The Good The Bad The TNA – Upcoming Interview with Lionheart

The good, the Bad, the TNA kicks off 2011 with a bang! I am pleased to announce our first interview for 2011 and theres a chance for you to chip in!

We are giving you the chance to submit your questions and get the answers you want!

First in line is TNA Maximum iMPACT! Tour alumni Lionheart. The man who faced Jeff Jarrett at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland.



You can submit your questions by posting in the comments section below or via Twitter @TNAUKWRESTLING or @TNAUKdave. Closing date for questions is Friday 18th February 2011.


About David Bunning
Hi I'm Dave and this is my blog The Good, The Bad The TNA. I love wrestling and all things TNA. I hope you enjoy this site and keep coming back!

6 Responses to The Good The Bad The TNA – Upcoming Interview with Lionheart

  1. CraigC says:

    Hey can you ask Lionheart how Jarrett was to work with? Did he have the match set in stone and led the way or was it just a case of going out there and calling it as they went?

  2. Mr. Eric Eric says:

    Can you ask what his current relationship is with TNA Wrestling, any possibility of a contract in the future? Would love to see him on impact.

  3. Shadow says:

    More of a Brit Wrestling question but Lionheart is in demand from pretty much every promotion in the UK, can you ask him what his favorite promotion to work for is?

  4. All great questions so far and i am looking forward to finding out the repiles.
    Keep em coming

  5. StingerSplash says:

    How did the deal with TNA come about? Did TNA/Jarrett just contact him out of the blue or did they contact a british promotion and they recommended him?

  6. Leckie says:

    If anyone, who do you base your look and your in ring work on? Basically, who is your hero?

    What kind of match have you always wanted to work in, but, never had the oppertunity?

    Have you felt different since your TNA debut? Like you’re more confident or more driven?

    Who on the TNA roster at the moment would you like to face the most?

    If you become a full-time member of the TNA Roster, does that mean you will be leaving British Wrestling for good?

    And other than that, good luck for your future mate, hope to see the first ever Scottish TNA Champion soon!

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