What’s My Angle? – “THEY”

Crimson, Scott Steiner & Kurt Angle

Crimson, Scott Steiner & Kurt Angle

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say “WELCOME BACK TO UK TV TNA!!” it’s been far too long and I personally was getting a little sick and tired of watching IMPACT!, each week on my laptop.

So what a return, “THEY” have arrived and what a plan B it was. I have to admit the idea of a Mafia return put a huge smile on my face as I loved IMPACT!, while Kurt and the team ran riot causing mayhem week after week but I guess it wasn’t meant to be and maybe that was for the best.

Now we have a new, well new is probably not the right word but let’s go with it anyway, group FORTUNE who stuck two fingers up at the Immortal regime (well actually it was 4 but you get the point) led by non- other than AJ Styles himself.

I think it was obvious to all that AJ was going to make a face turn in the near future and with the Mafia plan falling through the ideal opportunity presented itself and its got to be said rightfully so. AJ is and always will be the face of TNA. Although I liked the heel AJ, face is always going to fit him best.

So where now?

Right now this is where I would like to see things go and I have to point out I am a huge Kurt Angle fan so excuse me if I run off on a “how Kurt should be this and Kurt should be that” rant but that’s just how I feel. Kurt’s clearly the man.

So AJ has turned Fortune against Immortal but how will Flair fit into this? Got to be as a face as well surly? but that’s not how I’d like to see it. I really like the Idea of Fortune going against an old school faction spear headed by Hogan, Flair and Bischoff.

Now I know people will argue how Kurt and Steiner fit into this Fortune group but it’s simple, Kurt takes control, out with Flair in with Kurt! simple. Ok so that won’t happen but a blend of the old TNA originals and the Mafia make for a very exciting faction and I have to agree with Ray’s comment that these guys should not be a straight cut baby-faced group, they need to do what they want when they want. Nobody these days likes a baby-face, you have to have a little rebellious streak and have a little fun.

I really hope we see a Jeff Hardy/AJ Styles feud come out of this as that has main event status written all over it. This would leave one problem, who would challenge Mr Anderson for the Title?? I can’t think of many main event names that he could feud with especially with Kurt feuding with Jeff Jarrett and Morgan/Anderson has been done, any suggestions

I’m sure in the coming weeks all questions will all be answered and Kurt will be the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion again real soon and all will be right with the wrestling world once more.

But hey these are just my thoughts and opinions, your thoughts and comments are always welcome. How do you see things panning out??


About Rob Towsey
News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

4 Responses to What’s My Angle? – “THEY”

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  2. Matt Towsey says:

    Well written piece, would like to see Samoa Joe get a little more air time, when I first watched Joe was rammed down our throats but now he’s been reduced to nothing more than a cameo role. He’s feuding with the pope though so no title challenge from either of them (although their fued is pointless). I still see Hardy as the next champ because otherwise there is no one to challenge Anderson. Hardy wins then it’s sets up the AJ/Hardy feud quite nicely. Otherwise I can’t see where Anderson is going with the title.

    • Mr. Eric Eric says:

      I agree, the Joe/Pope feud is pointless. They literally had nothing for either of them and threw them together. Joe was screwed over by Jarrett and Pope was leading the fight against Immortal, surely they should be TOGETHER and aligned with Fortune?

  3. Numminen says:

    I disagree on Joe, i think he’s pretty lazy these days and dosen’t really have that “Star” aura that he used to have. I loved the AJ/Fortune turn, i avoided the spoilers and so it was a big shock to me but i marked out big style, it just feels right to have AJ as a face, Beer Money too, concerned about Kaz though as he was pretty cool as a heel but a bland face imo.

    Don’t know about Kurt as champ. Anderson’s still running around with the Hardy/Immortal belt so i guess their waiting on the Hardy court case outcome and should Hardy be let off i see him taking the belt back and RVD eventually winning the belt off him in the end.

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