TNA House Show Results – Abu Dhabi, UAE

TNA House Show Results

TNA House Show Results

This is a report on TNA’s third of three house shows in Abu Dhabi this week, Credit to PWTorch:

Notes on TNA World Hvt. champion Jeff Hardy over Jay Lethal

In the main event of Hardy vs. Lethal for the World Title, Hardy was playing his heel character when he came to the ring. He didn’t want to shake anyone’s hand and was pulling away from the crowd while Lethal still playing the face role. However, the crowd was cheering for Jeff Hardy and booing Lethal. They played the crowd for a bit to see who could get more of a reaction. Jeff’s crowd reaction was louder than Lethal’s, so they decided to switch roles.
Lethal started playing the heel role while Jeff played the face. I think Lethal did a good job as a heel getting heat from the crowd for most of the match. Jeff Hardy, at a certain point in the match, did John Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle with the “You Can’t See Me” hand wave. Some people chanted, “You can’t see me.”

At first, Jay Lethal pinned Hardy while Hardy still had his legs on the rope. The referee didn’t see it until after the pin. Lethal was busy celebrating his victory holding the World Title and wouldn’t give attention to the referee, who restarted the match. When Lethal turned back around, Hardy gave him the Twist of Hate and pinned Lethal for the win.

After that, Lethal stayed down in the ring forever even though the show was finished. It was kind of funny. Jeremy Borash made fun of Lethal, saying something like, “It looks like the man was killed.”

Then, The Pope came to the ring with a bottle of water and start spraying the water on Lethal. Finally, Lethal woke up and walked out of the ring while Pope was running after him still spraying him with water. In my opinion, it was a really entertaining, fun match.

Notes on Motor City Machineguns & Eric Young over A.J. Styles & Beer Money

At one point, referee Brian Hebner double-teamed with Young against one member of Beer Money (Robert or Storm) because BM kept pushing the referee when they didn’t get the three count.

Fortune took over most of the match getting heat on the crowd. Alex Shelley worked a bit on A.J.’s taped broken finger. A.J. was screaming in pain selling it while Alex was smiling. It was funny, though, because A.J. had been talking trash the entire match. In the end, Machineguns and Young pulled out the victory.

Other matches & notes

— Brian Kendrick beat Doug Williams with a roll-up. Williams mostly played heel as a technical wrestler. Good, short match.

— The Pope & Samoa Joe beat Abyss & Jeff Jarrett.

— Ticket prices were $84-139. VIP prices were $278-416.

— Overall, I think it was a great, entertaining show. Pretty basic and simple, yet it was much fun. They did a good job.


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Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

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