TNA Final Resolution 2010 Predictions

TNA Final Resolution 2010

Check out Raymond’s preview and predictions over at his post on Bleacher Report by clicking HERE and while your there you can also let Raymond know your predictions and post match thoughts.

Once you’ve checked that out click on the “more” link below for predictions from Richard, Robert and myself as well as links to all the TNA UK staff Twitter feeds. Unfortunately there aren’t any predictions from Adam and David for this month however the plan is to resume normal service from next month with predictions from all of the TNA UK Staff.

TNA Final Resolution takes place tonight broadcasting on pay-per-view across the pond and is scheduled for broadcast this Friday at 22:00 on Extreme Sports.

Special Referee: Mr. Anderson
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. (c) Jeff Hardy of Immortal

Richard – I honestly can’t see Jeff Hardy losing the title to anyone at any point in the near future, not after they’ve spent such a long time building up the “They” storyline and topped it off with a (reputedly) $18,000 gimmick belt. Nevertheless I have high hopes for this match: I expect to be an improvement on their meeting at Turning Point and the presence of Mr Anderson should add a nice dynamic to proceedings. Clearly Jeff Hardy will not win cleanly so some interference is to be expected, with the outside chance of a Dusty Finish.

Robert – I’m always going for Hardy in this one but how its going to conclude I have no idea especially with Anderson as guest referee. Will Anderson screw Morgan? Can’t see it but I guess we’ll see. Hardy to retain the world title.

Shafqat – Well it just has to be Jeff Hardy. He has his own belt. I believe Mr Anderson will call it down the middle and it makes sense for him to get his revenge on Jeff Hardy down the line. Also if he screws Morgan he’ll  be in the heel realm, and why would you have two heels against each other down the line? Jeff Hardy to win by pin fall.

Jeff Jarrett vs. “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

RichardJoe is gonna kill Jarrett! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a full-on squash, even if those security guys and Jarrett’s MMA crew interfere.

RobertJoe, Joe, Joe! Can see Angle being the difference maker in this one and causing Jarrett to lose. I’m really hoping Jarrett doesn’t look like a complete joke with his MMA style, not been a hit thus far. Best thing about this is the possible appearance of Kurt Angle!

Shafqat – Joe lost the match last time out. Will he win this time? Well I’m really digging the heel Jeff Jarrett character. I would love to see Joe getting choked out with his own move and then he can come back with a refreshed character. I think the whole boiling over shouting his head off character has run its course. Joe getting beat by his own game would make his win down the line mean so much more. Jeff to win via rear naked choke.

“The Monster” Abyss vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero

Richard – The Pope is going to have to win this one; isn’t everyone sick of seeing Abyss prancing around with Janice yet?

Robert – Last month I went with Pope taking the win and was wrong. This month I’m going with Pope again, come on I’m playing the odds here! Abyss has been one step ahead of Pope for several weeks and tonight will be a different story.

Shafqat – Why is this a casket match? In fact the whole card is slightly gimmick heavy. Where’s the standard wrestling match for this? Abyss for the win here. He is the monster after all.

Rob Van Dam vs. “The War Machine” Rhino

Richard – With any luck these two will get a fair bit of time to go at it and we’ll be treated to a proper ECW-style brawl by two guys left from that era who can still bring the goods. Rhyno is rumoured to be on his way out very soon so I expect RVD to make him bleed.

RobertVan Dam, this one I’m not bothered by to be honest.

Shafqat – Two matches for Rhino in one weekend. He took on Al Snow last night at the “Wrestlemania of independent wrestling” Blizzard Brawl 6. I’m not sure about this one. Hmm….RVD for the win.

Motor City Machine Guns (champs) vs. Generation Me

Richard – The Motor City Machine Guns have had a long, hard road to the tag titles topped of with those five epic confrontations with Beer Money a few months ago, there is little chance that TNA are going to sully that narrative by taking the titles from them any time soon so I expect them to win. Having said that it will be a close-fought contest which should consist of fantastic back-and-forth action with some thrilling high spots.

Robert – Hard to pick a winner here, I could watch theses two teams go at it all day but a winner, well I’m going out on a limb here and going with Gen Me! These guys deserve a shot and Guns have won most of the previous encounters so their my pick!

ShafqatMCMG for the win via a double team move resulting in a pin fall. Beer Money vs. MCMG has a lot of history and they can put on great matches as we all saw in the best of 5 series.

Tara vs. Mickie James

Richard – If Mickie James is going to contend for the Knockouts Championship in the near future I would expect her to win this. Then again they could have interference from Madison Rayne costing her the match whilst achieving the same outcome, but I’m a fan of Mickie so I’m going to say that she will go over here.

RobertJames all the way, she’ll be the next TNA womans champ. Liking the feud though, good to see some solid aggression from the knockout’s. This one I hope won’t end tonight, has legs in my opinion.

Shafqat -Well I certainly expected Mickie to be Knockouts champion by now  based on history. But she isn’t, and once again she is not wrestling for the title.  I think it’s time Mickie got her win against Tara via pin fall.

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (champ) vs. Douglas Williams

Richard – No hype and no properly developed heat mean that the title is unlikely to change hands here, but the quality of the workers means that the match should be top-notch. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a of a feud.

Robert – Personally I hope this is Doug’s night, he works hard and his ring skills are great. He’s not the best on the mic but with any luck he can improve going forward. I like AJ a lot but the belt needs to change hands. Going for Williams.

Shafqat – The TV Title may not mean much at all but this should be an interesting match and one I’m looking forward to. AJ Styles to retain via pin fall . He is part of Fortune after all. Hopefully with a clean finish.

Robbie E (champ) vs. Jay Lethal

RichardJay Lethal is going to have to win this, if only to stop X Division fans – who have been clinically depressed since that fist-pumping dullard was hotshotted at Turning point – from comitting suicide en masse.

Robert– I so want to say Lethal but its gonna be Robbie E, to soon for him to lose the belt (well not for me but for some reason TNA are pushing this Joke)

Shafqat – It’s going to be Robbie E. Oh OH OH! I’m liking the fact Cookie can’t interfere in the match but is the cage really necessary? Now is the time for Robbie to prove he can retain the X Division title on his own.

Beer Money vs. Ink Inc.

RichardA difficult one to call; being a part of Fortune makes Beer Money the ones in a position of power, but do TNA want to risk undermining the great matches they had with the Guns earlier in the year by booking it again so soon? Ink Inc. might win, perhaps by DQ, but it will lead to further feuding with Beer Money rather than them actually challenging for the gold.

Robert -No contest in this one, Beer Money all they way. Think they take this and then the belts at the next pay per view.

ShafqatBeer….MONEY! Already explained this one earlier.

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Joe lost the match last time out. Will he win this time? Well I’m really digging the heel Jeff Jarrett character. I would love to see Joe getting choked out with his own move and then he can come back with a refreshed character. I think the whole boiling over shouting his head off character has run its course. Joe getting beat by his own game would make his win down the line mean so much more. Jeff to win via rear naked choke.


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