TNA Final Resolution 2010 – Friday 10/12/2010

TNA Final Resolution 2010

TNA Final Resolution 2010

TNA Final Resolution 2010 Report – Friday 10/12/2010

By Ray Mullan

Broadcast Friday 10/12/2010 at 10pm on the Extreme Sports Channel. Originally aired Live on Pay-Per View in the United States – Sunday 05/12/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Live! from the iMPACT! Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Fl.

The show opened with a look back at Jeff Hardy’s emergence as the “Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling” and the events that led up to tonights matchup with Matt Morgan.

Fireworks and we are welcomed to the show by Mike Tenay and Taz.

Number 1 Contenders Match – Ink Inc. vs Beer Money
Jesse Neal was sporting some blonde hair to go with his red mohawk.The crowd was hot for Ink Inc who control the match early on.Unfortunately Beer Money turned it around using excellent tag team strategy. Shannon Moore gets the hot tag and is a house afire laying out both members of Beer Money. Both members of Ink Inc dove to the outside on Beer Money where Shannon Moore tested out the Boozer Cruiser. Ink Inc went for the Samoan Drop Mooregasm but James Storm sent Moore to the outside. Jesse Neal went for the Superkick but ran into the Last Call followed by the DWI to give Beer Money the victory.

Winners: Beer Money

Falls Count Anywhere Match – Mickie James vs Tara
The match kicked off as Tara and Mickie brawled ringside. The girls fought in the ring where Tara threw Mickie outside, and Mickie crawled under the ring. She crawled out the other side and pushed Tara outside as well. The two brawled into the crowd where Tara sent Mickie face first into a steel chair.

Mickie James squirted water at Tara. The brawling continued as Mickie James backdropped Tara out of a Piledriver or a Powerbomb. Mickie sent Tara into a yellow structure. Minutes later, Mickie hit a Thesz Press on Tara for two. The two then headed towards the mens room where they hit each other with a post. People were seen leaving the bathroom including a guy taking a dump. Madison Rayne appeared out from one of the stalls and sprayed Mickie with a Fire Extinguisher and hit her with a belt. Tara then pinned Mickie for the win.

Winner: Tara

X Division Championship (Cookie in a Shark Cage) – Robbie E vs Jay Lethal
Obviously there was a large shark cage right by the ring. Earl Hebner tried to get Cookie in the cage but it didn’t happen. After Jay Lethal jumped Robbie E, Cookie left ringside. All of a sudden, Shark Boy appeared behind her and carried her to the ring and put her in the cage.

Lethal took the fight to Robbie as Cookie in the cage were raised. Lethal dominated Robbie before the man from the Jersey Shore got the upperhand. Robbie sent Lethal VERY HARD into the turnbuckle which looked like it really hurt. Robbie hit a weird modified Neckbreaker/Sweep Maneuver followed by a sleeper. Robbie nearly choked Lethal out before Lethal regained his momentum. Lethal with some really hard chops followed by a Lethal Combination for a near fall.

Both men whacked heads in the ring sending both men down. Cookie tossed down hair spray which distracted Earl Hebner. Cookie sent another one down but Lethal intercepted it and used it. Earl Hebner saw this and disqualified Jay Lethal.

Winner: Robbie E via DQ

Cookie celebrated afterwards while Robbie E recovered. Shark Boy returned to the ring and confronted Cookie, who slapped him a few times. Shark Boy responded with the Chummer on Cookie to the excitement of the crowd.

First Blood Match – Rob Van Dam vs Rhino
Rob Van Dam attacked Rhino from the opening bell. He hit his signature Rolling Thunder then pounded on him with a series of punches. Rhino had control for a short burst before RVD hit a Side Kick that sent him to the outside. He hit a spinning roundhouse legdrop on Rhino who was laid out on the guardrail. On the outside, Rhino hit a suplex on the entrance ramp. He followed this up by raking RVD’s eyes on the railing. There was a loud “We want tables” chant. In the ring RVD hit a backwards somersault before Rhino caught him with a sweet Gore.

Rhino set up a trash can in the corner. He hit a big spinebuster on RVD. RVD used some incredible balance to springboard and hit another side kick. He hit the 5 Star Frog Splash moments later. We got a loud “Make him Bleed” chant. RVD stood over Rhino with he trash can lid when the War Machine punched him right in the nuts. Rhino went for a Powerbomb on a trash can lid but RVD reversed it into a Van Daminator. Van Dam connected with a huge Van Terminator which busted open Rhino. RVD is your winner! Rhino’s eyes looked glazed as RVD soaked in the cheers of the crowd.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Television Championship – AJ Styles vs Douglas Williams
Williams was clad in his family crest instead of the Union Jack robe. The two chain wrestled before AJ tried to get in a cheap shot. AJ went for the Styles Clash but Williams easily escaped. Moments later, AJ perfectly scouted the Chaos Theory and sent Williams outside. After sending AJ to the outside, Williams hit a Hilo from the apron. Williams went high risk but AJ caught him and threw him arm first to the outside. As Williams was draped over the ropes, AJ hit a springboard moonsault to the back of his neck.

Douglas was caught in the ropes later on while AJ kept attacking his knee. AJ locked in the Figure Four to continue to injure the already injured knee. Douglas Williams rolled through it and kept going bringing both of the guys to the outside while still in the hold. At the count of 9 both men got back in the ring. Williams caught AJ with a flurry of moves including a top rope European Uppercut. Williams went for the Chaos Theory but AJ fought out and hit a Springboard Inverted DDT. The two went back and forth with punches when AJ hit the Pele.

AJ went over on Williams on the outside but Williams moved. Williams then hit a Chaos Theory on the outside from the apron. AJ got into the ring at 9. Williams hit AJ’s own Style Clash move and gained the 3 Count. Douglas Williams is your new Television Champion!

Winner: Douglas Williams

Full Metal Mayhem match for TNA World Tag-Team Titles – Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me
Generation Me waited for the Guns at ringside when they made their entrance. This ended up working for them as they gained control early. Gen Me hit a nice DDT move. A series of high flying moves gets caught up by the Guns who hit their own. The Guns try to springboard off each other but Jeremy sends a chair into the face of Shelly. Sabin suicide dove into Gen Me on the outside but ran into a chair shot. Max smashed a chair across the knee on Shelley sending him to the mat.

The chaos continued as Max sent Shelley into a ladder with a powerbomb.Max went for a Springboard but climbed the ladder instead. Very hard to keep up with this one. Sabin Dragon Screwed Max into a Ladder. The Guns sandwiched Max in the Ladder and did a series of moves squashing them.

Sabin stacked a Ladder and two chairs on the prone Gen Me. Shelley hit a huge double foot stomp on both members to a huge reaction. Shelley tried climbing the ladder but the belts were way too high. The Guns brought two more ladders into the ring. All four men battled on top of the ladders. The Guns used a chair to hit a sweet double knee DDT. The Guns grabbed a table and set it on the top of the ladders. More fighting including a Springboard Crossbody on Jeremy Buck while Shelley held him on his shoulders.

The Guns grabbed another table but Gen Me broke it up. They slid a chair across a table laying out Sabin. Moments later Shelley his an Asai DDT on the outside through a table. Both Sabin and Max Buck stood on top of the Table on the Ladders and had a sword fight with chairs. Sabin knocked Max off and through a table. He then grabbed the belt for the win. The Guns won this AWESOME match that has to be seen to be believed.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Lumberjack Match – The Pope vs Abyss
Abyss brought Janice to the ring with him. Tenay and Taz cited on commentary that Hogan and Bischoff cut back on the money drop. Pope was wearing “Monster Killer” trunks. Pope was really bringing it to Abyss from the start. Pope went up top but Abyss caught him and threw him onto the Casket. Abyss hit a huge avalanche in the corner. Pope sent Abyss into the casket but Abyss never got all the way in. Abyss continued to beat down Pope. Pope locked into a sleeper but Abyss reversed it into a side slam. Abyss went to throw Pope in the casket and was successful but didn’t fully close the lid before Pope fought out.

Pope hit a nice Clothesline Sweep. A few reverse Atomic Drops were followed by a top rope bulldog. Pope nearly got Abyss in the Casket before Abyss fought out. Abyss connected with a Black Hole Slam then dragged The Pope to the Casket. He tried to slam down the lid but Pope held it open. In the ring, Pope hit a few uppercuts followed by the Dinero Express. Pope rolled Abyss to the casket. He nearly shit it but Abyss punched through the side of the casket and to the nuts of Pope. Minutes later Abyss chokeslammed Dinero from the apron into the Casket. Abyss is the winner of this match!

Winner: Abyss

Submission Match – Jeff Jarrett vs Samoa Joe
Before the match, the referee ran down the rules for the match backstage. Gunner and Murphy attacked Samoa Joe with nightsticks. Joe limped to the ring followed by trainers. They tried to give this an MMA flavor with Jarrett having MMA style shorts. Samoa Joe got in a guard position and locked Jarrett in a Crossbreaker. Jarrett was able to get ahold of Joe’s ankle and flung it into the ringpost. Jarrett then locked in an Ankle Lock and challenged Joe to tapout. Joe got out and then locked in a Leg Bar which was broken when Jarrett got to the ropes. Joe locked in a Kimura style move but Jarrett got to the ropes again.

Jarrett went for a Hurricanrana move but Joe reversed it into a Texas Cloverleaf. On the outside, Joe locked Jarrett into a sleeper where Jarrett tapped. Unfortunately submissions don’t count on the outside. In the ring Joe locked in an armbar and Jarrett tapped again but unfortunately, Jarrett’s leg was under the rope. Joe hit the Musclebuster and locked in the Coquina Clutch. Joe took care of security but Jarrett clipped the leg of Joe. Jarrett locked in the Ankle Lock and Joe screamed in pain. The referee called for the bell rewarding the match to Jarrett.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

World Heavyweight Championship (Mr. Anderson is Special Referee) – Jeff Hardy vs Matt Morgan
Before the match during an interview, Matt Morgan requested that Mr. Anderson make the match a No DQ Match. Hardy had a sweet looking entrance video. We got main event introductions. Anderson whispered in the ear of Borash making the match No DQ.

Morgan cornered the weasly Jeff Hardy early on. Morgan leg dropped Hardy who was lying on the apron of the ring. After fighting outside for awhile, Morgan battled out of a sleeper hold. Morgan sidestepped the Whisper in the Wind and followed it up by a big side slam. A discus clothesline gets a two for Morgan. A Swinging Sidewalk Slam gets another two for Morgan. Hardy fired back with the Twist of Hate for two!

Matt Morgan connected with the Carbon Footprint but tweaked his knee while doing it. Hardy got out of the Hellevator and hit another Twist of Hate for two. Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb, Morgan stuck his knee up, hurting himself in the process. Hardy walked out of the ring to get the ten count. Anderson got to 9 and then left the ring telling Hardy to get back in the ring. Hardy pie faced Anderson who fired back with a few rights on Hardy. Morgan got a rollup for two.

Hardy hit a third Twist of Hate but Anderson was really slow on the count before Morgan kicked out. As Morgan went after Hardy, Hardy whacked Morgan in the knee with a chair. Hardy went for the Twist of Hate but Morgan threw him off sending Hardy into Morgan. Eric Bischoff brought out Jackson James and threw Anderson into the ring post. Morgan went for the Hellevator but Hardy got out and hit the Twist of Hate into a chair. Hardy retains his title here. Anderson was shown laying in a pool of his own blood as the PPV came to a close.

Winner: Jeff Hardy


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

One Response to TNA Final Resolution 2010 – Friday 10/12/2010

  1. Tracey says:

    I really enjoyed this PPV 🙂 and yay to Douglas Williams getting the Belt, although i bet not for long.

    Also, Was it just me thinking this or was Hardy a bit more Face instead of Heel this PPV?
    He threw his shirt into the crowd, and he’s not given anything away (on TV) to the crowd since he turned Heel, and also painted his face again, which he didn’t do either since turning Heel.

    Hope Anderson is ok 😦

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