Across the Line: Now They’re Here

Across the Line

Across the Line

Now They’re Here

By Richard Jennings

This week’s edition of Impact marked the real beginning of the Immortal/Fortune takeover storyline. This is evidenced by two events. First we had the return of the main woman herself, Dixie Carter, to TNA programming. Secondly we saw the start of the faces’ fight back with the main event being a match which had Matt Morgan, Doug Williams, Pope and Samoa Joe teaming up against Fortune. Although both of these events turned out – albeit for different reasons – to be somewhat anti-climatic, they both point to strength in the direction that TNA is going to take in the coming months.

The teaming of Morgan, Williams, Dinero and Joe as faces was something which would have never happened a few months ago, not least because Williams and Morgan were hard-boiled heels. In fact the idea of a face team being built around Morgan would have seemed fanciful, but nevertheless we saw it happen, and moreover it was booked in a highly believable way. The team performed strongly as the match opened but the anti-climax soon came as their momentum collapsed when Joe and Pope found themselves at odds. Since Bound For Glory both Pope and Joe have, like most of the other faces, being pursuing their own agendas and vendettas. When putting the team together earlier in the show it was made obvious that Williams and Morgan, both erstwhile members of Fortune were going to be difficult for Pope to trust and the Joe – the archetypal loner – was going to be difficult to tame. Rather than having the team collapse immediately, or simply win outright creative booking allowed the match to show the potential of the faces should they work together whilst maintaining the primacy of Fortune and Immortal.

Booking Immortal/Fortune as a strong, authoritative and, of course, utterly underhanded force whilst maintaining the flame of hope burning amongst the betrayed and bewildered faces was always going to be the logical direction for TNA to take with the storyline, but they have executed it admirably. Every fan now knows that Immortal and Fortune are running the company and the action on their terms, but the faces have not been buried or squashed rather than they have been shown as embodying a steely, although unrefined, grit, just waiting to be forged into a effectual resistance.  The injury of Mr Anderson has surprisingly worked hand-in-hand with this, allowing Matt Morgan a convincing face turn and surely adding another dimension to Anderson’s own character’s resolve when he returns.

On the other hand Dixie Carter’s return was a real anti-climax. Placing it right at the end of the show was probably something of a mistake, especially as all she did was slap an injunction on Hogan who, owing to his absences, has hardly seemed crucial to Immortal’s machinations anyway. It didn’t help that her appearance was needlessly hyped when it might have worked better as a surprise, or have been held off until it could have been bolstered by being accompanied by a currently absent wrestler, say Angle or Anderson.

Nevertheless the segment was functional; it has exposed a chink in Immortal and Fortune’s armour which can be exploited by the faces when they finally get their act together. Coupled with the subtle booking being employed by the company at the moment we can expect a slow but steady development in the storyline for a while before some big moments occur as the year comes to a close. Criticisms of the whole angle’s unoriginality may have some validity, but are also somewhat petty when the progress of it is being executed so expertly. “They” have arrived in earnest.



About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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