TNA Xplosion – Friday 10/12/2010

TNA Xplosion

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 10/12/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can also watch the backstage interviews and matches from the show HERE on the site.

Once again we get another look at Dixie Carter’s announcement at the Immortal’s thanksgiving dinner. I believe we get an update on this week’s iMPACT! Cue the Xplosion intro and the intro from Jeremy Borash at “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz. On this week’s show we have got “The Monster” Abyss  going against “The Freak” Rob Terry and some tag team action as it will be The X Division Champion Robbie E teaming up with Magnus to go up against the team of Eric Young and Orlando Jordan.We go back earlier today to “the odd couple” of Eric and Orlando. Eric says he has something to tell O.J who has something to tell O.J. His outfit is awesome. That’s what Eric said. Peanut butter and jelly time according to Eric as they will rearrange the faces of Magnus and Robbie E.  Nice and short. Moving on we have got Christy Hemme with her guest “The Monster” Abyss. Christy is terrified of Abyss’ weapon he calls Janice. Abyss says he and his girl come in peace.

“…and you see Christy, you and Janice have a lot in common. You’re both tall and slender and sexy and sharp as a nail. You want to talk about The Freak Rob Terry? Let’s talk about him. Rob Terry, you are simply a stepping stone to a higher ground and tonight on Xplosion, I will step on you as I continue to pave the way for Immortal. Along with Jeff Hardy, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan we did exactly what we said we would do. We turned TNA upside down. Dixie Carter, we took her dignity, and then we took her company and tonight Rob Terry, I will do the same to you as I continue to Final Resolution, to the Final resting grounds of The Pope D’angelo Dinero and it all starts tonight. Immortal we are. Immortal we shall always be.”

So Cal Val introduces Abyss to the ring followed by Rob. Abyss steps out of the ring as Rob enters and shortly after gets back in and as Rob goe to pause on the ropes in the far corner Abyss attacks Rob from behind as the bell rings.

Match 1: “The Monster” Abyss vs. “The Freak” Rob Terry.

Shortly after that Rob clotheslines Abyss and as he Irish whips Abyss Rob seemingly is ready to throw Abyss over him as he has bent down. However Abyss kicks Rob in the face but Rob hip tosses Abyss straight after that.

Abyss is in the corner and gets out of the way as Rob charges towards him and goes shoulder first into the steel ring post. He is now out of the ring. Abyss is now targeting Rob’s shoulder as he rams it into the ring post again before he rolls Rob back in the ring as we go to a Extreme Sports commercial break.

Back from the break Abyss charges towards Rob in the corner. Rob seems to be going to sleep momentarily as he is in a choke hold but he elbows his way out but Abyss is not letting Rob comeback as he beats Rob down clubbing Rob over the back and of the ropes Rob lands a jumping spin kick.

Rob lands another clothesline which is followed by a near fall. Taz said that he would class it an upset victory if Rob get’s the win. Rob is favouring his left arm and finds himself getting choke slammed by Abyss but Rob kicks out at the two count. Rob power slams Abyss down twice, but only get’s a two count. Rob is going for the freak buster but as Abyss is lifted of his feet he grabs referee Jackson James shirt and pulls him away towards the corner so he can land a low blow. The referee turned back around just after this happened of course. Abyss then pulls Rob towards him to land the back hole slam to get the win via pin fall.

Winner: “The Monster” Abyss.

Next up is the block of footage from ReACTION starting off with Matt Morgan’ thoughts on his title shot at Final Resolution along with the thoughts of  World heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy and Fortune.

Back to Christy with Magnus and Robbie E who are getting prepared for the match.. Christy tries to get some comments from either wrestler but is unable to for the moment. Cookie reminds “carrot top” that they guys are busy preparing for their match and immediately after that Robbie E decides to talk.

“…here’s the deal bro. Your mind if I call you bro?  Last week on Xplosion, I beat Eric Young and for no reason Orlando Jordan stuck his nose in Shore business. Bro, you stuck your tongue down Cookie’s throat.”

Robbie then mentions that O.J tried to do the same to him.

“I don’t know about you Magnus my dude, but in Jersey, we don’t kiss other dudes my dude.” Robbie is trying to make sense of it as Magnus get’s his comments in.

“Teamwork is what makes a successful tag team and team work is what you will see tonight because Robbie E and the Mag daddy, we’ve got more than one thing in common and we’re going to display it tonight when we take care of E.Y and Orlando Jordan. Because tag team wrestling is my forte and tonight this guy’s my bro.”

Cookie likes that and says that Magnus can hang with us.

Back from the Extreme Sports break more footage from ReACTION featuring Brother Ray and Brother Devon’s thoughts on the split occurring as well as interviews with Cookie, Robbie E, and Christy Hemme talking about the confrontation between herself and Cookie. Cookie seemed fine with Christy earlier and vie versa.

Next up are comments from Generation Me, The Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money, Douglas Williams, Matt Morgan and world Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy on their matches at Final Resolution.

The X Division champion Robbie E makes his way to the ring with Cookie followed by Magnus alongside Chelsea. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan then make their way to the ring together.

Eric is still confused of how the basic tag team match works as the Bell rings.

Match 2: Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs. Magnus and X Division champion Robbie E.

Magnus and Eric are running across the ring and back again  for some time before Eric get’s out but Magnus continues to run which allows Eric to trip Magnus from the outside. Eric makes a tag to Orlando but locks up with Orlando, he then steps onto the apron after realising that its his tag team partner.

Right…Magnus and O.J locking up now before Orlando strokes Magnus who is freaked out by this and tags in Robbie E. Back from the Xplosion break Robbie E is getting the snake treatment from  Orlando. Straight after this Robbie goes to Cookie who applies some hair spray to Robbie’s hair. Cookie says to Magnus on the outside that she has had enough of Orlando. So she steps onto the apron and asks Orlando why he can’t keep his hands…and that’s all she can say as Orlando applies his own type of lock up. As Cookie jumps down Magnus catches her but this catches the attention of Robbie.

Anyway…what have we got going on…..Robbie tags in Magnus, who poses and Robbie fist pumps after they lay out Orlando. Seems they are back on the same page and are continuing to tag each other in and continue to beat down Orlando. Robbie get’s a 2 count.

Shortly after a scoop slam to Orlando from Magnus, Robbie is tagged again. Orlando is still on the mat and as Robbie jumps of the rope but O.J  lifts his leg to boot Robbie in the face on his way down. Magnus is on the apron with Cookie who seems to be checking on Magnus with Chelsea just looking on. As Robbie E and Magnus debate when they are back in the ring Eric has been tagged in and drop kicks both men down. Wow, Eric Young is going to provide some wrestling for a very short time.

Punches to Magnus, he get’s Irish whipped but lands on the apron and shortly after suplexes Magnus and goes for a cover but Robbie makes the save. Orlando has taken Robbie to the outside of the ring as they trade shots, meanwhile back in the ring Magnus has applied a full nelson and with the referee looking at O.J  and Robbie brawling outside of the ring Cookie accidently sprays Magnus as Eric ducked, and he rolls up Magnus to get the 3 count.

Winners: Eric Young and Orlando Jordan.

Xplosion is now of the air.


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  1. Sarah says:

    great report.
    I’m running a Magnus Fanpage and I want to ask if I’m allowed to use your report(only the Tag Team Match/Interview report) for my website. I would put your Name and a link to this site under the report, so everyone knows that I don’t wrote it myself.

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