The Good The Bad The TNA-The End Of Year Round Up.

As one year ends and another begins where does TNA go from here?

TNA have seen a lot of changes in 2010; some have been good but the majority were poor.

In this article I hope to cover these changes and see how things can progress for TNA in 2011.

First off I would like to cover the signing of Erich Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. A move that was labelled as the ‘New Dawn’ in TNA yet unfortunately seems to have failed, certainly in my opinion anyway.

Erich and Hulk bring a lot of baggage with them; the biggest being the failure of WCW.

TNA should have been the perfect opportunity to start afresh and do something different. Instead the ‘New Dawn’ in TNA turned out to be a WCW groundhog day. Getting rid of the 6-sided ring and signing the Nasty Boys and Bubba the Love Sponge didn’t help matters.

Getting rid of the six sided ring was the biggest insult to the TNA fans at such an early stage. The ring was one of the major factors that helped people see that TNA is different from WWE and in some ways made the talent look better because wrestling in a six-sided ring would surely be a test of skills if you trained in a four sided ring.

At the time it happened TNA should have listened to the fans and gone back to the six sided ring. Now I believe fans have accepted that it’s changed and won’t be going back, at last that ramp to the ring has gone!

Another big mistake they made when they took over was putting TNA live on a Monday head to head with Raw. Short of them signing John Cena there was no way they could have beaten WWE or even come close. It’s a shame they did that because they took in the ratings which took them a few months to recover from. I truly believe they should have gone live on a Thursday. I still think they should do it now. At least those spoilers would be cut down because you can know what the next two weeks of Impact can be in advance which can put people off. I feel TNA should push forward with going live but make Thursday night TNA night then ‘Reaction’.

The TNA hiring and firing policy has been ok overall. The positives have been Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy who both recently made themselves big time players in TNA. With the latter being on a different level since turning heel.

Some poor signings have had the fans wondering ‘why?’ The biggest two were the Nasty Boys and Bubba the Love Sponge but they were due to their friendship to Hulk Hogan.

iMPACT Players Of 2010

Here I’m going to cover the 3 Big Names in TNA for 2010.

3. Kurt Angle

Now I know Kurt has been quiet of late and for some reason off our screens but all in all his year has been very good with his matches rating ‘excellent’ in my eyes. He has had some 5 star matches with Mr Anderson this year.

2. Mr Anderson

Mr Anderson has had a year that he should be proud of. He has had an excellent feud with Kurt and is now enjoying a feud with Jeff Hardy. His face turn was brilliantly done and like Jeff Hardy, he has really connected with the fans since his turn.

1. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy’s year started off a bit slow due to his current court case and I did wonder if he was just a one off for the live show at the beginning of the year, yet the year rolled on and he was then suddenly a member of ‘Immortal’ and now he is the “antichrist of professional wrestling”. His heel turn has done wonders for him as it allows him to be this dark and mysterious character.

‘Flops of the Year’

Being a UK TNA fan-site I couldn’t not include the British wrestlers. It’s been on the whole a very good year for British talent in TNA.

Doug Williams

Doug Williams has had a very good year with a good reign as X-Division champion and then becoming a member of ‘Fortune’ and now feuding with AJ Styles and being the TV Champion.

Brutus Magnus – The Mac Daddy Of TNA”

A bit of an indifferent year which half way through looked to be on the up with his Tag Team with Desmond Wolfe called London Brawling but with Desmond being out injured it got put on the back burner. Hopefully 2011 will see the reformation of this tag team.

Desmond Wolfe

The man who has had some classic matches in TNA with Kurt Angle. Suddenly disappeared. No one is quite sure why but  rumour has it it’s concussion.

Rob Terry

At one point he seemed to be doing quite well and was getting a half decent push and then it just stopped. I hope 2011 will see a return for the freak.

I feel 2011 could be THE year for British wrestlers to really show what they’re worth and make a good move up the card. With current storylines in TNA being very stable maybe the Brits will team up and stick together.

Match of the Year

For me there wasn’t one match of the year; there were five!!!

The ones I’m talking about were the MCMG vs Beer Money Best of Five Series.

This was Tag Team Wrestling at its best and were the 5 matches that will stick in my mind for a long time.

Here is a link for you to watch some of this quality wrestling.

Where Do We Go From Here

For me I feel that next year will be a good year for TNA. What they need to do is to start pushing the X-division guys again and focus more on the younger guys. I know it’s a dream for most TNA fans and hopefully they will look into it and sort it out for us.

Hopefully the Immortal storyline will continue the way it is because I’ve been really enjoying it so far.

I hope you all enjoyed my end of year article on TNA. If you have any questions or comments please contact me on twitter @TNAUKdave

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!


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