TNA Xplosion – Friday 19/11/2010


TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 19/11/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 19/11/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can watch the matches from this week’s episode right HERE on the site.

Suicide still hasn’t been removed from the intro. Why do I always open the Xplosion report talking about the intro? Hmm. Anyway Jeremy Borash is back “in the hot seat” along with Taz. This week the rundown of the card  also makes a return  as we have Magnus taking on Jesse Neal as well as knockout action with Tara going against Velvet Sky.The camera man/interviewer catch up with Magnus arriving to the soundstage. “Oh goody” says Magnus who is then informed that he is facing Jesse Neal tonight. He’s going to fall victim to the “Mcdaddy” The dude behind the camera also asks where Chelsea is to which Magnus simply says:

“Do we have to talk about her? Really. Well what do you want to know…every single time ever since I have been dealing with her all I ever get is ‘oh what about Chelsea? Where’s Chelsea?’ OK, I’m standing right here. Yeah. She’s away in Europe if you must know. She’s off on a photo shoot in Spain or somewhere I can’t remember, I booked a ticket, you know but, OK yeah it happened to coincide with today’s Xplosion.  She maybe not aware of that…”

The dude behind the camera then asks:
“Well if you booked it, it’s almost like you sent her away on purpose. What’s the deal?”

Magnus replies:
“Well nothing gets by you does it Sherlock? Alright the truth is that I don’t know if you noticed but, you know, since I’ve had her at ringside, I haven’t had the best run of luck. It’s because I’m distracted. I’m distracted by the fact that I constantly have to stay on the lookout for people who are going to mess with her, and on top of that, have you seen her? Have you looked at her recently? You know, I dare say that…perhaps the chemistry between us is a little too much to bear sometimes, you can’t work with a semi…yeah she’ll be back but you know I’m going to test the water without her and see how I get on. Alright, I’m busy OK I’ve got stuff to do.”

And that was earlier today as back in the Impact! Zone Magnus makes his way to the ring. Taz says he knows that Chelsea is on a photo shoot, but he knows the exact location. Cue Jesse Neal, one half of Ink Inc makes his way to the ring. J.B says he will quiz Taz on Chelsea’s whereabouts later.

Magnus motions for the microphone when Jesse is in the ring and he has it.

“Now hold on, hold on for one just moment.” Magnus goes on to say that the two of them aren’t strangers to each other and that he has been checking Jesse out and he knows all about him. “Post traumatic stress.” Jesse goes to beat on Magnus, referee gets in the way.

“…seriously nobody ….hold on one second please, please. Nobody in a correct mental state would look this way.” Magnus says he is the one who turns heads. He is going on a bit now. He then points out a lady in the crowd and says that she is “probably the best looking girl in here, but your still a moose”. The men all want to be Magnus and the women want to be with him. Magnus turns around to head back in the ring only to be met with a cross body dive courtesy of Jesse Neal, and the bell rings. Finally.

MATCH 1: Magnus vs. Jesse Neal.

So the match officially gets underway outside of the ring, as Jesse slams Magnus’ head into the apron before rolling him back in.

Back from the non Extreme Sports break Magnus gets caught with a shoulder block of the ropes, followed by a neck breaker. A pin fall follows but it’s only a 2 count. Jesse attempts an Irish whip but Magnus reverses it with one of his own, but Jesse puts on the brakes by  grabbing the top ropes on either side of the corner and delivers a reverse elbow shot to the face of Magnus. He quickly hops onto the second rope to attempt some sort of move and as he jumps off Magnus grabs his legs and Jesse is introduced to the canvas.

A carbon foot style boot to the face of Jesse follows and Magnus is loving it resulting in a short delay before he attempts a cover which results in a near fall. Magnus throws Jesse face first into the top turnbuckle, and delivers a punch which drops Jesse to one knee. Magnus boasts to the crowd and eventually throws Jesse out of the ring and taking his sweet time getting out himself. “What do you think your boy now eh?” asking the lady he spoke to earlier in the crowd before punching Jesse again in the face and rolls him back in the ring. Magnus remains in control, as he catches Jesse in mid air from the corner and that only leads to a 2 count when he slams Jesse down to the mat.

Magnus goes for a pump handle but Jesse counters and both men hit each other with clotheslines.
“Turning point of the match” says Taz. Magnus is the first to get to his feet, but Jesse lands numerous punches followed by 2 clotheslines. This leaves Magnus dazed but he does gets back to his feet leaning in the corner of the ring and he lands a boot to the face of Jesse as he comes charging towards him. Jesse is Irish whipped into the corner who this time stops and jumps of the middle rope to successfully land a dive onto Magnus. A 2 count follows.

Jesse seems to have momentum on his side as he slams Magnus down which is followed by a near fall. Why does Jesse look so shocked? Anyway, Magnus gets up and is in the corner of the ring, Jesse in the other, and he seems to attempt a spear but Magnus get’s out of the way and pushes Jesse into the steel ring post…almost…as Jesse put the brakes on and then grabs the waist of Magnus, who takes this opportunity to land a low blow which the referee, of course, doesn’t see which allows Magnus to land the “Mcdaddy driver” to get the 3 count.

Winner: Magnus via pin fall.

Back from the break we get the turning point intro featuring Jeff Hardy, followed by footage from last weeks reaction featuring Hulk Hogan’s comments on refocusing the top talent, Eric Bischoff’s thought on Jeff Hardy’s title belt, Jeff Hardy’s thoughts on RVD and Matt Morgan’s comments about Jeff Hardy’s new personality.

Back from another break Christy Hemme is in the back with one half of the beautiful people, Velvet Sky who is feeling  pretty good about herself  tonight as she has noticed that Tara hasn’t been “on her A game recently.” Velvet goes on to explain that Tara is a “strong bold, confident character. But as of late she’s been  kind of cowering behind Madison Rayne who is that tall by the way and used to me mine and Angelina’s  bitch lackey, but now all of a sudden she has Tara afraid of her for some reason. But Madison is not here tonight and Tara will be more off her game.” Basically Velvet is ready and confident. Christy then asks why Angelina isn’t here with her.

“I told Angelina, erm, last week I said, I appreciated everything we’ve accomplished together as a tag team” as well as the friendship they have, but out of respect Velvet wants’ to do it on her own “without any back up or any interference” even though they are still “a unit” but she has a lot to proof to herself. Velvet signed of by saying this isn’t the last time that we will see her flying solo. Interesting. Maybe Angelina goes on to feud with the lady in the mirror we have been seeing on iMPACT! recently.

Footage about Team 3D’s split from reaction is then broadcast followed by RVD’s thoughts on EV2 and Rhino being the Mole in the group. Tommy Dreamer’s interview is also shown which is followed by Jay Lethal talking about Robbie E and vice versa with Cookie. That concludes the TNA Wrestling Rewind for this week’s Xplosion which is really a TNA ReACTION  rewind.

So Cal Val once again with the ring introductions for Tara followed by Velvet Sky.  Jeremy Borash says that everywhere TNA Live goes everyone seems to say “Let the pigeons loose” during Velvet’s entrance.  The bell rings.

MATCH 2: Tara vs. Velvet Sky.

Have a guess how this match starts? Lock up? Punches? Nope, Tara does a  carbon copy of Velvet Sky’s ring entrance …almost…as she trips on the middle rope getting back in the ring. Yes, really. Anyway what are they doing now….OK Velvet goes to show  Tara how it’s supposed to be done and before Velvet has a chance, Tara goes to kick her but it doesn’t connect , so Velvet kicks Tara in the back of her leg, after a slight delay Tara reacts, and Velvet get’s a 2 count.
“Trying to steal the proverbial quick one” says Taz.

2 arm drags to Tara, another 2 count. Velvet controlling the arm of Tara but Velvet over powers her and slams her down to the mat, shortly after that Velvet does the same thing three times. The referee is warning her of something. Tara is holding onto the top rope but Velvet grabs her legs and pulls her into the centre of the ring. This is immediately followed by a choke, but Tara get’s up, howeverVelvet has jumped on the back of Tara while still applying the hold. Tara backs Velvet up in the corner twice which causes Velvet to loose her grip on Tara and remain in the corner. Tara then goes charging towards Velvet with a shoulder block but she connects with the ring post and finds herself outside of the ring.

Back from the non extreme sports break Velvet is getting thrown around “like a rag doll” by Tara. She is slammed face first onto the canvas followed by getting slammed back first onto the canvas. Tara goes for a rolling dive from the apron onto Velvet but she gets out the way and lands a “running low dropkick” to Tara’s’ face followed by near fall.

Velvet get’s back to her feet and goes to charge towards Tara but she quickly get gets back to her feet and Velvet finds herself leaning on top of the middle rope. Tara applies a choke but the referee starts the 5 count, Tara breaks the hold, but shortly after she raises Velvet up and with her upper body on the outside of the top ring rope as she applies another hold which is broken before the referee counts to five. A body slam by Tara who then steps over her and quickly goes for a standing moonsault but Velvet got her knees up.

Velvet is back in control and after a load of beating on Tara. She also lands  a running head scissors followed by a bulldog. Velvet then motions to the crowd that she will perform her finisher it seems as she had her left arm around Tara’s neck, but because of that delay Tara put’s her knee brace to good use and she goes down on one knee and slams Velvet face first it seems into the “metal” knee brace.

Tara is now sensing victory as she goes for the widow’s peak. This leads to the 3 count.

Winner: Tara via pin fall.

Velvet was “out like a light” Jeremy reminds us that Mickie James was watching this very closely. Tara leaves the ring with Velvet starting to recover as Xplosion goes off the air.  Oh and J.B never quizzed Taz on Chelsea’s exact location.


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