TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 27/11/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Guess who's coming to Dinner?"

TNA iMPACT! - "Guess who's coming to Dinner?"

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 27/11/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“Guess who’s coming to Dinner?“

Taped at the iMPACT Zone, Universal Studios in  Orlando, FL (15/11/2010).

Aired Saturday 27/11/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 25/11/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

– We open with the Immortals celebrating Thanksgiving. Bischoff loves the holiday is happy to be with them, the real stars. I believe Eric Young is one of the servers for the meal. Bischoff then says he regrets the way some things went down, but he wants to invite Dixie Carter to dinner tonight to make things right. Hogan doesn’t approve of this, and then they all start to argue.

-Mike Tenay and Taz are our hosts and welcome us to the show.

-Matt Morgan makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Morgan says he beat Fortune to get his title shot at Jeff Hardy. Then he beat the man himself, Ric Flair, and by doing that he gets to pick his own referee when he faces Jeff Hardy. What happened at Turning Point will not happen again. The only reason Jeff has the title is because of a mistake, a mistake by a nervous rookie referee. Shit happens. He doesn’t blame the ref, he blames himself for not taking Jeff out. He knows he will always has to face the Immortals when he faces Hardy, so he needs a man that will stand up, a ref that isn’t afraid and will call it right down the middle. He needs a guy that will kick ass, take names and get the job done. He needs a guy like himself. There is not one thing Jeff can do about it this time, no excuses. And when it is all said and done, he will prove to everyone that they will have a new champion. One that they can be proud of.

Douglas Williams makes his way to the ring now. Williams says that in regards to a referee, he can look to him. he has been running with tossers for months, Fortune, AJ who wants to be Flair. He needs to lose his virginity first. Kaz, who’s dream has to be America’s next top model. And then Beer Money, Storm is only happy when his score higher than his IQ when breathalized, and the tight ass git Roode, who wears his cast offs. And then there is Flair, he lives for yesterday while Williams lives for now. Williams says he did the right thing last week and he will do it again. Morgan says he is right, and showed balls of steel. He appreciated it. He admits that Williams is in the running, but a few guys have stepped up. He promises that he will be the first person he tells.

Fortune now makes their way out to the ring. Flair says that the problem is that they are on the outside looking in. Last week wasn’t his finest, but his eyes are opened now. Williams made a huge mistake last week, and that means he is pissed off. Fortune holds him back, and Kaz says to cool down. When he was just a little boy, it meant live wrestling. He says they should continue that, and says they should find two partners, and have an eight-man tag team elimination match. Morgan and Williams agree. Kaz says that they will take care of Williams first, and then their partners, and then, it will be Morgan by himself. And then fortune takes care of business, and then the DNA of TNA will be DOA for Jeff Hardy. They head back to their feast.

-We see video of Dreamer’s arrival in TNA, and the history of EV2.0.

-The Immortals continue their Thanksgiving celebration. Flair gets ICED~! Bischoff then says that Dixie Carter’s plane has landed, and she is on the way. Hogan says they need to talk about this.

The Last Street Fight: Rhino vs. Tommy Dreamer
They brawl right before the bell, Rhino in control with rights. To the corner, but Dreamer fires back and tosses Rhino to the floor. Baseball slide by Dreamer. He then slams Rhino’s wrist off of the barricade, and gets a table. Rights by Rhino, who is now favoring the right hand. Rights from Dreamer, kendo stick, Rhino stops that and suplexes Dreamer on the ramp. He gets the trashcan, tosses it in the ring, grabs another and nails Dreamer. Rhino tries to toss shit into the ring, it fails and rights to Dreamer. Dreamer is bleeding 2-minutes into the match. Back into the ring they go, kendo stick shots by Rhino. Wedges the can in the corner, whips Dreamer into it, but Dreamer moves and Rhino gores the can. Cookie sheet shot by Dreamer! Leg drop with the cookie sheet, but a suplex by Rhino to counter that. Sets up the table in the corner, grabs Dreamer, he fights back and whips Rhino to the corner. Low blow, DVD countered, belly to belly by Rhino. Sets for the gore, cookie sheet shot by Dreamer, STREET FIGHT ROLL UP for the win.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer

-Dreamer has the mic and says this is what it is all about. Rhino went down with a fight and entertained the people. If they are over, they are over as friends, this is done. Don’t forget about their friendship and the hard work he did for the fans. Rhino gets up, they shake and hug. Rhino then sends Dreamer through the table. RVD makes his way out, he has a chair, and Rhino bails. RVD says he doesn’t understand how Rhino could sell out, and he will bust him open at Final Resolution. Busting him open is what he wants, and it will be a hardcore fist blood match.

-Morgan and Williams go to meet with Joe. He says that they may not get along, but they need to stop Immortal. Joe says that there is no we, and Joe handles his own business. Williams thinks Joe is a mad man, and Joe doesn’t appreciate that. He says he will see them out there tonight. Morgan says he is their mad man tonight.

-The Knockouts are backstage and Flair says they have a party with better food, and he says he needs to brig back the candy, which is them. Angelina and Velvet agree, and Mickie appears and wants to talk, but they blow her off. Tara is there, and her and Mickie begin to fight. She gets thrown into Madison, who falls into some food, and now they are all brawling as Flair gets himself off. In the brawl, Mickie accidentally hits Angelina, and that can’t be good. Tara then tosses Mickie into the side of a truck and they continue to brawl. Sarita joins in and attacks Velvet and Angelina jus as they were about to take out Madison. WINTER is here to save Angelina, and apparently everyone can see her now.

-The heels continue their celebration, and Bischoff says they should reflect back on one person for them being here. He has Eric dim the lights, and Jeff Hardy arrives with his belt. Jeff says everything he has done, he has no one to thank, and it is all due to his greatness. He is larger than life, he is the sky, the clouds, the earth, he is all things to all people, but, he will eat.

-Taz and Tenay discuss Dixie’s arrival. They then discuss last week’s Reaction, and we get to see the empty arena match between the Machineguns and Generation Me.

-We see the Guns talking about beating down Gen Me. At Final Resolution, they will have a Full Metal Mayhem match with Gen Me. Madison interrupts as she looks for Sarita, god her screaming is so annoying. MCMG think so too as neither of them “would” apparently.

-Morgan and Williams talk with the Pope, and invite him to fight against Immortal tonight. Pope asks who the third man is, and they say Joe. Pope laughs, and says he cannot trust Joe. Pope then says they were all fighting a month ago, and Pope also has serious issues with Abyss and a casket. He wishes them the best, good luck. Morgan says that when Pope beats Abyss, what is next? There is Jarrett, Fortune, and if he is breathing, there is Hardy. He can’t do it all by himself, he can’t beat the odds. Pope says it will be interesting, so he is in.

-Madison Rayne comes to the ring with a referee, and is wanting Sarita to come to the ring. She wants to know who Sarita thinks she is, and while she has been on XPLOSION, this s Madison’s show, and she is the champ. She demands that she gets her ass out here NOW! Sarita makes her way to the ring, and we’re going to have a match with them in jeans, I approve.

NON-TITLE MATCH: Madison Rayne © vs. Sarita
Lock up, Rayne grabs her hair and then Sarita knocks her to the mat. They try to brawl, lefts by Rayne. Chops follow, off the ropes and a drop toehold by Sarita, side roll gets 2. Boot, off the ropes, roll up by Sarita gets 2. Sarita avoids rights, off the ropes and Rayne slams her to the mat. Pulls her hair, and then chokes her in the ropes. Sarita manages a roll up for 2. A whip to the corner, Rayne moves and then slams Sarita down to the mat. She covers for 2. Rayne continues her beat down, pulls the hair, and then breaks. Rayne looks for the skull fuck, but Sarita gets a roll up for 2. Run up the ropes, lucha arm drag and a dropkick from Sarita. Back suplex by Sarita, and Rayne rolls to the floor. Sarita misses the slingshot, Rayne mocks her by dancing, and tosses her back into the ring. More dancing by Rayne, picks her up, but Sarita gets a quick roll up for the win. The pointless Sarita push continues…..
Winner: Sarita

-Back to the heels celebration. JJ says he has to make weight tonight, so water only. He says tonight is Thanksgiving, but he has to give back to them, because without them, he wouldn’t have his MMA career. He has a special DVD for them to watch, Storm has a rather rude idea of what it is, Jarrett tells him to get his mind out of the gutter! lol! We’ll see the DVD….. right after the commercial break.

-Back to the celebration, and Roode is thankful for Beer. Storm is thankful for Money. BEER~! MONEY~! Kaz is thankful for fortune and his movie star good looks. AJ is thankful for Ric Flair. Flair goes crazy. Abyss is thankful for Janice, and caskets. JJ is thankful Samoa Joe wasn’t invited, because he would have eaten all the food.

-We see video of JJ going to a kid’s karate class, and says that while they will never get to his level, they can still be ok. Some kid says he knows the ankle lock, and says Angle perfected it. JJ says Shamrock made it famous, and that HE perfected it. The kid tries it on JJ, he mocks him and then he puts the hold on the kid, who taps out. He then arm bars a little girl. HILARIOUS! Is Jarrett starting a war with John Cena’s fan base?

-Hogan says that he cannot wait for Dixie to arrive, and he wants to talk to her when she arrives.

-Jesse Neal mocks JJ’s MMA expertise.

-They review the so called “MMA skills” of JJ.

Submission Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jesse Neal
I like that they are doing the MMA shorts and taped up ankles. Good touch there. They circle, lock it up, to the ropes and apparently we have rope breaks here. Go behind by Neal, reversal and a throw by Neal. JJ gets a go behind, drags Neal down and looks for a cross arm breaker. Neal gets the ropes. They break, back to the feet, lock up and a head butt and rights by JJ. JJ looks for the ankle lock, Neal fights, and gets the ropes. The ref has to pull JJ off of Neal, ground and pound by JJ, shades of Mark Coleman, and Neal is in the ropes. Neal fights back, unloads on JJ, and SPEARS the referee because JJ pulled him in the way. JJ goes to the floor, and gets the guitar! VINTAGE EL KABONG BY JJ! He tries to toss out the pieces, and applies a rear naked choke, and the ref is up, and Neal is done.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

-Shannon Moore runs out to run off JJ.

-Taz and Tenay discuss Brother Ray turning on Devon.

-Brother Ray is out in the ring, and says that some are pissed off at him for beating down Devon. By the way, he had a new theme tune that kinda sounded like a cross between the Team 3D tune and Sid Vicious’ old WCW theme, it was cool. Anyway, His question is, why are they mad? Do they not realize that he deserved it? Don’t they realize he had it coming to him? Don’t you realize that he is the weak one? If it wasn’t for him, he could have retired a champion. Devon was the reason they lost, he is weak. He knows the fans are not too bright, so he has a video for them, and it will show them how weak Devon really is and how he is the leader of the team. We see the video of Devon getting his ass beat. He is embarrassed to even watch it. He then shows his highlights. He then says you cannot question his greatness. Word on the street is that Devon wants to talk with him, so if he wants, come here to the Impact Zone next week, and if he has the balls, they can meet face to face. But remember brother, if it wasn’t for him, he would have only had 15-minutes of fame, not 15-years.

-We see Dixie Carter arriving for dinner. I hope they left her some stuffing.

-The heels continue their celebration, and Bischoff says to hide the booze, because Dixie drinks a lot. Hogan says he is not responsible for what happens when he sees her.

Elimination Tag Match: Fortune (AJ Styles, Kazarian, Robert Roode and James Storm) vs. Matt Morgan, Doug Williams, Samoa Joe and The Pope D’Angelo Dinero
Fortune is unified with the red tights and Fortune shirts, nice touch. AJ and Pope to begin. Pope d with the elbows and AJ is down. AJ fires back, but a hip toss by Pope stops that. To the corner, Fortune beats Pope down. Storm in, knee drop and a cover for 2. Storm in control, boot, knee buster and then a roll up by Pope and Storm is gone @ 2:00. Roode attacks Pope. Kaz takes down Pope. Tag to AJ, off the ropes and a leg drop/side slam combo gets 2. Rights by AJ, beats down the Pope in the corner. AJ misses the corner splash, and a tag to Matt Morgan. AJ tags in Kaz, and Kaz says he wants Joe. Morgan tags him in, and he starts to beat down Kaz. Joe also attacks AJ and Roode, corner splash on Kaz, Uranage to AJ and he is cleaning house. Kaz wants out, tag to Williams, and he lays the boots to Kaz. Uppercuts follow, counters and a DDT by Kaz gets 2. Morgan tries to help, Pope and Joe argue in the corner, and Kaz with rights to Williams. Williams battles back, CHAOS THEORY~! Kaz is out @ 10:00.

Roode trips up Williams, and AJ takes control of the match. Tag to Roode, rights to Williams and Joe and Pope continue to argue in the corner. Chops from Roode in the corner. 2nd rope knee drop by Roode gets 2. Joe and Pope tag in at the same time, they argue and then start to fight. They brawl to the floor, and I guess they are gone as they brawl to the backstage area. Roode works over Williams, AJ stops the Chaos theory, Roode lays the boots to Williams. Williams nails AJ, but a spine buster from Roode and Williams is gone @ 13:00.

Morgan is left 2 on 1 here and is set to go. Head butts from Morgan to Roode, but AJ hits Morgan with the flying forearm. Roode lays the boots to him, tag to AJ and some boots from him. Elbow drop by AJ, PELE connects. AJ sets Morgan, to the apron, 450 try MISSES~! Tag to Roode, Morgan cleans house on him. To the corner, splash connects. Side slam from Morgan, gets 2 as AJ makes the save. Kicks from AJ, Roode joins in and work the numbers game. Morgan battles back, double clothesline and sends AJ to the floor. Boot from Roode, 2nd rope, leaps in and GOOZLE, CHOKESLAM by Morgan countered, but a clothesline kills Roode. Catches AJ flying in, sack of shit slam. Jeff Hardy is in, low blow to Morgan and the ref then eats the twist of hate. That’s a DQ. These Hardy run ins are getting annoying, i know thats the point! Its very reminiscent of the old Dungeon of Doom and nWo main event run in’s that WCW used to do on Nitro.
Winner: Matt Morgan via DQ

-Hardy, Roode and AJ beat down Morgan and then celebrate.

-We see the heels talking, and a knock at the door and Dixie arrives. Bischoff didn’t think she would show, and he says it took courage for her to come. They are thankful for what she started and got to take control over. Hogan says she gave them the opportunity, and she knows how thankful they are. Hogan wants to start fresh, and Dixie can go back to Nashville and Twitter and be fan friendly. Dixie then says she wasn’t to toast to this, she says Hogan has been busy negotiating some talent contracts that he wasn’t allowed to sign. She saw a judge, a friend of hers, and he has slapped an injunction on him. From here on out, until this is resolved Hogan’s duties are over. She says to have a great holiday and she will see the min court. They claim she bought the judge, and they agree that this is trouble. Were done, solid show once again.

– And after all that, Here is the updated Final Resolution card:

* Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett
* Casket Match: Abyss vs. The Pope
* First Blood Match: RVD vs. Rhino
* Full Metal Mayhem Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machineguns © vs. Generation Me
* TNA World Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Matt Morgan


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