Preview Saturday’s TNA iMPACT on Bravo

TNA airs a special “Thanksgiving iMPACT!” tonight in the states on Spike TV. The show will be broadcast here in the uk on Bravo, here’s a preview video of what’s in store:


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4 Responses to Preview Saturday’s TNA iMPACT on Bravo

  1. Vhero says:

    guess this confirms Sting is back since hes announced for final resolution.

    • Ray Mullan says:

      No buddy, its just a generic Final Resolution ad. Go back and check the early Turning Point ads their the same, due to having very little matchups announced the early hype videos are just generic and highlight the big names under contract, for example you’ll notice Angle is listed aswell and he will also NOT be wrestling at Final Resolution.

      Sting will eventually return as part of this storyline but not until the new year.

  2. Vhero says:

    But isn’t sting out of contract now? So therefore would be a bit mad to use him in this ad?

    • Ray Mullan says:

      No the Stinger’s contract dosen’t expire until end of January, plus it’s widely believed he will be extending the deal for one last year. TNA have even begun work on a 2-Disc DVD set, due for release next year.

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