By Dave Bunning

Welcome to another edition of The Good, The Bad, The TNA. There are a few bits for you to read about.

Kevin Nash

I announced here on TNAUK that Kevin Nash had resigned with TNA but like many wrestling sites out there it was later found out to be not true.

Jeff Hardy’s Immortal Title Belt

I think this belt is straight up awful. It reminds me of across over between the WWE/ECW title and the WWE Divas title. I’m glad that this belt is only for Jeff Hardy and that when he does lose the title it will return to the original belt.

Team 3d Spilt.

Well this week on TNA iMPACT we had the fall out from Turning Point with Bubba Ray turning on long term tag team partner Devon. I predicted this happening because I doubt that TNA would let them retire after signing new contracts.

It will be nice to see how this will go but could it be 5 years to late for them.

I also worry how as single wrestle they will do because they were so good as a team.

Matt Hardy To TNA?

Matt Hardy recently gave us the biggest hint about his future on Twitter recently

Matt Hardy said “After watching the TNA PPV tonight, I’ve got the wrestling bug again.. I can’t wait to step in the ring again-I WILL BE REBORN!!”

Would love to see Matt in TNA

It’s good To Turn Face

Matt Morgan’s recent Face turn has done very well for his momentum and push in TNA. An unexpected turn due to Mr. Anderson Injury has showed us how versatile he is and that he is a credible Main Event threat.

Jersey Shore

Why oh why are TNA pushing this mess of a duo in TNA. They bring nothing to TNA and that Robbie is a shambles in the ring and on the mic. Please remove from our screens!

The TV Title

When will TNA put this belt on the line? Is just a prop for AJ Style?


I know a lot of people out there are bashing TNA about this storyline but I have to admit I’m enjoying this. As good as the NWO storyline was I feel this could be slightly better. Yes it lacks originality but I feel they have seen the negatives in that storyline and really making it enjoyable, they are also have done a good job of getting all the main event stars involved. Yet with all storylines someone has to suffer and I feel the x-division is the area to suffer.

Next week check out my top 5 TNA Knockouts at the moment.

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