TNA Xplosion – Friday 17/12/2010

TNA Xplosion

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 17/12/2010 at 21:00 on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can also watch the complete episode HERE on the site

We go straight in to the intro and following that Jeremy Borash and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz welcome us to the show. On this week’s show we have got Okada taking on Stevie Richards as well as knockouts action featuring Sarita going against Mickie James.We check in with Christy Hemme who is with Stevie. Christy points out that EV2 is down to 2 members, himself and Tommy Dreamer and that he is facing “the very dangerous” Okada.

“Yes EV2 id down to two wrestlers, Tommy Dreamer and myself Stevie Richards and yes I’m still hurting from the Styles clash that I took not too long ago on impact, my neck is still injured, I’m not 100% and just like everybody else out there who says to me ‘Stevie, you and Tommy can exist as a unit, EV2 can exist, you can’t wrestle with your neck injured, you can’t go out there and beat the Japanese superstar Okada.’ Well I have one thing to say to those people, in a world of can I can and tonight against Okada, I will.”

With that Stevie walks away. Okada is the first to make his way to the ring followed by Stevie Richards. So Cal Val is the ring announcer as always on Xplosion.

Both wrestlers are in the ring and the bell rings.

Match 1: Okada vs. Stevie Richards
Both wrestlers lock up, Okada immediately breaks free and hits Stevie on the back. They lock up again but this time Stevie pushes Okada towards the ropes and on his return Okada shoulder blocks Stevie down. Stevie holds the back of his neck as he tries to get to his feet, but Okada has cornered him and lands a punch to his head.

Okada Irish whips Stevie towards the opposite corner but it’s reversed and Okada gets hip tossed on his return but he gets straight back up to be met with an arm drag which leads straight to an arm bar, kneeing the arm, and applying the arm bar again.

Okada gets to his feet as the arm bar still applied. Okada has grabbed the top rope with his free arm and the referee breaks the two up. Stevie pushes Okada. Okada goes for a punch, it’s blocked, and Stevie lands another punch followed by a 2 chops to his chest in the corner. He wastes no time in Irish whipping Okada to the opposite corner but as he goes charging towards him Okada gets out of the way and Stevie finds himself sitting on the middle turnbuckle. He also get’s kicked on the back of his head as we go back to the Extreme Sports commercial break.

Back from the beak Okada still has the upper hand as he lands a neck breaker and the first cover is made but it’s a near fall. Okada then applies a head lock but Stevie elbows his way out of it and as he comes off the ropes he only gets kicked in the stomach and gets the back of this head slammed onto the mat which is followed by another two count by referee Jackson James.

Okada lifts Stevie up to his knee and elbows his head, as he throws Stevie to the ropes, on his return another headlock is applied and Stevie is eventually lying on the mat. The referee raises Stevie’s arm and it drops twice before going halfway down the third time. Stevie is fighting out of this and when he gets back to his feet he pushes Okada and applies a headlock of his own but Okada lands a belly to back suplex which is followed by a near fall.

Stevie in the corner gets chopped to the chest multiple times. Okada runs towards Stevie but this time he finds himself sitting on the middle turnbuckle as Stevie got out of the way. Both wrestlers are flat on the mat.

Okada is the first to his feet however Stevie lands some shots to Okada’s stomach followed by multiple punches to the head, multiple clotheslines and a neck breaker. Stevie is running towards Okada in the corner after he Irish whipped him there but he gets elbowed in the face however Stevie manages to side slam Okada but that only leads to another near fall.

Steve was possibly going for the a power bomb but Okada lands a unique neck breaker on Stevie’s surgically repaired neck but even that only get’s him a near fall  Okada expected that to give him the victory.

Okada is ready for Stevie as he gets to his feet he applies a full nelson twice but both times Stevie gets out however he get’s kneed in the stomach on his return from the ropes however the next time Okada comes of the ropes he lands the Stevie kick and get’s the victory.

Winner: Stevie Richards via pin fall

We get a reaction style interview in the back once Sarita is of the phone. The dude behind the camera asks who she was talking to.

“Somebody called none of your business” is the response from Sarita. The dude behind the camera says that’s fair enough and asks about the match with Mickie James.

“You know she’s going to be my business, I’m taking care of business tonight against her. I’ve taken her on in the past and I don’t care who she is, I don’t care where she came from, what she’s done…I’m so sick of hearing about Mickie James. It’s time to hear about Sarita. You know, when she looks at me tonight in the ring, she’s going to know what fear is. I’m going to throw her around, take her down like I’ve always done with my opponent.”

Next question is about the knockouts champion Madison Rayne.

“Madison Rayne, well, we haven’t been getting along too well recently, you know what I could care less. You know what happened, I beat her, I beat her twice. I should be the new knockouts champion, you know she may as well hand me that title, if I don’t get a title shot soon I’m going to go crazy. Honestly, Madison can eat it I don’t care. I’m the next champ. Sarita is the next champ.”

She is reminded she has to go through Mickie James to make that happen.

“No problem.”

Reaction footage starts with Mr Anderson’s thoughts on refereeing the main event at Final Resolution, along with comments from “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan on Mr Anderson’s concussion.

Back from the Xtreme Sports commercial break there is more footage from reaction, this time featuring Brother Ray and Brother Devon on their feud.  Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns interviews are also shown along with The Television Champion Douglas Williams and AJ Styles thoughts on their paths crossing.

Next up there’s footage from the recent tour of the middle east which features  comments from wrestlers including Jeff Hardy being a face saying TNA is fresh and different, AJ saying Douglas Williams can’t break his finger, he can only dislocate it, Eric says “those Pakistani people” know how to do it, and the place isn’t dangerous.  J.B reminds him that they are in Dubai.

Beer Money say its great TNA is going out, The Pope finds it great the fans are so familiar with TNA. Eric gets confused about what a toilet is; AJ says for a country that is used to Fortune, it’s not surprising that people know who he is.

Beer Money says there’s a lot of Fortune as well, along with Jeff Hardy being surprised with the crowd reaction due to his recent change in character. Back to AJ who says Fortune, Dubai and Abu Dhabi go hand in hand and The Pope is back saying it’s a humbling experience and once again we go back to The World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy who gets the final word in saying that wherever he goes to defend the enigmatic world title he gets the job done.

Jeremy Borash then says a huge tour of Europe is being planned. Of course TNA will be stopping over our side of the pond as part of the 2011 Maximum impact tour. Straight after the plug Sarita makes her way to the ring followed by Mickie James.

Match 2: Sarita vs. Mickie James.

The Xplosion main event is under way as both ladies lock up, however Mickie James is controlling Sarita on the mat, and kicks out before even a one count is made by the referee.

Sarita does a variation of the stroke and immediately applies a headlock however Mickie gets out of it and gets a near fall of her own. Sarita kicks and punches Mickie, Irish whips her, but Mickie ducks under Sarita on her return, she goes for a potential neck breaker but she gets thrown towards the ropes and on her return manages to get a near fall.

Spin kick to the stomach of Sarita, a clothesline or punch is blocked and Sarita applies an arm bar while Mickie is standing followed by throwing Mickie on her back. That leads to another two count. Sarita goes to lift Mickie but she get’s kicked in the head when she tries. Mickie ducks a clothesline, Sarita does the same when Mickie tries and both ladies go for a round kick and connect.

Both ladies are moving again when we come back from the Xplosion break, Sarita is finding herself on the receiving end of numerous punches; however a drop toe hold is executed by Sarita. Another near fall follows.

Sarita wastes no time and slams Mickie head first into the turnbuckle, followed by a kick to her stomach and throwing her across the ring followed by more kicks and head slamming, kicks and punches in the opposite corner.

Mickie trips up Sarita who finds her face in the middle turnbuckle and Mickie is on a roll with a bull dog on Sarita however Mickie finds herself on the receiving end of a jaw breaker, clothesline and more kicks. The dancing also makes a return while Mickie is on her back along with the loser sign. Sarita still taunts Mickie before Irish whipping her, Mickie is now fired up and she lands multiple punches, clotheslines and a running back elbow followed by more punches.

Mickie then elbows Sarita as she runs towards her in the corner. Mickie grabs the top rope and was probably going for a hurricarana however Sarita uses the scenario to her advantage as she lands a power bomb which is followed by a cover but as they are both in the corner Mickie grabs the ropes.

Oh, look who comes running down. The Knockouts champion Madison Rayne makes an appearance and punches the back of Sarita’s head with the referee Earl Heber clearly seeing this, throws the match out.

Winner: N/A Disqualification.

As Sarita and Madison brawl up the ramp Tara comes out of nowhere and attacks Mickie from behind.  But Mickie quickly get’s her own back by landing some punches and a neck breaker. Mickie pulls Tara’s top off and throws it towards her and the two aren’t done as they continue to trade shots. Mickie get’s the better of the situation by getting Tara on the mat and punching her repeatedly. However Madison reappears and hits Mickie across her back with the Knockouts title belt and lands another shot with the belt, this time to Mickie’s head.

Sarita also returns but quickly gets knocked down when she enters the ring with a punch from Tara. The champion Madison, points out to Mickie that the title is hers. The two celebrate in the ring as Xplosion goes off the air.


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