TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 18/12/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Head Games?"

TNA iMPACT! - "Head Games?"

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 18/12/2010

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“Head Games?“

Aired Saturday 18/12/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 16/12/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz


-A video package opened the show on Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan revolving around the concussion issue. The show’s title: “Head Games.”

-They cut backstage to Mr. Anderson kicking things in frustration. Morgan walked up to him and asked him what he’s so upset about. He said just last week he told him he’d be cleared to wrestle this week, so shouldn’t he be doing backflips about being booked to wrestle this week. Anderson asked Morgan if he’s his mom. He said his word is his bond. There was tension, but it wasn’t entirely clear over what. Anderson said his word has to be good enough.

-Morgan walked to the ring and climbed over the top rope. Mike Tenay and Taz talked about Immortal playing mindgames. “Like it or not, it’s smart,” said Taz. Morgan said he’s in the spot he’s in now because of the choice he had to make. He said he had a guaranteed payday the rest of his career by staying with his childhood idol Hulk Hogan and Immortal, or stand up for what was right and defect when Eric Bischoff felt it was a good idea to try to force Mr. Anderson to wrestle when he had a concussion. He said this week he and Anderson were scheduled to wrestle Jeff Hardy and Kazarian. He said he’s done everything he can to protect him so far to protect him from himself. He said Anderson knows he will have his back tonight, but what he needs to know is if he has his back as well.

Mr. Anderson walked out to his music. “Cheese and rice,” Anderson began. He took a deep breath and told Morgan that he appreciates everything he has done for him, “but I’m a big boy.” He said he’s an adult and can take care of himself. He said they’re wrestlers and they’re in TNA to wrestle. He said that’s what he’s going to do – wrestle. He asked if he wants a note from his mommy. “Will that suffice?” he asked. “Or my doctor.” Morgan said he gets what he’s doing, but he should show the fans “who call themselves assholes” the doctor’s note that he knows is nonexistent. He said those fans wouldn’t want him to wrestle knowing it jeopardize the next 20 or 30 years of his life. He asked about that commitment they made to Chris Nowinski’s Sports Institute. Morgan said they’re suppose to stand up to Bischoff and tell him to “f-off” when he tries to put him in harm’s way. Anderson said he did that for two months now. Morgan said he’s still not getting it. He said he’ll ask one more time. He said he needs to know if he’s 100 percent his partner.

Before Anderson answered, Jeff Hardy’s music played. He meandered to the ring with his Divas Title belt in hand. Hardy asked if they’re going to have the match or not. “One thing you left out Matt is why don’t you propose to Ken and have a wedding at Genesis and get married,” he said. He said they’re sounding like an old married couple. Morgan called Hardy “Hulk Hogan’s little bitch boy puppet.” Anderson told Hardy that his make-up is running. Morgan added, “Hot Topic’s looking for the belt. You might want to give it back to them, too.” Hardy chuckled, then told Anderson that Morgan is working him. He asked Anderson how he knows if he’s not still working with them. Hardy told Morgan to worry about himself and his own health. “At the end of the day, all you marks in the Impact Zone know all of us, we’re professional wrestlers, we’re con men.” He said at the end of the day, it’s all about the most important title in pro wrestling. He said he and Kazarian will prove to him they’re bad asses. “Be there or be triangular,” he said. “You’re welcome, punks!”

Morgan and Anderson continued their conversation off-mic as Tenay hyped the main event. They cut to Tenay and Taz at ringside. Tenay hyped that there’d be another Jeff Jarrett MMA challenge. Taz hyped the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament match.

-Ring intros took place for the next match.


1 — ROBBIE E. vs. JAY LETHAL — X Division Title Match

A recap aired before the match of Cookie tossing a weapon down to the ring from the cage above during the previous match between these two. Cookie tripped Lethal in the opening seconds, so Christy Hemme ran to the ring and attacked Cookie. Christy then put Cookie in handcuffs. Taz said, “Sign me up!” Christy attached herself to Cookie as they cut to a break at 1:00. [c] After the break Robbie settled into rudimentary mat holds at 7:00, a typical way he tends to slow his matches to less than a crawl at this point. Lethal made a comeback with punches and at 9:00 hit a top rope elbow for a two count. Robbie caught a charging Lethal with a boot to the face, but he used the ropes for leverage when he went for a pin. Ref Earl Hebner saw it and stopped the count. Lethal climbed to the top rope. Lethal punched him and superplexed him to the mat. Cookie kneed Christy and tried to give Robbie the spray can. Christy yanked Cookie back. Lethal then surprised Robbie with the Lethal Injection finisher for the win.

WINNER: Lethal in 11:00 to capture the X Division Title.

STAR RATING: *1/2 — Robbie continues to be more of a silly act than a serious wrestler. It seems he’s probably capable of more, but he’s more Santino than Dolph Ziggler.

-As Lethal celebrated, Christy was about to leave the ring. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back and bent her over like they were dancing and then kissed her without an invite. Christy, of course, loved the uninvited kiss.

KELLER’S REAX: Wrestling promoters/bookers/wrestlers love to live out the fantasy that women love sexual advances such as uninvited kisses. The only way to find out how much women love that is to just do it and force yourself on them. In pro wrestling, they always smile afterward after, of course, giving the indications that they’re totally turned out and feel dizzy all of a sudden. In real life, you get slapped, kicked in the nuts, and the cops show up.

-Backstage A.J. Styles told Eric Bischoff that this Robbie E. kid just can’t get it done. “I don’t know what’s wrong with him,” he said. “Some kids have that it-factor; he don’t got it.” Bischoff asked Styles to define the word “irony” for him. Bischoff said instead he’d explain it instead. He said it’s ironic he’d point out Robbie losing his title while two weeks ago he lost his TV Title to Douglas Williams. Styles said he held it longer than anyone. Bischoff said he held it – past tense – but he wants him to hold it. Bischoff said he can find any jabroni out there to imitate Flair, but he wants titles. He told him to be a champion. “I date you,” he said. Styles looked flustered and offended. He walked away.

KELLER’S ANALYSIS: I’m all for this being the start of Styles’s journey toward turning babyface and staying babyface.

[Q3] [c]

-Outdoors near a trailer a mystery roving reporter asked Williams if he added insult to injury by beating Styles with his own move. Williams said it rubbed a little salt into the wound. Brutus Magnus walked up. Williams and asked how he’s been doing. He said Chelsea is done because women and wrestling don’t work. He asked how Desmond Wolfe is doing. Magnus said he’s got this football thing out of his system and is coming back. The reporter asked Williams how it felt to finally beat Styles after his history with Fortune. Williams said it was refreshing and a chance to show them what he could do. When he stepped into his trailer, Styles jumped him and stomped on him. “How refreshing is this?” he asked. They brawled their way into Madison Rayne and Tara’s trailer. They screamed and told them to get out and threw their shoes at them. Styles grabbed a fire extinguisher and rammed Williams in the back with it. Styles yelled back, “Shut up, hooker!” This went on too long.

-Backstage, Eric Young walked up to Orlando Jordan. Young had women with him. Jordan said he didn’t ask him to bring any girls. Young said they’re his own personal Hooters Girls. He asked where he found the title belt he was wearing. Young said he found it in a garbage can and now he’s a champ. Jordan seemed upset that there were women. Young said he should see them in orange shorts. Young then walked into Brian Kendricks’s meditation room. Kendrick said he is a champion because he believed in himself and it physically manifested itself in the form of a title belt around his waist. Young said he is so wise. [c]

-Jeff Hardy said there’s a lot of b.s. going around in TNA, but not he’s gotten inside Anderson and Morgan’s head. Hardy said tonight there’s a tag match and he plans to show everyone what Fortune and Immortal are all about “and it’s going to be breeze.” He was in half-face-paint mode and talked like a normal man.



Tenay plugged a Orlando Hooter’s Girls special on Spike TV featuring a swimsuit pageant in the snow. “I’m so there,” said Taz. Jordan came out wearing the Hooters Girls outfit including the small orange shorts and t-shirt. Jordan, apparently, wanted to impress Young with the outfit that Young said the Hooters Girls looked great in. Tenay said Young found the old TNA World Title belt that Hogan threw in the garbage after he gave Hardy a new costume belt. Just what TNA needed was another title belt. Young declared the match a battle royal before the match. He threw Brian Hebner over the top rope gingerly. Hebner returned to the ring and insisted it be a regular tag match. The bell range. Young threw GenMen over the top rope, then gave Jordan an inverted atomic drop and tossed him over the top rope. Tazz and Tenay laughed. Tenay asked, “How can you not love Eric Young?” GenMe returned to the ring and the regular match began.

Jordan entered and began to grind on and dry hump Max. Like Christy earlier, Max seemed to like it. Young dove onto both GenMe members at ringside. Jordan tagged back in at 4:00 and went on a flurry against Max. Jordan then put Max in a standing cobra clutch type hold and got the tapout win. Young celebrated and held his found title belt in the air. Tenay wondered if he retained it. Taz said even if he lost, he could have kept the belt since it’s not official.

WINNERS: Young & Jordan in 4:00.

-Mickie James asked Bischoff to tell her who her tag partner is going to be. She said she has wondered all day. Bischoff said it’ll be Miss Tessmacher. Mickie said she’s not a wrestler. Bischoff said she was much of a secretary, either. He said she only had two moves and neither would help her in the ring. He chuckled like a bad guy in a 1970s TV show like “Starsky and Hutch” or “Charlie’s Angels.” [c]

3 — TARA & MICKIE JAMES vs. MADISON RAYNE & TARA — TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match

Titles for everyone! World Title, X Title, TV Title, Tag Titles, Knockouts Title, Knockouts Tag Team Title, Eric Young’s found title, and maybe still to come a return of the Global and Legends belts! This tag match began with two minutes left in the hour, so it shouldn’t have a big influence on the quarter hour ratings. Rayne demanded the match start with Tessmacher and then dominated early offense.


At 2:00 Mickie tagged in and worked on Rayne. Tara called her a bitch from the corner. Mickie lost her concentration as she was about to give Rayne her finisher and turned to go after Tara, making her look like a complete total fool. Tara then used her arm brace as a weapon and Rayne scored the pin seconds later.

WINNERS: Tara & Rayne in 4:00.

STAR RATING: 3/4* — 98 percent of that match took place in the very center of the ring. You could have drawn a 4 foot diameter circle mid-ring and it almost never left that area. Tara never tagged in, either.

-Kaz cut a promo backstage regarding the main event. He walked up to Rob Terry who made his return, looking more muscular than ever. Kaz told Terry he needs them. Terry said, “Screw you!” Kaz said: “You could be made or you could be gone. If you don’t believe me, go ask Rhino.” He said he can’t actually ask Rhino because he’s in the unemployment line. Terry walked away. Kaz called him stupid. [c]

-The Pope talked to another guy who thanked him for donations that will make for happy kids. They fist-bumped. Pope then began to count a wad of cash. Pope then said to himself, “Time to tend to business. Time to tend to business.” I have no idea what that segment was all about.

-Brother Ray entered the ring wearing a cap that said “Hardcore 5150.” He was in a prison shirt and camouflage shorts. Ray said nobody was worthy of being his partner. He said he’s starting his singles career tonight and chose the only worth opponent he could imagine – the Amazing Red. Tenay began explaining that nobody can deny Red has amazing heart, but unlike Rey Mysterio in WWE and the tens of millions he’s made for that company against much larger wrestler, Red has no chance against Ray. Or something to that effect. Ray then renamed himself Bully Ray instead of Brother Ray.


Ray pounded Red in the chest a couple times. Taz said he kind of likes this side of Ray’s personality. Ray taunted Red. When he got on his knees and got in Red’s face, Red punched him and went on offense. Red hit a top rope dropkick. He charged at Ray seconds later, but Ray caught him with a boot and then gave him the Bully Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Ray in 2:00.

-Afterward Ray brought a chair into the ring and chased the referee out of the ring. He then stood over Red and was about to hit him when Devon’s music played. Devon ran to the ring and Ray slid out of the ring and retreated through the crowd. Devon pursued him.

-A brief promo aired with Jarrett talking about his MMA challenge with 100K on the line.

[Q6] [c]


Tenay said Terry didn’t seem receptive to Kazarian reaching out to him earlier tonight. Taz said he’s not sure that was smart of Terry. RVD said before the match that he wanted Bischoff to know that it doesn’t matter who or what he puts before him because he will keep moving forward until he gets what he wants which is the World Title “and Jeff Hardy’s ass.” That sounds like something Orlando Jordan would say, actually. Terry overpowered RVD at the start of the match. Terry absorbed some early RVD punches and kicks and came back with a powerslam. Taz said it’s an interesting clash of styles. They cut to a break at 2:00 after Terry dropped RVD with a shoulder tackle. [c] After the break Terry rammed RVD back-first into the ring barrier.


RVD made a comeback at 8:00 and quickly hit Rolling Thunder. He then leaped to the top rope and hit the Five-Star Frogsplash for the win.

WINNER: RVD in 9:00.

STAR RATING: *1/4 — This seemed like an intriguing enough match-up storyline-wise that it deserved to be mentioned and hyped earlier. It came out of nowhere, especially with Terry returning after weeks away. I assume it’s part of Terry growing frustrated and turning heel and joining a faction.

-Tenay and Taz recapped the Jarrett MMA Master storyline. [c]

-Jarrett’s ring entrance took place next. Tenay criticized Jarrett for using Kurt Angle’s entrance elevator as part of his entrance. Taz said it seems like Jarrett is taking everything that Angle was identified with. Jarrett walked to the ring with a group of several trainees who helped psych him up for the challenge. Taz said he thinks they’re students of his at his dojo. Tenay said that if he’s calling them Team Jarrett, that rings a bell (i.e. Team Angle). Taz said this isn’t a gag or a joke to him. Taz said the more Jarrett believes his own hype, the more dangerous he’ll be.

Jeremy Borash then announced the J-Double-A-Double-R-E-DoubleT-M-Double-A Challenge, open to many man, woman, or child who’d like to step forth and make him submit. Borash asked if there were any volunteers. A lot of people raised their hands. Jarrett pointed at one fan and called him a lard ass who could only submit a Chinese buffet. Borash noticed a group of guys with TapouT gear. Jarrett called them thugs and told them to get out. Borash pointed at another fan. Jarrett said he looked good. THe guy slapped some hands on his way to the ring. He said his name is Jay Rios from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jarrett asked him who his favorite TNA wrestler is. He said, “Mickie James!” Jarrett slapped him and asked if he thinks this is all fun and games. The guy threw his hat at Jarrett and then tried to tackle him, but it looked like a gentle hug. Jarrett collared him like Anderson Silva and threw some knees and took him to the mat. He pounded on him from behind. Then he applied a rear naked choke for the tapout. Jarrett celebrated like he had just scored a huge upset win.

[Q8] [c]


Anderson opened against Hardy. Hardy gave Anderson a middle finger gesture and then tagged out to Kaz immediately. Kaz mocked Anderson perhaps being off-balance from his concussion. Anderson went on early offense. Kaz countered with an enzuigiri to the back of Anderson’s head. Taz and Tenay sounded concerned given Anderson’s concussion history. Anderson fired back with a hard whip of Kaz into the corner. Kaz bounced out of the corner and headbutted Anderson to the back of his head. Taz said that was inadvertent. Morgan tagged in and dropped Kaz over the top turnbuckle.

Hardy pulled the top rope down and Morgan tumbled to the floor. Hardy threw Morgan face-first into the ringside steps, then threw him back into the ring. Kaz had been distracting the referee. Hardy tagged in at 3:00. He and Kaz stomped away at Morgan in the corner. Anderson made the save with a clothesline and some punches. Kaz shoved Anderson into the referee. Morgan legdropped Kaz. Anderson gave Hardy a jaw-breaker, but seemed off balance as a result as he climbed to the top rope. Rob Terry snuck out and shoved Anderson off the top rope, then dropped Morgan throat-first over the top rope. Hardy then got up and hit the Twist of Fate for the win. Tenay asked what they just saw. Taz said it was Terry trying to impress Hogan and Bischoff.

WINNERS: Hardy & Kazarian in 7:00.


-Anderson and Morgan stood and gave each other leery looks, like thing went wrong and they weren’t sure it was anyone’s fault. Morgan held the back of his head as he walked to the back. Anderson tried to regain his senses in mid-ring.


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