TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 20/11/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Morgan Woooooo's The Nature Boy"

TNA iMPACT! - "Morgan Woooooo's The Nature Boy"

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 20/11/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Morgan Woooooo’s The Nature Boy“

Taped at the iMPACT Zone, Universal Studios in  Orlando, FL (09/11/2010).

Aired Saturday 20/11/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 18/11/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We open with another awesome Jeff Hardy video package recapping his recent turn to the side of the devils, set to his new “Another” theme tune, i love that song, much better than “Modest” in my humble opinion.

We open cold, without the usual introductions from the talking heads. Ric Flair enters the Impact Zone. Hold those ropes open, Val! Ric notes that the house is packed for Immortal, Fortune and the Nature Boy. He’s got a hot topic on his hands right now: Matt Morgan. He got screwed at Turning Point, and then made the mistake of punching Flair. They’ve decided to appoint a special referee for Morgan’s rematch with Jeff Hardy: Ric Flair! He doesn’t want Morgan backstage complaining, he wants him in the ring so he can tell him to his face!

Matt Morgan complies with Naitch’s demands and makes his way to the ring. Morgan’s been calling Flair “Naitch” for the past year, but that privilege has been revoked. Only Flair’s friends can call him Naitch! That’s a fact, I wouldn’t call him Naitch if we weren’t close. Flair tells him to keep his eyes on God. Flair could have Fortune come out right now and kick his ass. But he’s never asked somebody to do something that he couldn’t do himself, so tonight Morgan has to beat the Nature Boy! Morgan says that wrestling Ric Flair is number one on his Bucket list, so he’ll do it tonight. Off comes the jacket! Flair says he slept with Zenyatta last night. Morgan will regret the day he walked away from Fortune to be a kissass good guy. When Morgan’s nuts shrink up, he’ll know that he’s wrestling Ric Flair. Tonight, Morgan is wrestling God. He’s got his bucket list! Morgan promises to take his size 18 boot and stick it up Flair’s ass! Great back and forth from those two and a great way to setup the main event.

Generation Me is walking backstage, as their match is next. Tara tells them that she’ll be watching. Ass smacks for good luck! She’ll be watching very closely…are they doing a cougar angle between Tara and GenMe??

Mike Tenay & Taz run down the card. If Raven doesn’t beat Jeff Hardy, he’ll be fired. Abyss has a casket match open challenge. Ric Flair takes on Matt Morgan!

Match 1: Eight-Person Tag Team Match
The Motor City Machine Guns, Jay Lethal and Velvet Sky vs. Generation Me, Robbie E. & Cookie
Let those pigeons loose, Velvet! The Guns & Lethal are impressed. Sky & Sabin are hooking up these days, if you keep score of these things. I have to, it‘s part of my job as an internet news reporter. Lethal & Max start things out in the way you’d expect, that being really fast and impossible to keep up with.. Max takes punches from everybody. He gets put in the Tree of Woe, which leads to Velvet standing on his nuts, and the rest of the group kicking him. Shelley ends up on the wrong side of town, and the bad guys take advantage of it. Max tags Cookie, who stomps Shelley before realizing she needs to tag in Robbie. Shelley finally fights out, but gets cut off by Jeremy with an atomic drop. Shelley tosses Max out, Jeremy gets chin busted, but Shelley still can’t make the tag…until Robbie does some showboating. Shelley kicks him down, and tags in Lethal, who cleans house. Crossbody! Handspring elbow on both of GenMe! Hip toss to Robbie. Cookie goes for a slap, it leads to a Lethal Combination on Jeremy for two. Springboard clothesline by Sabin gets two, and it’s breaking down in Orlando. Velvey with the head scissors on Jeremy. Double teams by the Guns. Max gets sent outside. CATFIGHT! MCMGs with the neck breaker axe handle combo! The referee is nowhere in sight, Sabin gets blinded by the hairspray, and is rolled up for the three count!
Winners: Generation Me, Robbie E. & Cookie

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is decked out in MMA gear!

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Jeff Jarrett tells Gunner & Murphy about the MMA exhibition tonight. They need to stay outside the building and make sure that Kurt Angle doesn’t enter. Angle has no integrity left. Jeremy Borash is smacked around, told to introduce Jeff Hardy right, and get that smirk off his face. He’s got a point to prove to Samoa Joe tonight. He’s got 6 students tonight, and he’s going to showcase his MMA skills. JB better be there to describe it. He asks Jeff what happened to him. JJ says he didn’t sell out, he bought in. The company is run correctly now, and they’ll make it profitable for once and for all.

Tenay & Taz discuss our last segment, and throw it to a video package about Kurt Angle’s last six months. This is the first time Desmond Wolfe’s been seen on Impact in almost six months! I miss ol’ Des.

Double J Double M A Exhibition
JB introduces the segment. Sure enough, six students appear on the ramp, and here comes Double J! The graphic says that Jarrett is an “MMA Enthusiast”. Jarrett runs around and jumps up and down like he’s Tito Ortiz. A shot for Borash! JB tells us that this is an exhibition. The moves will be performed by professionals. We get an on-screen graphic for the people that can’t hear. Don’t try this at home!

One of those students looks an awful lot like Ric Flair’s son, Reid, the guy in the white shorts – i’m pretty much 100% certain it was him, check it out on the replay. First, the cross-arm breaker. JJ applies the hold on a student after explaining it. Second, the Japanese knee lock. Jarrett explains how he’s at his best on his back, and maneuvers another student into the kneebar. His friend Frank Mir made Brock tap out to it. He makes the student tap out to it as well. He seems a bit slow to release these holds. Next, the ankle lock! This was perfected by a man Jarrett knows very well, a man who has been champion all over the world, including in TNA, it took him years but it took Jarrett months. Ken Shamrock is who he learned it from! JJ demonstrates the ankle lock on another student. Next: the rear naked choke! JJ says he’s been in the naked rear choke in the bedroom before. One man has perfected this move…it took him years and years to do it, JJ is talking about Royce Gracie! JJ explains and applies the choke. He ignores the frantic tapping of the student until Samoa Joe’s music plays…

Joe calls JJ a sad, silly SOB and offers to spar with him. JJ will one-up him, if he goes through JJ’s two remaining students, he’ll face Joe one on one in a submissions match tonight! Joe likes this, and heads down to the ring to face JJ’s students.

First student with a go behind, Joe rolls through and locks in a key lock. The student taps. Next! Waistlock by Joe, he grounds him and locks in an anaconda vice. Joe wins! JB announces that Jarrett will now face Joe in a submissions match. The bell rings, but Jarrett opts to toss all of his students in the way of Joe. Joe wipes them out and Jarrett heads for higher ground. One eats a muscle buster. Jarrett runs off.

Backstage, Stevie Richards, Tommy Dreamer, Brian Kendrick & Raven talk about Raven’s match tonight. Raven gives the bird to the Immortals.

Match 2: Win or Fired
Jeff Hardy vs. Raven
No entrance for Raven, which I’m sure bodes well. Jeremy Borash gives Jeff Hardy an extra special introduction. He’s the Charismatic Enigma, the self-proclaimed Antichrist of pro wrestling, and since 10.10.10 is the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Raven’s intro isn’t nearly as special! lol! Its the little things like this that make this angle rock.

Tieup, headlock by Raven, off the ropes, shoulder block gets two. Chin breaker by Hardy. Raven drop toe holds Hardy and Hardy flies outside. Russian leg sweep on the guardrail. Back in the ring, Calf Branding by Raven gets two. He searches under the ring for plunder and gets a chair. He places it in the corner, but is foisted by his own canard when Hardy reverses the whip into it. Raven falls outside, where Hardy works him over. Back in, elbow in the corner by Hardy ,but the whisper in the wind misses. Punches and a discus clothesline by Raven. Corner clothesline and a bulldog gets two. Raven sets up for the Evenflow, but Hardy reverses and hits the Twist of Hate! Swanton and see ya Raven!
Winner: Jeff Hardy
WOW! Raven got squashed, is this the last time we ever see him on national tv?? Bit of a sad way to go out.

Hardy shows off his belt and leaves. Raven sits in the ring in disbelief. EV2.0 comes out to console Raven. Play Hulk Hogan’s music! The Hulkster comes out on the ramp to greet Hardy. Hogan says that Dixie Carter had the gall to say that EV2.0, & Raven & his henchmen meant to wrestling what Hulk Hogan meant to wrestling. He mocks Raven’s complaining throughout his career, and declares “You’re fired, Raven! Quote the Hulkster, nevermore.” Nice!

Tommy Dreamer says that Rhino has some explaining to do, and he demands that he come out right now. Rhino makes his way out with no music and some clips of what happened last week, when he turned his back on EV2.0. Rhino tells Dreamer that he, Rob & the rest of EV2.0 that were in the match at Turning Point knew that after that show, Rhino’s contract expired. Did anybody care? No. The only person that cared was Eric Bischoff! He gave Rhino a choice: employment or unemployment. Rhino’s an honest man, at first he told Eric he could kiss his ass. But then he realized that he was in TNA years before Dreamer & RVD. When they came, they stole the spotlight & the glory. Rhino became an afterthought. He doesn’t take a backseat to nobody. Dreamer never said Rhino took a backseat to anybody. He thinks Rhino is one of the best athletes ever to set foot in a TNA ring. RVD & Tommy came because they were offered contracts by Dixie Carter and they wanted to prove TNA is the best company today. They believe in TNA & the boys in the back. His contract expiring is just part of this business, they had nothing to do with that. Rhino sold out his friends and his soul for the almighty dollar. The fans yell that Rhino sold out. Will they take care of his family & his little girl? Desperate people do desperate things. All RVD & Tommy thought about was themselves, and from now on all Rhino will think about himself. Tommy’s a dad too. Look what happened to Sabu & Raven. They’re all at Hulk & Bischoff’s mercy. Sabu & Raven went down with a fight. Rhino just quit on EV2.0 and the people that supported him his entire career. Rhino grabs Tommy’s dislocated wrist and clotheslines him! RVD comes on down and he gets some of Rhino. RVD kicks Rhino, but then when he checks on Tommy he gets GORED GORED GORED! Play Rhino’s music!

Abyss walks around backstage with a casket.

Matt Morgan tells us he’ll make his moment tonight, and won’t get all googly eyed in the ring with Ric Flair.

Match 3: Casket Match
Shannon Moore vs. Abyss
So Shannon Moore accepted the open challenge from Abyss. That’s not what I would call an intelligent decision. Moore runs around before landing some shots on Abyss. A whip attempt doesn’t work. Moore slips out of a shoulder breaker and drives Abyss into the corner. Kicks to the gut, forearm. Abyss catches Moore on a corner splash attempt and just throws him down to the mat. He tosses Moore outside and teases putting him in the casket. Moore fights back for a few seconds before Abyss tosses him back in the ring. Corner splash by Abyss misses, Moore on the apron, he punches Abyss, up top, bulldog off the top rope! He rolls Abyss towards the casket, but then Abyss remembers that he’s Abyss and stops that. Abyss tosses Moore outside. They fight back and forth, Moore slams the casket lid on Abyss’s arm. Springboard Moonsault by Moore! He puts Abyss partially in the casket, but Abyss gets out. Moore pounds away on Abyss, but Abyss sends Moore into the guard rail. Back in the ring now, Moore fights out of a choke slam attempt, but gets Black Hole Slammed! Abyss opens the casket lid to put Moore in, but the Pope is inside! YES!! Pope attacks Abyss and the referee rings the bell. Pope & Moore briefly double team Abyss before the monster begs off.
Winner by disqualification: Abyss

Angelina Love talks about how she has a match with Mickie James tonight. Mickie is a great wrestler, but Angelina is a great wrestler too, and Mickie won’t be handed the #1 contendership.

Match 4: TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contender Match
Angelina Love vs. Mickie James
Big knockouts match to be giving away on free tv imo but whatever this should be good. Winner faces Madison Rayne at Final Resolution. Angelina gets the advantage early, but Mickie rolls her up a couple of times for some near falls. The ladies adjust their wardrobes and shake hands. Headlock by Angelina, she hangs on when Mickie tries to whip her off, and reapplies it. Shoulderblock by Angelina. Monkey flip by Mickie, a dropkick gets two. Into the corner, Angelina with a couple of forearms. Mickie runs into a clothesline for two. Front slam by Angelina gets two. Rear chinlock! Mickie fights out, Angelina misses a pump kick, and emotes frustration. Now she clotheslines Mickie down for two. Into the corner, shoulder blocks by Mickie, Angelina kicks Mickie a few times, and rolls her up for two. Angelina runs into an elbow, Mickie head scissors her down. Neckbreaker gets two. Mickie lands on her feet off the top, but gets kicked down by Angelina. Cover gets two. Mickie fights back with elbows, and DDTs Angelina down for the three count!
Winner: Mickie James

Brother Ray is walking around backstage. His explanation for attacking Brother Devon is next!

Angelina is pissed backstage and throws everything in sight. She breaks down crying. Winter appears. Everything is happening exactly as it’s meant to be, according to Winter. Things will fall into place, so she needs to relax.

Brother Ray hits the ring. Why did he kick Devon in the back of the head? Because he can. He’s in a good mood, so he’ll give us an explanation. 15 years ago he created the greatest tag team finishing move in the history of the business. It won him 23 world tag team titles. The move was the 3-D, the Dudley Death Drop. Can he say Dudley? Is that legal? Everybody has fallen to 3-D. He names pretty much everybody who stepped in a wrestling ring the past 15 years. Nobody has ever kicked out…until Chris Sabin. He didn’t kick out because he’s a better or tougher wrestler, he kicked out because Devon was weak. He’s always been the weak link of the team. Ray was the star, Devon was the co-star. Devon always stood two steps behind him, where he belonged. The fans want Devon. Ray says he’s Shawn Michaels, and Devon is Marty Jannetty. Says that if your sitting at home asking who the hell is marty jannetty (my brother in law did exactly that!) then EXACTLY! He’s a nobody. Any one of their brothers could have been Ray’s partner. Devon was just a sidekick. He’s nothing more than a guy that got Ray’s tables.

Match 5: If Matt Morgan wins, he can name the referee in his title match with Jeff Hardy. If he loses, his title shot at Final Resolution is revoked.
Ric Flair vs. Matt Morgan
Ric’s graphic says he is a “Wrestling God”. Hold the ropes open, Val! So how long before Flair starts bleeding? Taz points out that Flair has the experience edge. Really? Morgan powers Flair down. Flair kicks Matt’s knee and chops away in the corner. WOOOOO WOOOOOOO WOOOO WOOOOOO WOOOOOOO WOOOOOO. Into the corner, backdrop by Morgan. Morgan splashes Flair in the corner. Elbows to Naitch, and he takes a nose dive! Flair pushes Morgan into the referee, then low-blows the Blueprint. Flair stomps Morgan down, then chops and punches away. He runs into a chokehold, but Flair gouges him in the eyes. Morgan ends up on the outside. Flair chops him on the floor, but Morgan rams Naitch head first into the guard rail. Flair is BUSTED BY GAWD OPEN. Morgan works Flair over on the outside and rolls him into the ring.

We bleed into Reaction as Flair takes a beating and flops down again. Is the referee alive? Sidewalk slam by Morgan! Choke slam! Here comes Fortune! AJ Styles, Kaz & Beer Money beat Morgan down while Douglas Williams observes. AJ yells at Douglas some, and Douglas decks him! He decks Storm & Kaz, and then Robert Roode badmouths him some before Douglas knocks him down. Morgan wipes Fortune out and sends them outside. Morgan with the Carbon Footprint on Naitch! The ref does the world’s longest three count!
Winner: Matt Morgan
This was a lot better than I was fearing. I’ve gotten over the whole “Ric Flair bleeding buckets at 65 is kinda gross” thing…hey, if that’s what he wants to do, whatever. Morgan looked pretty good, and is chugging along towards another title shot, they made him look like a monster tonight. So who’s gonna be the ref? Williams? Anderson? Angle? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week! Until then, cya round!


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