TNA Xplosion – Friday 26/11/2010


TNA Xplosion

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 26/11/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can watch the matches from this week’s episode right HERE on the site.

We get the Jeff Hardy video package that started things on “IMPACT!” recently before the usual Xplosion intro (which still features Nash and Suicide) as it’s “that time again” as Jeremy Borash welcomes us all to Xplosion alongside Taz who runs down the card and first up will be Okada vs “The Freak” Rob Terry as well as some knockout action featuring Sarita against one half of the TNA Knockout tag team champions and Sarita’s former partner Taylor Wilde.We get an interview from “earlier today” featuring Christy Hemme and the returning Rob Terry.  Christy asks Rob immediately where he has been. No she doesn’t she asks if Rob is familiar with Okada’s Japanese wrestling style. Rob says that it will be interesting to see someone like his size going against Okada as he has a unique style. So is he familiar? Ah, now Christy asks about where Rob has been as this is his “big return” to the ring.

“You know what I’ve taken a lot of time off, I’ve gone back to the UK and the main thing for me is to train, now is the time for me to train harder like I never have before. Since I lost my (then Global now TV) title, I’m coming back for it and there’s no one that’s going to stand in the way.”

Hmm…so will Rob eventually make his return to “iMPACT!” and go against Immortal by targeting A.J Styles? Okada makes his way to the ring followed by Rob Terry. Okada is from New Japan pro wrestling.

MATCH 1: Okada vs. “The Freak” Rob Terry.

Nothing much at all in the opening stages, Rob overpowers Okada and he keeps going back to shake Rob’s hand, the last time he does he kick Rob Terry and then shakes the referees hand.  J.B mentions that Okada has been progressing ever since arriving in February. Really? I honestly thought this was his debut. Wow.

Rob Terry finds himself leaning on the middle rope, not intentionally, and Okada takes advantage of the situation by leaning on him with his leg. The 5 count begins and as usual it’s broken. Okada then kicks the middle rope up into Rob’s neck followed by an elbow to Rob’s head and then a headlock with Rob on the mat.

Back from the Extreme Sports commercial break Okada is still in control and finds himself getting a near fall. This match really is going slow…oh….Rob is getting back to his feet while still in the chin lock but he gets dropkicked and another Okada lands another near fall. He got thrown up in the air just after the 2 count.

Rob lands a few clothesline and Irish whips Okada from corner to corner eventually landing another clothesline. He then slams Okada down to the mat followed by an elbow drop. Not from the top rope. That provides Rob with a near fall.

Jaw breaker by Okada followed by a running clothesline which results in yet another 2 count by referee Jackson James. Rob was lying with his head just over the bottom rope and Okada kicks him baseball slide style and quickly makes his way up to the top rope. Rob get’s to his feet, turns around, Okada goes for a dropkick but Rob pulls his legs in mid air which introduces Okada to the ring canvas yet again and allows Rob to land the “Freak Buster” to get the 3 count by not even hooking one of Okada’s leg’s.

Winner: “The Freak” Rob Terry.

Well he was always going to win his return match right? J.B says he is back “in a big way” with a “devastating win over Okada” As Rob leaves makes his way back up the ramp he surveys the damage he has down and nods. I would have thought he would have got a truly devastating win on his return. “Squash match” style.

The TNA Wrestling rewind kicks off with Tommy Dreamer talking about EV2 shrinking week by week from last week’s “ReACTION” Raven’s thoughts on getting fired, as well as Stevie Richards Hulk Hogan’s viewpoints.

Back from the Extreme Sports commercial break we get footage from Reaction featuring Abyss, The Pope, Shannon Moore, Fortune, Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams followed by Samoa Joe’s and Jeff Jarretts interview along with Gunner and Murphy and more from Raven with it all ending with thoughts from TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy. That concludes the TNA Wrestling rewind. Just call it the “ReACTION” rewind.

It’s time for this week’s Xplosion main event as Sarita makes her way to the ring. She’s wearing orange and blue attire which Taz said she is dedicating to him as Sarita told him herself when she spoke to him earlier. OK.  Taylor Wilde one half of the TNA Knockout tag team champions make her way to the ring shortly after.

MATCH 2: Saria vs. Taylor Wilde.

Taylor Wilde’s in gold and blue attire by the way. The main event is underway with a verbal exchange and Taylor wastes no time with a arm drag followed by a toe hold and a quick rollup which results in a near fall. Both ladies are back up and Taylor finds herself getting kicked in the stomach and in the corner after saying Sarita is a loser however she immediately goes up to the top rope and kicks Sarita in the head as she comes towards her and rolls through the air catching the arm of Sarita in the process via a arm drag.

Taylor again with the loser comment who then ducks a punch and lands one of her own followed by a leg kick and dropkick which causes Sarita to head to the floor. Taylor goes for abaseball slide style dropkick but Sarita gets back in the ring and attempts a cross body drive but Taylor get’s out of her way.

Back from the Xplosion break Taylor is still in control as she heads to the top rope, Sarita shoves the referee into the ropes which causes Taylor to loose her balance and drop down. Sarita get’s a near fall and then drags Taylor to the corner by her hair and just beats on Taylor. Sarita now says Taylor is a loser who then get’s the back of her head dropped onto one of Saritas’s knee which results in another 2 count.

Sarita drops Taylor down on her shoulder onto her right knee, followed by the dancing she usually does and then a 2 count. Sarita then applies the head scissors followed by a choke hold for some time before Taylor get’s back up to a vertical base and punches and kicks Taylor off before blocking a kick by Sarita spinning her round and the same happens in reverse before Taylor lands a neck breaker.

High round kick by Sarita followed by a low round kick to the hamstring of Taylor who ducks another high kick  and lands 2 chops shortly followed by 2 dropkicks…no make that 3 which causes Sarita to stumble to the corner . Taylor is literally stomping on Sarita in the corner big time with both feet and shortly after both ladies are pulling each other around by their hair before Taylor ducks a clothesline and she was also about to get powerbombed or something but Taylor avoided whatever the move Sarita had in mind before being slammed dow and she lands a clothesline.

Taylor then motions to the corner and she does indeed go to the top rope again and lands a cross body block but Sarita rolls through a pin attempt by Taylor and pulls on Taylor’s shorts to get a roll up cover and get the win!

Winner: Sarita via pin fall.

Xplosion goes off the air with Taylor explaining to the referee that Sarita pulled her shorts and Sarita doing her dancing she always does on the ramp.


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