TNA Xplosion – Friday 03/12/2010

TNA Xplosion

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 03/12/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can also watch the full episode right HERE on the site.

We get started with a video package of Ric Flair vs. Matt Morgan from iMPACT! recently ending with Matt Morgan saying the he promises it’ll be worth the wait to find out who he picks for the special guest referee for his rematch against TNA World heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution. This is followed by the title of last week’s iMPACT! episode and footage of  Eric Bischoff announcing he has invited Dixie Carter to Immortals thanksgiving dinner from last week’s IMPACT! followed by the Xplosion intro which features Velvet Sky, but not Angelina Love.

“The festivities are just getting started tonight on TNA Xplosion” says J.B as he welcomes us to the show alongside “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz.

“We got some rasslin’ right here in this episode of Xplosion” says Taz as he runs down the card which involves Eric Young taking on The X Division Champion Robbie E with Cookie in a non title match as well as some knockouts action in the form of Tara vs. Angelina Love. So we get one of those caught up with the wrestler earlier today videos and it features Robbie E and Cookie in an empty iMPACT! Zone. Without the dude behind the camera getting a question in Cookie asks if he can ever leave them alone and get some personal time and then asks Robbie to “take care of this.”

It sounds like J.B is behind the camera as he asks if he is ready to face Eric Young in his first Xplosion match.

“Of course I’m ready.” With Cookie stating it’s “like a night off” for Robbie.
“It’ll be an easy night so we can get to the after party earlier, sounds good to me.”

J.B then asks about Orlando Jordan. Robbie is confident that if O.J wants to get involved in their business Cooks’ is going to take him out.

Back from the Extreme Sports commercial break Christy Hemme is alongside Eric Young and his thoughts on the match are that this is an opportunity for Robbie as Eric is casting for a new show. Eric then confirms with Christy that she’s a red haired American woman. He then asks Christy
“Now, if you’re a man and I’m a woman and we were to get together just like Robbie and Cookie, we could do great and wonderful things. But I’m a flock of one and tonight the Cookie crumbles doesn’t it Cookie? Now remember a stitch of 9 saves time’s lives,” Whatever that means. Christy laughs and Eric tells her to “think about it” leaving Christy to ask “What did he just say?” Exactly.

Oh…oh….OH…the TNA X Division Champion Robbie E alongside Cookie makes his way to the ring. It’s his Xplosion debut. Eric Young makes his way to the ring and grabs the microphone.

“This little New Jersey deal you guys got going, it’s a hell of a TV show. Now me, me being a man of enterprise, I got to iron when the strike is hot. So I got my own television show…shhhhhh…..Nashville shore. Listen…listen…me, Dixie, Serge, Jeff, Karen,  Andrew , Jim, Blowolf, Kevin, we’re all going to get drunk…on a boat…” on some river “we’re going to eat catfish, we’re going to sing karaoke, and then we’re going to fight. But there’s going to be one rule everybody, one rule on my show, guy and girl fights only, people like that stuff…” Ok this really drags on, Eric thinks he can beat Eric but he knows that he can beat Cookie. He can beat a cookie “any day of the week.”

Robbie has had enough and attacks Eric and the bell rings.

MATCH 1: Eric Young vs. Robbie E

Shortly after the beating in the corner Eric get’s Irish whipped to the opposite corner but he then performs a handstand on the top rope and converts it into a hurricarana followed by a dropkick which results in a near fall.

Eric finds himself sliding out of the ring and locking up which he gets the better of as he twists Cookies arm around and then shoves her into Robbie who made his way out of the ring. Eric quickly getting back into the ring as we go to the Xplosion break. Back from the break Robbie E is on the apron getting pulled up by his hair by Eric inside of the ring; however Robbie E lands a neck breaker onto the top rope to break free.  2 near falls follow.

Robbie is now in total control as he lands to elbow shots to the top of Eric’s head slamming him into the corners and get’s another near fall and then has Eric in a head lock but he breaks free and as he gets thrown into the corner he does his thing of landing of the apron, then shoulder blocking Robbie, sliding under his legs to get back in the ring and he continues to dominate with punches, elbow drops, and a back drop which leads to a near fall.

Robbie is dazed, using the ropes to get back to his feat only to get slammed back down with an overhead suplex which leads to yet another 2 count. Eric then lands over the top rope and starts pulling Cookies hair?! What is going on with this Eric Young character? I’m not digging it. Robbie charges towards Eric but he gets hit in the face with an elbow. As the referee Brian Hebner is checking on Robbie, Cookie takes advantage and sprays hair spray into the eyes of Eric.

The oh oh OH neck breaker follows for Robbie get the 3 count.

Winner: Robbie E via pin fall.

Robbie’s not done as he continues to kick Eric but bails as soon as Orlando Jordan makes his way to the ring. Cookie doesn’t see him as she continues to beat on Eric. Robbie is telling Cookie to get out and that’s when she realises Orlando is now in the ring. Cookie isn’t backing down as she goes to hit Orlando but if gets blocked as Orlando applies his own lock on her and is about to do the same to Robbie but Cookie gets him out of the ring.

Moving on we get more  footage from Immortal’s thanksgiving dinner from iMPACT! featuring the arrival of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy.

Back from the Extreme Sports break interviews from ReACTION kick off with comments from Tommy Dreamer, Rhino and RVD about Rhino not making peace with Tommy. That’s followed by Stevie Richards about almost breaking his neck due to A.J’s Styles clash finisher.

Christy is now with Angelina Love who points out that if she beats Tara she is one step closer to becoming TNA Knockouts champion. Angelina responds

“Yes, the TNA Knockouts championship that I never really lost. You remember what happened at Bound For Glory, I did not get pinned, yet I still lost the title, I’m pretty sure that’s the second or third time that’s happened to me, and you know what…wrestling Tara I can do it in my sleep. I’ve done it a million times before, you know, she was gunning for me when she first came into this company and obviously throughout our history you know it’s gone back and forth, we’ve been friends, we’ve been enemies and she’s…we’ve been friends again and she stabbed me in the back a million times and now she’s Madison’s bodyguard(!) Of course (!) Because I’m coming for the TNA Knockouts title but I have to go through Tara first, and honey I promise you tonight I’m going to bowl you down.”

More footage from ReACTION is then shown  featuring Jeff Hardy thoughts on Matt’s match with Ric Flair as well as comments from Matt Morgan himself,  Fortune, The Pope, and Samoa Joe followed by Dixie Cater arriving at the Immortal’s dinner from iMPACT! last week on Bravo, the footage is originally from ReACTION. Taz says that was a “big time bombshell” as we get set for the main event.

Tara makes her way to the ring on her motorbike and grabs the microphone. There’s a “Tara” chant going on but that’s short lived.

“Angelina get you skinny little ass out here right now. You think you have problems with Madison? I don’t think so. Bitches come down here because I’m going to make you my biggest problem. Now!”

Cue Angelina’s entrance to the ring. You would think she would go straight for Tara but no, the complete entrance routine is carried out. J.B points out that Angelina Love made her debut on Xplosion in 2004 as the bell rings. It’s main event time.

MATCH 2: Tara vs. Angelina Love

The two ladies trade punches as J.B and Taz are talking about Dixie’s “blockbuster announcement.” Tara slams Angelina to the mat but she gets back up and does the same to Tara twice and she finds herself outside of the ring.

Angelina wastes no time as she also gets out of the ring and chases Tara and eventually lands a clothesline and throws her back in the ring and immediately goes for a cover but get’s a near fall. A headlock is applied to Tara and as we come back from the Xplosion break Angelina is still in control  as she once again slams Tara down who uses the ropes to start to get back to her feet and as Angelina runs towards her Tara lowers the middle rope which causes Angelina to go flying out of the ring.

Angelina eventually gets to her feet but is met by a baseball slide kick. The referee starts the 10 count with Tara counting along. At seven Angelina is back on the apron and slams Tara’s face into the turnbuckle. Angelina climbs onto the top rope but Tara causes her to lose her balance and then throws her back onto the mat.  That only leads to a 2 count.

Angelina is in the corner holding onto the top rope as she kicks Tara in the stomach followed by a couple of elbow shots but Tara makes sure her potential comeback doesn’t gain any steam as using the “big think brace” on her knee she lands a knee shot to the mid section of Angelina but that only leads to a 2 count.

Tara is now frustrated as she just chokes Angelina, stopping at the 3 count. She then gets a  pin cover coming out of a applying the body scissors, once she realises it’s only a 2 count, Tara rolls around thus Angelina does as well as the body scissors are still applied.

Angelina elbows Tara’s face three times to break free followed by 2 further punches but Tara kicks Angelina in the face to get back to her feet. Tara is now boiling over but finds herself on the receiving end of Angelina’s punches which cause her to stumble down. Tara lowers the middle rope again expecting Angelina to drop down the floor as she did earlier but the breaks are applied and Angelina kicks Tara 3 times, followed by a clothesline, and slamming Tara down by her hair. Angelina carries Tara, I guess she was going to slam her down but Tara gets lands an elbow to Angelina’s face to prevent any further harm.

Tara is going for the widows’ peak but Angelina rolls through seemingly to try and get a pin fall victory but Tara counters that counter with a boot to her face. Tara again attempts the widows’ peak but Angelina kicks of the top rope to get back on her feet. She then ducks a clothesline, kicks Tara in the stomach and lands the lights out. That leads to the 3 count.

Winner: Angelina Love via pin fall.

“I’m telling you J.B Tara’s out man” says Taz. J.B them mentions that the lights out “is kind of like lifting reverse STO” That did the trick though as she gets a “big win” over Tara.

Tara is still down as Angelina steps up on the middle rope in the corner celebrating her win as Xplosion goes off the air.


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