Update on the return of TNA programming to UK TV possibly coming “this week”

TNA President Dixie Carter posted the following via her Twitter page @TNADixie earlier today:

“Hope to have an update on the UK and Ireland TV situation this week. Until then you can watch missed episodes on http://www.tnawrestling.com.”

Not sure about watching “missed episodes” as only the latest episode is available to view at TNAondemand.com

Sky have previously issued a statement saying that new timings for what were Bravo’s most popular programmes including iMPACT! will be announced later in January. It seems that the new channel could also broadcast the monthly TNA pay-per-view events as the deal with Extreme Sports expired last month.


7 Responses to Update on the return of TNA programming to UK TV possibly coming “this week”

  1. tracey says:

    Good to hear there might be some progress, will be gutted if its on the new sky atlantic channel tho as im pretty sure its sky exclusive so freeview virgin customers will lose out 😦

  2. claire says:

    glad to hear it, hope they keep it at the same time and day though, or put impact on a freeview channel

    • Shafqat A says:

      As I clicked to post I thought an update will be certain as it links up with Sky saying they will announce new timings as mentioned in the post.

      My guess would be that the channel will be on the Sky and Virgin media platform only.

  3. Singh says:

    itll be on SKy 2 or Sky 3 which is being mvoed to channels 123/124 (old bravo epg)
    Sky atlantic will fill channel 107/108

  4. shameeka says:

    i hope they show the episodes that we missed aswell that will make very happy because i dont like to miss one bit of TNA Wrestling including the ppvvs. 🙂

  5. Sion Mowbray says:

    Sky have confirmed TNA will be returning to UK TV on Challenge. They will broadcast iMPACT, Xplosion and the monthly PPVs plus plan a catch up to air the back log of programming during the time off air.

  6. shameeka says:

    Sky said on there twitter that all TNA wrestling will be shown on challege 125 everyone and they will show the missed episodes too iam sooo happy XD XD

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