TNA Xplosion – Friday 24/12/2010

TNA Xplosion

By Shafqat


Broadcast Friday 24/12/2010 at 21:00 on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can watch the interviews and matches from the episode HERE on the site.

This post has automatically pubslished as scheduled so on behalf on all the TNA UK Staff  Merry Christmas to all!

On with Xplosion, the card for this week’s episode is made up of Shark Boy….yes really…guess his appearance at Final Resolution wasn’t a one time thing… is going to face Robbie E and Magnus against Tommy Dreamer. We go to “earlier today” with Shark Boy who is still portraying Steve Austin. Basically he says that he has had enough of Robbie E, Cookie should be worried about him and that’s the fishing line because he said so. Moving on we go to ReACTION interviews with the Motor City Machine Guns on Beer Money and vice versa.

Oh, OH, OH! Robbie E has made his way to the ring followed by the Steve…..Shark Boy. The bell rings.

Match 1: Shark Boy vs. Robbie E

Both guys are in each other’s faces, Robbie goes for a punch buts its blocked and Shark Boy lands some of his own Steve Ausin style then rams Robbie’s head into the turnbuckle, and the same in the other corner followed by more punches, to Robbie but he get’s pushed away as Shark Boy goes to the top turnbuckle he gets down and chases Cookie but Robbie clothesline Shark Boy down on the outside as he was running followed by a scoop slam and a cover in the ring, but it’s only a 2 count. Robbie continues beating down Shark Boy as we head to the Extreme Sports commercial break.

Back from the break Cookie is pushing Shark Boys’ neck onto down the middle rope which allows Robbie to cover Sharky after he finishes distracting the referee but he gets another 2 count and then Irish whips Sharky and lands a running elbow. Another near fall shortly follows and a head lock is applied.

Shark Boy get’s to his feet but with the submission still applied but he  is slammed back down on the back of his head and the referee starts a 5 count which means it’s the end of the submission hold momentarily before it’s applied again. h Shark Boy is again getting up and this time getting out of the hold via elbows to Robbie’s stomach only to find himself getting clotheslined coming of the ropes. OH!

Shortly after that there is a double clothesline and once both men are back on their feet Shark Boy is in control due to his numerous punches, Robbie goes for a back body top but Shark Boy seems to land a stunner followed by a clothesline. Robbie is now in the corner, and Shark Boy takes him to the other corner and lands more punches to the top of Robbie’s head Austin style followed by a Shark bite. A bulldog follows but that only gets him a 2 count.

Robbie misses with a clothesline which allows Shark Boy to land an atomic drop and a shark bite to the pants of Robbie. He then complains to the referee which allows Cookie to get in the ring and take her time getting the hair spray out. Shark  Boy is ready waiting behind her and as Cookie turns around she gets the shark bite treatmet and gets out of the ring which allows Robbie E…oh OH OH….to lands a neck breaker.

Winner: Robbie E via pinfall.

We catch up with Tommy who is asked about his Xplosion debut.

“….part of the reason of why I came to TNA, I’ve never had a match with Magnus. I’ve watched him a lot I think he has so much to offer and to give and he is one of those guys I know is going to test me to a place where I’ve never been tested before.”

Tommy continues to say that Magnus “has all the tools” and he is looking to forward to wrestling him. It seems that Christy will not be interviewing anyone.

More footage from ReACTION is shown hyping the holiday edition of iMPACT! and it continues after the Extreme Sports commercial break followed by some footage from the recent Spin Cycle webisode. The holiday edition of iMPACT! will be broadcast on Bravo 2 with a replay the following night on Bravo. For more information on the schedule change, click HERE.

Magnus makes his way to the ring followed by Tommy Dreamer.

Match 2: Magnus vs. Tommy Dreamer

Both wrestlers lock up and shortly after Tommy finds himself behind Magnus in the corner where Magnus lands an elbow to Tommy’s nose followed by a shoulder block in the centre of the ring. Magnus then poses to the crowd with Tommy holding his nose. The two stare each other down and  Tommy is  looking at the crowd a lot and then strikes a pose body poses copying what Magnus did when he was holding his nose  followed by Hulk Hogan taunts.

Magnus goes charging towards Magnus but he gets struck down, an arm bar is applied briefly followed by a hip toss. Numerous punches to the head of Magnus. Tommy was going for a move, perhaps a power bomb but Magnus dropped to the mat and got out of the ring.

Back from the Xplosion break Tommy is pulling on Magnus’ hair to lift him up from the apron, but Magnus pulls down on Tommy’s head to send his neck to pay a visit to the top rope. Magnus get’s back in the ring and boots Tommy down carbon footpring style and continues to pose. It’s a brief posing session for Magnus as he then lands more punches to the body of Dreamer in the corner and then throws him across the ring into the opposite corner with a lot of force which causes  Tommy to drop down.

Magnus is not giving any leeway ashe picks Tommy up of the mat via his legs and slams him down while Tommy was holding onto the ropes. He then kicks Dreamer in the head and then locks in a submission move which is the a head lock as the “Harry Potter” chant continues. Tommy elbows Magnus to get out and as he goes towards the ropes he gets slammed back down head first but manages to get out of the way of the elbow drop.

Tommy is getting back in control and gets a 2 count. Tommy goes running towards Magnus in the corner but he blocks him with an elbow to Tommy’s head who then slams Magnus down and get’s a 2 count. Shortly after Tommy is getting scooped slammed and Magnus dives of the top rope but Tommy get’s his knees up and quickly follows up by executing a DDT to get the 3 count.

Winner:  Tommy Dreamer via pinfall

Tommy celebrates in the ring as Magnus leaves the ring holding the back of his head.


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