling some story to Taz the first time we see the graphic and when we see it again back from the break.

“..oh right yeah, still to come on TNA Xplosion it’s going to be Max Buck of Generation Me taking on Shannon Moore of Ink Inc in singles action.” Nice one Eric. He goes back to the story.

Cue the entrances of Max Buck and Shannon Moore.  It’s main event time. Eric doesn’t trust the book of Dilligaf, however it’s spelt.  No one is hitting the mic, and the bell rings.

Match 2: Max Buck vs. Shannon Moore

Shannon has a black and red Mohawk. Both guys lock up twice and then Max lands a kick to the mid section of Shannon. Max is thrown into the rope but gets a shoulder block delivered to Shannon. Coming of the ropes again it goes downhill for Max as he finds himself on the receiving end of 2 deep arm drags. Shannon doesn’t let go the second time but turns it into a submission hold with an arm bar style submission. Max tries to get out multiple times but fails, but eventually he does manage to get out courtesy of an elbow to the face.

Shannon comes of the ropes courtesy of an Irish whip and almost gets slammed into the canvas but he throws Max out of the ring. Baseball slide by Shannon onto a Max who was going to go for a high risk move of the apron but he is slammed down onto the apron as Max grabbed his leg as we go to the break.

Back from the break Max was all over Shannon says Taz. Max is controlling the head of Shannon courtesy of a choke hold, but Shannon gets to his feet and punches Max 3 times to get out of it and he then heads to the ropes but as he does Max grabs the left leg of Shannon and drags him out of the ring – yes grabbing the leg was quick – and back first into the steel guard rail. “All about me” says Max as Jesse is trying to get to his feet and Shannon is sitting in the corner of the ring as when he gets rolled in. Max heads towards him but Shannon is fighting back from his knees with numerous punches and then gets a head scissors attempt done successfully. “Turning point of the match says Taz.

Shannon is on fire when he gets up on the 4 count as both men were down with numerous spin kicks and then an atomic drop where the sun doesn’t shine. It seems Shannon was going to go for a sharpshooter as he was holding Max’s legs and looked to the crowd a few times but performs a double leg drop which is followed by a 2 count.

Shannon now sits Max on the top turnbuckle who is wobbling courtesy of a few punches. He goes for a hurricarana but Max pushes him off and missile dropkicks Shannon down which leads to a near fall. Max is frustrated as he gets up with Shannon still on the canvas. He drags him towards the other half of the ring and dives of the top turnbuckle with a Swanton style move but Shannon gets out of the way, hop tosses Max onto the apron. Max was about to perform a springboard move but Shannon dropkicks him to the floor followed by a dropkick.  He then throws Max into the ring and as he is getting to his feet, Shannon is already on the top turnbuckle and lands a neck breaker which leads to the victory via pin fall!

Winner: Shannon Moore via pin fall.

Shannon has “levelled the playing feel for Ink Inc” says Taz. He thanks Eric Young and Xplosion is of the air. As you will have noticed this report focused only on the matches as due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn’t see the Extreme Sports airing thus not seeing the other content shown. Apologies for that but normal service will resume next week!


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